Dday -3: Who am I, who are you?

Hello world, as you can all see from the above, it is only after 39 good years on earth that I got an answer. I first went by disqualification after reading a very profound book by prominent Wyoming lawyer and author Jerry Spence, and two weeks ago I got up with the realization of who I am.

I am freedom and love. Why freedom before love, don’t ask me. I think I have been these all along, but they got so buried under ‘life and its never ending wahalas’.

As I look forward to starting my official purification on March 1st 2018, I am free and ready with all the love needed to stay disciplined and dedicated to the end; I need nobody’s validation but God’s and mine.

I leave you with more scribbles of mine (does the scribbling seem familiar/normal, or indicate a mental illness?), as well as motivation to those still in the self discovery or self definition school.

Wishing us all a fruitful week. I have two more posts to write before I take my leave from food, blogging and more (as my inner voice dictates) …am looking forward to a super spiritual and fulfilling experience and will sure share same with you during my breaks.


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