Sometimes when your kid is acting naughty, empower them; but, watch out any promise you make on the spur

Hello world, happy new week. You sew us glowing in our selfie, hmm it was in celebrating good bargaining and promise kept o.

Our story started at 5am when Gaby came out to me grumbling and wanting to cry because Alain refused he could have breakfast before bathing. I mean, wouldn’t that have been a very unhealthy precedence?

I tried to bully him into going to bathe, nada. I told him to sit down and wait until I finished my workout but the whining continued. I was already wrapping up and it occured to me I could do with a natural back massage.

I thus told Gaby that in return for the massage, we could bathe together, eat together and leave home together. He accepted and after the massage and while I relaxed some, he skipped some with my long rope…no more whinning hurray…guess our photographer? That very Alain hahaha

The deal now came to be the promise I made. Ok, bathing together wasn’t something difficult other than trying to get him to stop playing with the shower hose. As for eating together, nop, Gaby didn’t wait for me because of course I hardly sit down on a Monday of all days, to eat breakfast at home.

Finally, my leaving home together idea was to say our byes up the street where I’ll take a cab to the office. But Gaby thought it meant walking all the way to his school.

Now, walking with Gaby to school is far different from walking with David to school. You don’t walk in silence enjoying the feeling of walking together holding hands, na you kick peebles, wow at birds and their nests and greet all neighbours you recognize. You even stop to greet the mentally ill by the big refuse hip near their school, and then well get to school late when the national anthem is being sung and the gate is closed until after that.

I just got to work and marvel at how I handled the wahala of this morning, spared our minds and hearts some hurts and toxic energy, while making the best of my promise.

I will however think twice before making any promises in the future lol.

Happy Monday us all


13 thoughts on “Sometimes when your kid is acting naughty, empower them; but, watch out any promise you make on the spur”

    1. Aw thanks Doc, there are probably more but may not be sharing to inspire others. And then those magic words: Time and efforts. Shouting and spanking takes less time and efforts but the results …that’s what I look at, and pray each day for the serenity and discernment. And to be very candid, I find it easier doing this as a single parent although now I have some emotional and moral help from my Guardian Angel

  1. I know that’s right! I always tell parents don’t make promises you can’t keep. If you want your kids to do something, try to use bribes as a last resort… it tends to backfire at the worst time ever!!! 😊😂 Teach them grace, honesty, and compassion, and commitment. Those kinds of core values to eventually motivate them to behave and be responsible in time😊

    1. So on point Heidi. Thanks for this. I try to keep the lessons from the 4/5 Agreements with the 1st being: Be Impeccable with your word. I couldn’t for the love of me balk out yesterday. And am so glad I didn’t for there at the end stood a lovely opportunity to teach my son more about mental illness and compassion

      1. Exactly!! Raising kids and getting them to critically think is a challenge. Especially while keeping our sanity in check… whew😂😂 But we’re still here and our kids are thriving so I think we’re doing well😊

      2. Hi Heidi, the internet has been bugging me but I just found another route lol. I am going to finally download your generous e-book and read those wellness tips am sure will be so helpful. yes if we are still around, I guess we are doing just fine. Together on the pilgrimage, yours truly

      3. Hi Marie! I hope you enjoy the quotes and worksheets. Darn internet!!!! Ugh !!! Yes ma’am on our pilgrimage trotting along😊

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