And this is how it’s all being going down: P’s Night; LLC & co

I knew I was going to have a blast…I visualized one…I wasn’t disappointed…

I left my city of Douala with the very first bus I could find, having stayed up late at Barakah’s all white and glam Prisoner’s night (P’s Night).

With BB herself

I got to Yaounde and had some serious running around to do before heading for the LLC venue. I know I am a super organized chap and had already visualized all of that, so zoom zoom zoom here we came and hurray…just in time for the opening…

2 good days of networking, learning, sharing all in Amazing and Abundant Grace at the Leading Ladies Conference (LLC)…

And I did buy my copy hurray

I mean I am good to go on that vacation (hadn’t I even started?) and then show up two weeks later with GUSTO…

Dear gentle readers and followers, it has been one thrilling first half of 2018 gone and so much Grace has been involved… let me go rest my fingers and brain at least as much as feasible, and then see you by Grace come July 23rd. I will probably share more about the conference and all I learnt and felt on my return, I hope and sure imagine you understand my frame of body and mind at the moment hahaha


6 thoughts on “And this is how it’s all being going down: P’s Night; LLC & co”

    1. Oh Thank you, we really seem to be so few and far between taking the road less travelled. Sometimes I think blogging on fashion would have been better lol. I love you work too and will follow it closer now at least for patriotism hahaha

      1. Thanks Marie. Your comment gives me joy. Journeying together will definitely be beneficial to both of us. I believe in team work. You can see why our team here has more than 100 authors from all over the world. I do wish you the best in the great work you are doing. Keep making friends and family proud of you. If you think putting up a post here can help your work, we are willing to grant you the status of author so you can publish when ever you like

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