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3 ways to do what…???

Could it be this straight and simple? How come I didn’t see this to learn and share long ago arghhhhhhhh

A World Pulse Sister’s soul support I must mention

Dear world,

I have for the past months simply given up structured blogging again. I am into deeper stages of my different engagements especially with my association Hope for the Abused and Battered I just take it as it comes.

And last week was no exception. Indeed it started on Saturday with the first leg of my travel for the rape case of a 3 year old in a a city I have never been to. I got there on Sunday ahead of the case in court on Monday 3.3.19

With Judy in the southern city of Ebolowa, a friend sent her a leap frog tablet
Judy is much better physically but still has another surgery in September
Picking up colerectal bags and co from the airport the previous day.

This is why the moral and technical support I got from a sister I made on World Pulse just had to be mentioned.

P.S, I am still to write about that case here, but since the case has started in court I am now bound by professional ethics to not say anything further jeopardizing thing than that which is already out with the press.

Who are you & what is your identity???

Voice of the Voiceless
I know who I am, do you?

Muse with MAG: Who are you to begin with? (17.05.19)

I remember the times someone asked me who I was and I just gave my name and some other basic information like my job or parents etc hahaha. But this morning, I muse on who I really am and can confidently tell anyone who even asks me again today. Honestly, I feel so confident and comfortable in myself today to bottle myself up to 3 letters (MAG) and describe myself with one word (MAGNECTIC). I therefore treat myself and others in full knowledge of of who I am, and by every alignment, in total consciousness of my identity. When you don’t know who you are, you may fall prey to others definition of you. You will get discouraged, disappointed and even angry at the various definitions you will be given, some thrust at you with so much sarcasm you wonder if it’s the you in your body hahaha. I sincerely think there is a lot we can understand about life and those with whom we live it, if we know who we are and where is our source. This of course can’t be separated from your identity, and that’s what I will be looking at during a live video later in the day. And so, I am MAG, a MAGnectic princess of a most High God. Now over to you, who are you??? Happy weekend in advance everyone and may the good Lord bless us all

Watch my Facebook live video on identity if you have a minute, and share you never know who could need this today

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