Are you part of the broken educational system?

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Muse with MAG: Do you think you are part of the educational system? P1 (15.06.2020) Hey world am glad to be back sharing my muses. The last one I shared was exactly 14 days ago on June 01 wow…what a muse hiatus that was, with so much going on in the world and courage systems just being challenged over and over. Talking about one of these systems, the educational system we all cry about in different ways, do you think you are part of that system and could do something to 'fix the broken system'. A power sister of mine I just can't describe all in this muse, Google Fotabe Elmine Cameroon, wrote an op-ed on that and I just share part of that and leave it at this for today… "I totally agree with the views put forward by EDUCOLOGY, that: To be an education system, * it does not have to be a formal school or a university system ( it can be a home), * teachers do not need to be licensed and formally educated adults (they can be parents and other opinion leaders); * students are not restricted to those in school or universities ( they can include everyone reading this post), * the context does not need to be a school building or a campus ( it can be social media 🤦🏼‍♀️); * the content does not need to be subject matter typically taught in schools and universities–e.g., math, science, history, biology, music, etc.( it can include all the conversations we’re having and not having today)". Anyways, dear reader, what do you do think of this all? In my next muse I will reflect on what we could start or stop doing considering the above. God bless us all and have a great week AMEN #Iamfreedomandlove #IamMAGnectic #MAGinspires #MAGmotivates #MAGisintentional #MAGtakesthelead #AttitudeofGratitude #justfollowurheart #mentalhealthmatters

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Dear Son: Be not oppressive nor suppressive

Be with that woman if you want to be her partner;
Be with her if you love her
Be with her if you can make her happier and sadder;
Be with her if you are already whole and are prepared to give being with her your best;
Be with her in word and in deed and not for the name, fame or game;
Please son you don’t have to beat her up in anyway to prove your ‘manhood’ cause she also sees your dick;
Please son if you can’t stand the heat as could sometimes be the case, walk out for a while or for life;
Remember it goes both ways, and that you don’t have put your life on the line to keep her…but that both of you should so love and respect each other to want to commit to making it work for as long as it does.
And that she is worth more than any bride price or whatever money you put in…
Marie Abanga 08.06.2020
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Injustice anywhere is Injustice everywhere…Ode to BLACK AMERICANS

Could have been my son…

How can you call it your country when you are constantly watching your back and fearing not to make a mistake that can cost you to be ruthlessly pulled over, handcuffed and choked? What is the American after the BLACK if you wouldn’t get the same treatment the other American with prefix of colour attached to them will get? A race whose fore fathers were trafficked to a country to toil and bleed, now they live with the guilt of some ‘sin’ those same forefathers of theirs may have caused? How apologetic as a country is America of slavery and all the damage it’s cost, when the descendants of those trafficked are still in mental slavery? In short when any skin colour & especially BLACK skin colour definitely other than what they consider ‘supreme white’ is a signpost on it’s own reading SUSPECT??? I am really appalled. The physical looting and burning to me is nothing as compared to the mental looting and burning BLACK americans have and continue to be victims of. You get triggered and can’t tell what’s next. I really wish for once some real Justice is not only said to be done, but seen as being done.
Light and love to all my BLACK brethens in that country. Some advocate and I wish it could be true in pactice, that there is only one RACE – THE HUMAN RACE…are we all on such a page? When that white kid went into a church some years back and shot some BLACK worshippers, I knew it might take another century before our kids’ kids’ believe in this one RACE ideal….. O CRY THE BELOVED BLACK RACE…