Steady for Stage 2 of my Purification/Spiritual Journey


How much more serene, peaceful and happy will the next 14 days be? See you on the 15th day and thanks for all the wishes. I have faith in the fast, I treasure my treasure so much, and love the path I see in the horizon carefully charted just for me. The entire path may be daunting, the journey initially lonely, the steps shaky – but in God I Trust and believe in Angels…

My sons, my GA and some of you have been so supportive! I am so grateful and carry everyone in my thoughts…

I have given up a lot including my choice to be angry like when someone stepped on my toes at the market, I can’t even raise my voice again anyhow hahaha

I have lost some relationships already, some are now simply put most shallow. That’s the price you pay when you don’t know how to belong or care about what others say, think or do in reaction to your actions be they for personal growth…which they sadly see as selfish, weird or self-absorbed…hush lady enough now, there we go… What did you learn from the movie The Shift by Dr Dyer?


9 thoughts on “Steady for Stage 2 of my Purification/Spiritual Journey”

  1. We NEVER lose friends; we shed those who interfere with our desire to grow and transition as individuals, as life calls upon us to transform. It’s called “listening to the force that guides us.” Those fearful (or worse), those choosing not to support our beliefs, were NEVER friends in the first place. They were people that consciously or subconsciously sought “relationships” with us to channel our energy from our bodies to theirs (similar to a relationship one has with a leech.) You have not lost friends; you have GAINED greater awareness and ENERGY that will ATTRACT the type of person you can truly call your FRIEND!

    Best wishes for your ongoing purification through your spiritual journey.

    1. So glad you loved the movie like I did. Which other movie are you wanting to see again dear? Indeed some lessons in life’s school transcend any certificate from formal learning school. Thanks always for your love and care my precious Pammie

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