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Just Say it as it is…


Just say it as it is

Just say it as you see

Just say it as you think

Just say it as you feel

What is it you want

What is it you need

What is it you can

What is it you can’t

There is so much shallow

When you don’t say it

When you fake it

Because you want to make it

It may work for a while

But can last only a while

And the price you’ll pay

May lead you a painful way

It is worth every dime

To say it as it is

I ain’t saying no more

Yes yes to please

When my soul will miss

The serenity it so seeks

Sometimes silence says it too

If they don’t like it

If they don’t want it

If they don’t respect it

Not my worry

I will just say it as it is

(c) Marie Abanga 2017

p.s: Am not sure if this is a throwback poem because I wrote same last year, but I needed to remind myself of this now more than ever. The above picture taken in 2007 and found in my drawer recently, is clearly at time when I was a big people pleaser to the detriment of my own self. Today, as I learn how to take more and more care of my emotional and mental wellbeing, ‘saying it as it is’ becomes indispensable. Be you inspired and motivated and have a great new month full of self care, and just saying it as it is…


Marie Angele Abanga (simplified to Marie Abanga) aka MAG likes to describe herself as a “Jacqueline of several trades”. She is an everyday woman and mother with a zigzag profile. Let’s give it a try! She is an Activist, an Author, a Coach, a Consultant, a Feminist, a Lawyer, a Lecturer, a Prince 2 Project Manager, a Psychotherapist, a Philanthropist, a minister of the Word of God and...! She just loves to sum it up by saying she is a person of passions and a tale of talents. Her life’s journey has filled over 6 books already and her three musketeers keep her busy at home. MAG is also the founder and CEO of the association Hope for the Abused and Battered, and the Country Director of the Gabriel Bebonbechem Foundation for Epilepsy & Mental wellbeing. The plethora of life's experiences and shenanigans she has lived through and learned from in near 4 decades of existence, have equipped her with such an arsenal to coach, train and motivate just any and everyone. She is so charismatic, dynamic and full of life, going by her designed mantra of 3Ds: Determination; Discipline and Dedication. These sum her+her quest to be the best version of herself and impact others perfectly. She attributes all her wealth of knowledge to her conscientious attendance of both informal and formal school.

9 thoughts on “Just Say it as it is…

  1. I’m just gonna go all superficial here and say you look STUNNING in that picture of 2007. Keep on saying it is as it is!
    “I will just say it as it is” makes me think of a song – here it is!

    1. Thank you lady, I k=just realize now I love the way I looked back then although how I felt was so ‘shit’ I don’t even know how I pulled it daily to look any way. Sure am being true to myself all the way, and share to inspire and motivate. Will listen to the song in a while

  2. OMG, I was watching this video and thought the landscape looked familiar – it turns out it was filmed in Los Alamos, a tiny town that I’d stop by for gas on the way to Los Angeles.

    The L.A. film industry has used that area to film a lot of westerns.
    One time when I was really depressed, Craig & I were driving to L.A. with our dogs Tara and Shera.

    We stopped in Los Alamos to get something to go from the one tiny cafe that’s there. I was standing in front of our truck, feeling awful, while the dogs were still inside the truck as we waited for Craig to get our food.

    A woman walked by us and Shera flipped out, barking madly.
    The woman screamed and actually jumped up in the air. It turned out she was Jennie Garth, an actress best known for being in the tv show “90210” (which I never watched) but the whole thing was pretty funny; you had to be there! She was in the area filming some tv film.
    The crazy scene she had with Shera made me forget about my depression for a brief moment.

  3. I’m a huge people-pleaser too, and it has been my undoing many times. I can’t stand to make people mad so I apologize a lot, but it’s usually the apologizing that bugs people, not what I’m saying I’m sorry for. If that makes sense.

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    1. Hi Queen, it’s been a long while and I hope the realization and admission helps you find a balance like I once did. I sat down and after thinking, wrote me a letter ‘you are now migrating from a people pleaser to a self server until you find a balance’, and it’s working hurray

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