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Grateful for the Gift of Listening through Fire

Am so grateful for just so so much

Fire polishes gold, and that is how fire warmed my ears up and kept them tuned for 40 good minutes. I then knew I had received the entirety of the gift of listening that day.

It was on the eve of stage one of my spiritual journey and I already had near everything covered. I was already in the no anger and all serene strive mode so help me God.

I received a phone call from someone who had an issue with my apparent waywardness and non clarity plus ‘so called spiritual journey to start’. And they spoke, and spoke, and spoke… initially I was getting angry and my ego was cheering me on to fire back; and then I thought to myself nah don’t give them that pleasure. You need all your energy for the journey you are about to embark. Secondly, girl don’t you know listening is a virtue? How are you going to be a great coach and therapist if you can’t listen all through?

And thus I listened, and listened, and yawned, then listened some more. I was asked if I was still there, and I said yes I was listening. I knew the time because I had just come in from the market and taken my phone out of my purse when the phone came in. After 40 mins, I needed to change ear sides and looked at the phone while switching sides. I took note of the time and praised my lord for seeing me through. The tone was now no longer monologue but dialogue. I didn’t have much to say but sincerely appreciated aloud the opportunity to obtain that precious gift in its entirety when least expected.

My Son who passed by every now and then, congratulated me at the end. I shared with him the lesson and that all glory was to God.

And so dear and gentle readers and followers, sometimes in life, the best gifts come in trying circumstances and we could miss them if we restrained ourselves not. Many clients today tell me I listen to them so much they wonder if they were really making that much sense to captivate me. I smile, don’t bother them with my story, but tell them I wish to listen to them to the end before we start talking or working.

Do you have any experience of receiving a precious gift in the heat of life? Be inspired and motivated

Happy midweek everyone