My Heroes

This is a page I should have created from the very beginning because not only was I born of both a man and a woman but the men deserve a page on my blog too!

We have many times thought ill of ‘Men’ in general because it is they who ‘rape’ women, they who ‘beat’ us, they who ‘oppress’ us and much more. But there are several of unsung heroes and I want to in my modest way contribute to singing that song!

Well, as for me, I can’t live in this world without them men!


© Marie Abanga 2014

5 thoughts on “My Heroes”

  1. During the British colonial administration, bride price was very symbolic. Princesses were married for 20 pounds or more meanwhile ordinary women were married for 15 pounds or less. But however nowadays people charge as much as 300,000 FCFA,making women to look like chattels. This unfortunate practice encourages so much disrespect for women and sometimes lead to spousal abuse.

  2. I find it strange Marie, but the things that you said about men I find I can say about women. Yes, this would include the good things and the bad things. With this in mind I think equal rights are closer than what we think. In defense of my statement I don’t think being a male or female is the problem with humans. There is another player in play. I feel this essence is the true enemy. When men are men there is no abuse, and I feel the same for women.

    1. Hi Denny, thanks for stopping by and Leaving this insightful comment. Alas we so long for this to be so much the reality and not the ideal. The general and not the exception. Yet the world is sure come a long path

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