PTSD still sucks: My reality today

My unmade up bed at 5:38 pm

#keepingitreal I like to keep it real. I struggle too. That’s my bed since morning I took off the sheets and haven’t put new ones. Some days I do that quickly but today I haven’t been up to that and that’s just ok too. I will get myself to do it before I sleep and nope am not a failure because of that , neither am I afraid or ashamed to share this with world. I refuse to stigmatize myself nor let others do that. #mymentalhealthmatters #notostigma

On the flip side some progress with my weightloss journey

Watch “New Opportunities to try again: TherapistMAG 046” on YouTube

Are you scared of new opportunities to start again and hope again and love again and dare again etc? I reflect some using a personal experience and most mindful of my mental health and holistic needs especially spiritual ones. Don’t hold yourself back, be inspired motivated and encouraged Amen