The awesome birthday gift my body gave to me…ever so grateful

Yesterday was my birthday and I have had a worrisome RA flare since Tuesday which left me bed grounded. I negotiated with my body that we even up and around a bit on my birthday. I managed to do a 15 mins mild workout to thank the universe for my mind and body, and then made breakfast and lunch before going into town for some groceries. After school, the boys and I went to the Fun Center as had been planned since Sept 2017, so they could play bowling and other games. We shared a large Pizza and some water for the occasion, and we all returned home happy and grateful.

Am still in bed today, though I was once more able to make breakfast and a prepare a quick rice lunch for the boys. I am so so grateful to my body for this invaluable gift, and for all the goodwill messages. One of the meditation books I use talked of being grateful for our bodies. I always have been since my awakening in 2010. Take care of your bodies dear all, have a soul relationship with them, that way you can listen and talk to each other with love. Any pain at that time is a lesson to be treasured.

Happy weekend all, just wanted to share this before having a nap. Looking forward to more restored health


4 thoughts on “The awesome birthday gift my body gave to me…ever so grateful”

    1. We thank God Linda, it was awesome and I received 2 more very special gifts with the one being a hand made and drawn card with a soulful message. Never had a handmade card before

  1. Making the most of any and every situation brings more quality to one’s life. You clearly recognize this philosophy!
    Glad you had a memorable birthday with your boys. I never realized you were so old and my parents ALWAYS taught me to respect my elders!! 😀
    Happy Birthday, Marie. 🙂

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