Shake your body and mind up some and feel better…

Have you exercised some today? Give it a try right where you are and in any way which works best for you. Start somewhere and do it for any time that feels good to you o

I take part in a dance challenge with my sons to raise funds for H4AB

Mansa Musa Dance Challenge: A vote for team MAGnifique is a vote for Hope for the Abused and Battered

You don’t take part in a dance challenge at 41 unless you have reasons like I do (am no musician nor professional dancer o)

I have an organization and we need to raise funds by all means including dancing why not.

So, in addition to the above I dance to break stereotypes about what an African woman should do or not do at such an age; should wear or not wear too.

I am grateful my sons joined in willingly. The last is the king you see, the second is the King’s favourite guard, and the first was the camera man.

Mansa Musa just returned from a successful Hadj to Mecca and is in high spirits.

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And please do not forget to check out the full song on their YouTube Channel @NPro Street Record Label, with gratitude to its founder Akeem Williams De Puzo

Do you feel good in and about yourself?

Do you feel good in and about you? I am invited to a show tomorrow called the Diary on STV Cameroon on “The realities and challenges of a 21st century Cameroonian woman”, and I have been sitting here in the bus thinking about what I want to share – about me. That’s pretty much what I do when I talk or write, I use my personal experiences, my STORY. I found my purpose in life and I seek to fulfil it each moment in whatever way I can. I want to candidly, authentically and even vulnerably talk about my reality and challenges as a 21st century woman in Cameroon (not too sure if am a ‘typical’ Cameroonian woman). I am therefore excited and a little anxious, but above all am determined to pass a real message…They record at 2 pm Friday and it airs at 3:30 pm on Saturday 7th March. Don’t give up on you, work to feel good in and about you o