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I am Me. So true and good to know that we are ourselves and are just fine and special by being that. Sometimes in life, l tried to “Fit” into some “Conventional gloves”, and oh what a mess of my life l made? Now, l moving past that, facing it right on and above all, I AM ME!

Building A Life Of Hope

passion for love by bagdadi d411qag11 750x557 How to Develop True Passion in Your Life

Image Credit: Passion for love by Bagdadi

My verse, you say?

 I have not a clue.

My words are my life.

My thoughts a singing stream, a babbling brook and a raging river.

I wear many faces.

Fierce Female but not a Fatale. 

Passionate Protector of my Progeny.  

Irenic but Fearless in the Face of Falsehoods and Fallacies. 

Vivacious, Vigorous Vibrant Vamp.

Physically Fit Phoenix Fertile in Mind, Body and Spirit.

My Work on this Earth has yet to be Complete.

My next Calling is in the Making.

I Sense a Worthy Cause.

But I Know One Thing:

Who I Am Makes a Difference


#FWF Free Write Friday: O me! O life!

The following is the speech, and it is your FWF prompt. What will your verse be?

“We don’t read and write poetry because it’s cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human…

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It’s my 35th anniversary on earth: Thank You all!

Hiking Arusha 2012I love Life, after all who doesn’t?

Today is a special day for me, I turned 35.

I know to some it may be small and yet to others like my kids, it surely is a lot.

Well to me, considering all what I have been through and all what I am looking forward to, I am most grateful.

Yes my tale is a curious one, I sort of became a gardener and, well, coming from the family I had, l could only be me.

When I once weighed 115 kg and felt I had had enough of this life, many cheered on, including my gym instructor.

Yes I once lived parallel lives and my first memoir captures all that, but today I am doing good both inside out.

It came at a big price, had to make some ultimate sacrifice and then change worlds all together. well I got to decorate a Christmas tree for my first time.

I am therefore so grateful for my Life and for all I know and have met both on and off line.

Many tell me  I am an inspiration and my siblings even say I am their spine.

But I will say I couldn’t be any of that without You and You and You! 

Both directly and indirectly, You all made a difference, taught me a lesson, loved me some more, in one way or the other, and wished me some…

Above all, the woman in my Life, sure none other than my mother made this all possible. I once wrote this for her and dedicated it herein for All Mothers.

Thank you Mama, Thank You All.

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Building a Woman’s Nation – Launch of the New Shriver Report

I am so impressed with the momentum the struggle for Gender Equality is gaining as the dateline to the Millennium Development Goals approaches. From Hilary Clinton to Beyonce, passing through Maria Shriver and the likes of Graca Machel; from Institutions like UN Women, the Knowledge Gateway for Women’s Economic Empowerment, the Women In Parlaiment Global Forum or even the Girls Globe; the message is clear. Time for action is now and indeed, ” A nation where women do well benefits every single one of us – and building that nation is all of our responsibility.” We can’t relent.

Girls' Globe

Earlier this week, Maria Shriver launched The Shriver Report: A Woman’s Nation Pushes Back from the Brink, a detailed and well-researched narrative of the lives, realities and struggles of millions of American women who are living in, as the report puts it,

The territory in which one in three Americans live paycheck to paycheck, one incident away from financial crisis.

While there has been notable progress made in the past decades in terms of women’s and girls’ well-being, rights, empowerment and legal status, The Shriver Report makes it painfully clear that the road to a woman’s nation – a nation where all women and girls are treated and valued on equal basis with men – remains long and winding. Almost all women still struggle with inadequate workplace policies that make being a mother and a worker extremely challenging even for those who are not on the brink. For low-income…

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PEARL # 16

This is what l will call dedication. When we continue to work hard and forge ahead with all the doubts in and around us. I sincerely wish Mah all the best in her endeavours as l steadily continue to pursue mine.


Today is the day I get to tell you, DO NOT GIVE UP. Simple.Whatever you have been dreaming of, even if you have not started it, don’t give up on your vision. If you do have something you started, it is hard in the beginning cause you see where your vision showed you, but the beginning seems slow. You want to get there faster, and it is easy to get frustrated and doubt yourself, doubt your vision. Don’t give up. Life gives us gifts in the form of visions, and sometimes that is all you need to hang on to, hope for a better future for yourself.

