A Mental illness is no death sentence ooooo

#mentalillness is no death sentence. I am a person with a lived experience and speaking up, seeking for help and belonging to peer support systems and networks like the Global Mental Health Peer Network has amplified my advocacy and resilience through it all. Do you want to join us?

P,S to join the network you can email us at hope@hope4abusedbattered.com and we can help connect you to your regional rep

#thereishope #thereishelp #therapyisgreat #GMHPN #PeerSupport #COVIDSupport

Men are beginning to join the conversation on domestic violence in my community

It’s a big step in the right direction already when men sit on the same panel with women and speak up or out.

When men join the conversation this earnestly, we can only be full of Hope that one day both genders will stop ‘fighting’, get their knees off each other’s neck, and live in harmony especially in their intimate relationships. There will as a result be no more domestic violence, abuse, gender bases violence and children suffering from adverse childhood experiences


A message of hope from my own mother

A message of hope from my own mother Bibiana Taku on the first mental health matters open day organized by @Hope for the Abused and Battered last week. For the first time since my return, I watched and listened to my mum talk about the loss of her beloved only son Gaby Mindful, and other challenges in her own life which have moulded her into the heroine she is today. Thank you mama