How I Zen in to stay grounded; and you?

#grounding how do you do that each day ? Life comes at us in all shades and sounds and it’s very important for me to stay grounded, Zen in and watch my aura. There is a lot on YouTube to choose from, and add to prayers and all… whatever works for you oooooo. I spent almost three hours with these this morning and I feel so relaxed…

My pearls are precious and fill me with peace today

It’s been a roller coaster 5 or so days and I was both physically and mentally disturbed. Just when I thought I was 95% recovered, I found myself holding space for a few ladies who were going through stuffs…as my PTSD got triggered yesterday, I felt the irritation rise and knew sports and dem pearls had to rescue me today.

And then I got to dem pearls and have the following message for us all:

#mentalhealthmatters Put your pearls on and push through any pain with a purpose… Don’t let that challenge and shenanigan dim your glow…sweat the stuffs and keep smiling like myself…contact me if you want dem pearls in any colour
#gritandgrace #gratefulthankfulblessed