I am living this truth right now. I held on to my vision to become a life coach, poet, writer, public speaker, entrepreneur. I launched my public speaking / Life Coaching business yesterday and I am determined…

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A Gentleman!

A gentlemanMaybe many of you can define a gentleman? And, which woman is there who wouldn’t want to have a gentleman by her side?

Well, I can’t define one – hence I looked up quotes or meanings from Google. I then chose the above one to grace my post. Sure I would love to have one and I bet I have one now.

A friend once asked us what were the qualities we would be looking for in a man. I told him I was going to write a post on that and we’ll see how it goes.

I wouldn’t write about the qualities I seek, I would write about those I have found. Coming from Africa, where the concepts are different, I couldn’t help be do a genuine post on the man I found – my gentleman.

Primo, my gentleman has opened my heart. I poured it out to him and he still loves me so.

My gentleman reproaches me with firmness and yet gentleness. He cheers me on joyfully and genuinely. He supports me wholeheartedly and is all encompassing. I don’t want to think anymore of what I went through back in Cameroon.

We do have our ‘fights’ though mostly friendly ones for we are both strong headed people. Yet they hardly survive a weekend or even a night and never been physical.

My man holds my hand and kisses me whenever and wherever. He comes back home to have dinner with me and talk with me. He says I am a good cook. This is a luxury where I come from and I am honored.

No offense meant, but some if not most men in Africa, are still under the ridiculous yoke of those customs and traditions which state that a woman’s place is at the back and bed.

I very much love how we are friends above all, and how we do talk about just anything and everything. We go places together and do lots of stuffs together. Wow, team mates we could say?

Yes, my gentleman helps me with the hair removal beneath my chin and this is a premier.

I sometimes wonder why I had to go through so much mess in my life before meeting him. Well, when I mentioned that to him, he said maybe if I didn’t go through that, we wouldn’t have met in the first place.

I also found this other quote and I love it so:  Gentleman quote

I don’t know if gentlewoman exists or what is deservedly for a gentleman – but I sure want to be that kind of a woman for him.

Maybe we could talk of A Fair Lady?

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Angelique: My first Belgian Angel and Heroine!

Angelique and I

We surely all know what it means to move countries right?

When I got a visa to come to Belgium, I knew no one. I had a relative or two in some corners of theirs but for reasons and circumstances, they couldn’t host me.

A dear uncle of mine, knew this lady and her family. He asked her if she could host me- of course for a rent. She agreed, and set the price at € 300 and they had a deal for 6 months.

He gave me that as a surprise package and his support for my future endeavours. I then prayed that this lady from far off Rwanda,  be more than a landlady of mine.

She came and picked me up from the airport and took me to her warm family. We had a special meal that night and she briefed and prepared me for the realities to face as much as she could.

She gave me my first boots – actually two of hers and although we weren’t sharing shoe sizes, I was so touched to have and squeeze my feet in them. I have since passed them on to some other less fortunate person.

She did all a big sister could in her best and possible means and she even became a friend and confidant too. I think I got much more from her than the contrary.

Today, I no longer live with her and I am doing much better. Yet Angelique and I are still so close.

My friend and I visited her during the christmas season and she dared screamed at the modest gifts we brought for her daughter and herself.

That is my Angelique and her name really tells it all. I truly wish her all the best now and always as she struggles with her own issues and life.

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Descent Into Darkness

What a Story? Surely our curiousity has ben Sufficiently watered.

Building A Life Of Hope


We started dying before the snow, and like the snow, we continued to fall.” — Louise Erdrich, Tracks

Kate wrapped herself in her favorite yellow scarf and her long flowing black sweater. The late autumn air had taken on a sudden, even cruel chill; one that she was not quite ready to embrace. She stood outside on the back deck facing Madonna Peak. Already, the old girl seemed to be bracing herself for the coming onslaught and endless void of whiteness.

At this moment, Kate felt like that rugged bluff. Trodded upon, windswept, beset by boulders and littered with the detritus of too many lost souls. How many times had she and Sam gone to the well of their relationship only to find it dry once again? At first, he had taken to heading out on aimless drives in their jeep, sometimes returning hours or even days later. No…

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