Who just got appointed to the GMHPN Executive representing Cameroon?


GMHPN EXEC Committees
Is my face good somewhere there to the left directly under the founder’s? That’s an honour for me lol

And to think I almost gave up on the application procedure. Ah Determination, Discipline and Dedication pay big time. I am up to the task because I also have these 3 Ps to fly with.

I know this is yet another springboard for me and all the work I do for mental health awareness and my own self care; I equally know as a psychotherapist it is important to be in your ‘client’s shoes’ too as much as you can – and so I am super excited about this appointment and really know without a doubt this year is indeed my year of Grace.

Thank you all who have been here and there with me in my mental health journey, thank you all who have trusted me to help them help themselves in their own mental health journey. My appointment to the highly awaited GMHPN, is for Cameroon and I can’t hesitate to mention the HIFA Representative for Cameroon, my friend Didier Demassosso who passed on the call for applicants to me in the first place.

And while I brace myself emotionally to receive all the likes and congratulatory messages, may I encourage you to take a look at the GMHPN’s Newsletter for June right here, or for July right here; like our facebook page, and join our ever growing global community of mental health peers. If you would like to also join the Mental Health 237 facebook page I created, contact me here or if on facebook, inbox me…thank you very much.

Have a great week everybody and be inspired

To God be the Glory


13 thoughts on “Who just got appointed to the GMHPN Executive representing Cameroon?”

  1. Your pursuits in life continue to expand at light speed. The benefits and opportunities for those with challenges continues to become more visible everyday. It is people like you that POSITIVELY impose yourself so the world can awaken to this crisis gaining visibility everyday.

    Wishing you all the best in achieving personal as well as societal success in this new position.

    1. Doc, for you to find a minute in what I am assuming to be a very hectic schedule giving your present near ‘unavailability on the blogosphere’, and comment on this post means so much to me. Yes, you have a feel of my parcours especially with mental health advocacy and Mental Health care services’ support. I am so grateful for the Grace to do all I do, it is simply Amazing and I know even when am resting, that it is all worth it. Thank you once more so much

  2. I am incredibly and deeply proud of you, Marie! But I am not surprised at this momentous achievement! I retweeted this post as I wanted to announce to over 1000 Twitter followers how remarkable you are!

    My utmost congratulations are in order!

    With love and respect,

    1. Lady love my darling Bossom kindred soul. Thank you so much. Indeed it a momentous achievement for all of MH services users. I am just Graced to be on both sides in such a powerful way where I can make a difference. The day I stand before the Who or UN pannel on Mental Health, they’re gonna here about my tribe kin of the blogosphere championed by none other by my fair lady. Take good care of you

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