Tough times never last but tough people do: Which do you focus on???

Hi world, another week is here and let’s hope to be tougher than whatever tough comes our way this week.

When I got back home from work last Saturday evening, not only was there no electricity, but I was told cooking gas was finished. Here, we use refill cylinders and you buy them every other month or whenever, not pay monthly bills like I noticed out there.

Grateful to neighbour for lending me her sawdust pan

And to Gaby my able assistant for a while lol

I was able to make breakfast of Dodo, eggs and pap for us all, and then moved on to cook some deli yams pepper soup with pork chops so yummy…who cares about the tough time getting to this?

And so dear all, be inspired and motivated when those tough times come in whatever shape, colour, name, face etc

We all have it in us; even if some of us need more empowering help to unearth that toughness,  maybe buried deep within by various situations, relationships …


10 thoughts on “Tough times never last but tough people do: Which do you focus on???”

    1. So happy to take your salivery glands to Yummy land lol. On a serious note Linda, you are a tough person and I wish you to always remember that when tough times show up especially as your write your memoir. Surviving that era and world and crazy, is testament to your toughness

  1. i focus on tough times because during such times my character surfaces and i become aware of it and can either make changes to it or reinforce it. Tough times to me is the finger pointing to the moon. if I look at the finger, I will not see the moon. if I look at the moon, the finger would have serve a big purpose. thank you for sharing this. aloha

  2. Americans (including myself) do not realize how easy our lives are. Your loss of power and alternative cooking options wouldn’t even be a consideration in our minds. Personal loss of power here would mean a car ride to the restaurant for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

    We were born into this reality and will likely never understand what so many people face on a daily basis. It is important for people to be exposed to these realities!

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