Are you a Wild Woman like myself? Hahahahaha


She yawns with no hand over her mouth She speaks like she were spitting She dresses like she were daring She shows up like not a care She’s a Wild Woman

She gives herself names so weird She engages in actions and reactions She goes about them with stubbornness She sings with a croaked voice She’s such a Wild Woman

She scares quiet a few people She smirks at decorum sometimes She has so many shades it’s a blur She holds her head so high you’d wonder She’s indeed a most Wild Woman

What can be done to tame her? What can be said to maim her? What can be concocted to rein her?Or maybe leaving her alone is safe?Might not be wise to avoid your sane.
(c) Marie Abanga 18th October, 2021


Face it: Yes you can


There is a time for foolish
There is a time for fun
There is a time for folly
There is a time for failure
There is a time to fold
There is a time to face

A lot depends on you
A lot depends on me
Do we know those times?
Do we know our options?
Do we know our limits?
Do we know our power?

Face it
You can only do what you can
Face it
You are not an alien from Mars
Face it
You are not a perfect super human
Face it
You are just as mere mortal
Face it all and rise like a phoenix

*** With utmost Gratitude

(c) Marie Abanga, April 21/21

My Angel Gabriel & I

My Angel Gabriel

He kicked me in the womb
at 5 months he knew
that the knife I held
to my chest was the sign
the message he brought
amidst all my pain
was that God wasn’t done
and I still had a lot to live

He just seemed to know
how depressed I was
left with his granny
when he was just a month
stayed with her another month
and that for me was the sign
I could leave them and not die
because they would survive
until I was good to rise again

I left him when he was 22 months
and I came back finally 4 years later
the bond was still the same
or even more some think
this is all spiritual
I love them 3 with all this zest
cause I got this new lease on life
Thanks to my AG’s kick from the womb

(c) Marie Abanga April 1st, 2021

P.S: My Ange Gabriel is sick today and the flashbacks have come but I have to be strong for him. I mean it when I say he is my natural anti-depresant. Thank you all for the moral support, I really appreciate

I love me to KISS

I love to KISS life
Keep it straight & Simple
Ain’t fazed by windy
ways which lead to yonder
wonder & ponder
whereas a KISS spares

I  really want that KISS
my life makes more
when I seek to KISS
than wind & whine
looking for escape
faking it all the way

Gosh I need a KISS
someone who knows
how to KISS
& not bore me to hell
with perfection pancakes
tasting like stale ale

And so am going to KISS
for all my years left
cause I spent many
trying to fit in
fake, fold but face
KISS is all I  love

(c) Marie Abanga March, 12 2021

Shine your Shine

Shine your Shine you ain’t got forever
It’s a fleeting moment between is and was
I don’t want to go with my shine
Buried in the ground for maggots to know
Do you know you got shine?
That you got to give yourself permission
To shine your Shine all you want and need?
Why would you stark your shine in your belly?
Hide it in your heart?
Be grumbling all day about others shinning?
While you see how well they thrive
By shining all the shine they got and more?
Come on love, no shine at your funeral
Can replace the one you could have shined
Do it for yourself, it makes you healthier
And sure happier and oh so loveliest
And while at it, be UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU.
(C) Marie Abanga Feb 2021


I am so excited to begin my week with such an exciting project. I mean lol, I don’t need no Visa to go to this one hahaha

Come on all Poetry lovers and wannabees and mellows like myself, let’s give it a go and have some fun. Who knows what incredible network and visibility one can get right?

Am submitting a poem on Wednesday so Help me …

Meanwhile over at SIWO, there is a great POETRY CONTEST Hurray

via Could you just listen?

That was a poem I wrote SIWO last Sunday to usher in the month of October. In 5 days we celebrate world mental health day and statistics remain bleak in spite of all the awareness and resources available.

I am most grateful for the listening gift received in full some months ago.

If you want to get in touch or get more details about my related service, please visit my website to this effect



Could you just listen?

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Just Say it as it is…


Just say it as it is

Just say it as you see

Just say it as you think

Just say it as you feel

What is it you want

What is it you need

What is it you can

What is it you can’t

There is so much shallow

When you don’t say it

When you fake it

Because you want to make it

It may work for a while

But can last only a while

And the price you’ll pay

May lead you a painful way

It is worth every dime

To say it as it is

I ain’t saying no more

Yes yes to please

When my soul will miss

The serenity it so seeks

Sometimes silence says it too

If they don’t like it

If they don’t want it

If they don’t respect it

Not my worry

I will just say it as it is

(c) Marie Abanga 2017

p.s: Am not sure if this is a throwback poem because I wrote same last year, but I needed to remind myself of this now more than ever. The above picture taken in 2007 and found in my drawer recently, is clearly at time when I was a big people pleaser to the detriment of my own self. Today, as I learn how to take more and more care of my emotional and mental wellbeing, ‘saying it as it is’ becomes indispensable. Be you inspired and motivated and have a great new month full of self care, and just saying it as it is…

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Ain’t Got No Time To Hate

Dear ex, know it for good

Ain’t got no time to hate

You can blackmail forever

I wouldn’t live on forever

Ain’t wasting time to hate

The buttons you so pushed

When you carelessly rode

My lift up, down and round

Finally did the unthinkable

The lift broke down for real

And yet, life has to go on

Ain’t got no time to hate

Me got my lift rebuilt

Learned to service it good

No more careless riders allowed

Ain’t got no time to hate

You can disown dem all you want

You ain’t God and will never be

Me got so much I gotta do

For myself and a distance too

Do whate’r you wish with you

Pray and work harder is what I do

Ain’t got no time to hate

(C) 2018 Marie Abanga

p.s: Wow, and I mean wow…it’s been a long long while I wrote a poem, this should be the first I am writing for publishing in 2018. I mean I have moved from a searching soul to a serene soul and was getting ready to publish my serene soul collection by December, and although this poem is seemingly serene, the circumstances surrounding its composing were a bit disturbing. In a nut shell, x threatened by sms to disown sons because they refused to go with his ‘erratic plans’ this summer. He seems to have stood by his word and followed up saying he ain’t chipping a dime for their back to school. Well, thanks for the pain and inspiration – am not wasting any energy fighting – got my boys already with me and he ain’t God. So, to all in my shoes or anything similar, don’t give in to hate, that’ll eat you up…bring yourself to grieve and then steam it off…don’t give them the luxury of thinking they got you psychologically and emotionally again – Amen

pps: 27/08/18 Update deserved because this is a testimony that love conquers all.  The above saga played out in July and it took me 3 weeks to deal and heal and write that poem for closure. I refused to fight back in human ways, my support system was active, and I let it go. And just on this day when this scheduled poem was published, I receive what I cal a “peace truce phone call”. The balance of the kids fees and needs for the year has been paid. I looked up to the Heavens and said a silent prayer of gratitude. Ain’t got no time to hate and bear any grudges indeed. Sometimes the best fighting is done on your knees and with tears…all is well that ends well