How proud of your sons can you a parent or single parent be when…

Your last son at age 8 can finally also sew a button on his uniform like his siblings;

Your first son gives your last son home lessons, and this clearly helped him transition from the french system of education to the english system in Grade 4;

When your second son is the DIY chef in the house, and helps even at the neighbours;

When all three know how to cook and willingly help you in the kitchen;

When your second son’s grades in form one are much better than when he had after school lessons from a tutor;

How proud of my sons should I be? How grateful and graceful? Do I focus on some normal incidents of their age such as: naked dancing during laundry, some missing books and, non attendance at doctrine; and miss out on all the miracles and bliss they bring?

Parenting I am learning, got lot to do with balancing various choices and actions, but above all having a real relationship with your children. Even if physically apart (like I once was intermittently for four painful years), a spiritual connection is possible.

Since returning in August 2015, and moving to our own home in February 2016, it has been more of thrilling than not. No enticing or lucrative prospect can lure me to leave my sons again like that.

Be inspired and motivated all ye parents and single parents in the house


2 thoughts on “How proud of your sons can you a parent or single parent be when…”

  1. This blessed my heart so much, Marie!!

    When I was in my twenties, beginning when my oldest son was five and my daughter was two, I was apart from my children for almost three years. Those were most painful years of my life, by far.

    My son was eight and my daughter was five, when my children were returned to me. They did not remember me. They had been told that their mother was dead!

    It was a very difficult adjustment for all of us. But we did it. Not perfectly, but we did it. And then I had a third child, after my doctor had told me I could not have any more babies, because of the scar tissue on my uterus from cervical cancer. Miraculously, I had one more child.

    And now my children are grown with grown children of their own. I feel very blessed and grateful for my children and grandchildren.

    1. Dear Linda, thanks for sharing how your tests became your testimonies. I thank God because there was no readjustment in our case for real. Their dad also told them I was dead, after saying all kinds of nasty things about me. But I spoke with them in my soul and I humbled myself further to eventually get to talk with them often in secret once in two weeks or whenever our source permitted. I recently gave her a phone because I always feel guilt for her phone which was smashed when finally caught.
      Life is full of twists and turns right?

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