Marie Abanga on Mental Health and Services she offers


Hello world, after passing my exams in flying colours recently; setting out on a journey to launch a much desired and needed service as a CBT therapist and mental wellbeing coach, so grateful for all the support.

Have a great week everyone


12 thoughts on “Marie Abanga on Mental Health and Services she offers”

  1. The heavens are waiting to exhale your success in this field. You are ready to begin this venture. All help is at your disposal now. Do not flinch. Keep your thoughts straight on your lofty goals and care little about life’s trappings.We often hear that the means determine the end.That means good means will bring in good ends.Community mental health is a vital need today in our community and your certification in CBT is a mission to salvage the growing mental health issues that really often go unnoticed or taken as normal.
    I will always support your effort in what ever you do that will make you and the people whose life you touch grow happier and more aware of who they truly are. Thank you for your decision to take the path less traveled. Aloha

    1. Thank you so much Doc, in this year of Grace, I feel inspired to take the bull by its horns hahaha, I have my different plans and support teams in place, couldn’t be more grateful.

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