Walking My Fine Thin Rope with Grace

Thin rope walker

Oh – Hail me silently

Lest your murmurs, distract from my goal

That of walking with balance

The fine thin rope of my life

I jigsaw emotionally and mentally

Before stepping on my fine thin rope

Victory is not my ambition

Loving each parent is my heart’s desire

And my siblings of course

As for my sons

I let them know with their rising suns

That my lot in life has been thick and thin

Fine, not so Fine and Finer

It takes a lot of practice and peserverance

Sizing up and sizing down

Giving and receiving 

to and from all including

From fellow fine thin rope walkers

Fortunately my boots are freely given

The Master himself ordaineth

Awareness and forgiveness and Grace

Of course some self love in abundance

And for the world out of his bountiful barn

All that helps my indefinite walk

On this fine thin rope of my life

With Gratitude and Grace


p.s: Concluding one of my most meh cum yum yum weeks so far lol. I have yawned this week more than in the last months of 2017 I must confess. Currently yawning even

Have an awesome weekend everyone, looking forward to spending saturday with my first grandson (can you believe that) 

 and then some awesome awards are on the way – all so awesome yeah!!!


2 thoughts on “Walking My Fine Thin Rope with Grace”

  1. This reads like the trials and tribulations of life. Each difficulty, however, is met with an emotion or two of positive awareness. This ability makes it possible to take most steps in life forward (or sideways.) Recognizing one’s PURPOSE and finding the passion to pursue the path of achievement (whatever that path may look like) adds great value to one’s life. Challenges (in different disguises) help us remain focused (if we choose to accept them in a positive light) and prevent us from developing an ambivalent attitude during our journey.

    You have shown us through your own personal examples how to overcome life’s challenges and find greater meaning in life.

    1. Amen doctor, with modesty and humility I candidly agree with you. Twas all Grace Grace and passionate faith in my desire for a better me that has seen me this far and got me share this all.

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