A poster capturing the enormity of mental health awareness needs in Africa

#mentalhealthawareness so beautifully captured in this poster by my friend and Global Mental Health Peer Network executive from Zimbabwe Angelica Mkorongo.
Are we really doing enough? Are we even talking enough? Are we even listening enough? #mentalhealthmatters let’s keep talking and sculpting and painting and singing and dancing and shouting and marching …about it. #thereishope #bethehope.

A Mental illness is no death sentence ooooo

#mentalillness is no death sentence. I am a person with a lived experience and speaking up, seeking for help and belonging to peer support systems and networks like the Global Mental Health Peer Network has amplified my advocacy and resilience through it all. Do you want to join us?

P,S to join the network you can email us at hope@hope4abusedbattered.com and we can help connect you to your regional rep

#thereishope #thereishelp #therapyisgreat #GMHPN #PeerSupport #COVIDSupport

Have you ever heard of the Global Mental Health Peer Network???

Charlene Sunkel founder & CEO @The Global Mental Health Peer Network (GMHPN) shares a message of hope with us during the first mental health matters open day we organized in the city of Douala Cameroon. Yes, we can live productive lives with a mental illness diagnosis. Yes, peer support is available…join us and do not suffer in silence. #breakthestigma #thereishope #bethehope


Celebrating my election as African Regional Rep Global Mental Health Peer Network…

Celebrating my recent election as the regional representative Africa of the Global Mental Health Peer Network. Am proud of how far I have come as a mental health advocate, and this election goes a long way to normalize the hitherto taboo subject that was mental health and mental Illness in my country.

Grateful for the confidence in my humble and modest person by the executive reps of the over 25 countries represented. I pledge to do my best to serve the network and my beloved Africa as a whole.

#attitudeofgratitude #mentalhealthadvocate #mentalillness #youarenotalone