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My rosy life

My garden of roses
My garden of roses

I see my life a rosy garden

That garden full of roses

Roses full of thorns

Thorns so deadly prickly

oozing a fluid so sweet

Sweet like the rosy scent

of whichever colour is chosen

I wonder who can withstand the petals

from all those different rosy roses

As pretty as the Mona Lisa

Indeed no rose without a thorn

In my rosy garden of life!!!


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Ep 9 MH talks and update on merrymarie

this morning’s talk!

If you want to refresh on my life’s thrilling journey, or better still if you haven’t read my book and would love to listen to my discussions on that, and if you have 50 or so minutes to spare, here is one:

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Monica my Spanish graciela and Heroine

MM for Monica and Marie
MM for Monica and Marie


A month or so ago, I was really not in good shape. “Melancholia starred and I hid my face.” It prodded and I just had to flee. Monica and I have been friends since we met online during the Knowledge Gateway for Women’s Economic Empowerment era. We were community champions and eventually found ourselves in the same target group for policy makers.

Barça here I come

Just landed
Just landed

Monica had kept inviting me to Barcelona and I had kept finding some excuse or the other. I mean there is always something right? But this time around, I am the one who started asking Monica for her availability. I had to flee from Brussels if only for a while. There was also another main reason for wanting to at least breathe the Barça air. My brother had once wandered there from Germany and he had been helped by some lady who kept him for two days before he took off. Monica was unfortunately now very busy with her recently began MBA program, family and all. Actually, the long weekend I identified was the same one her parents in law chose to visit with them.

Friendship in the air
Friendship in the air

The Treat turns into a Retreat

I pleaded with Monica who in turn pleaded with her husband. Hmm, I was invited, not to stay with them, but in a hotel managed by him. I won’t say further lest someone starts begging Monica. I don’t call her my graciela for nothing. Check the word up, it means blessing. It was out of the city in a fantastic place. I almost felt like I was in my village, close to the forest.

Peaceful Girona!
Peaceful Girona!

And it came to be that Monica picked me up from the airport, took me to the arenas where a table had been reserved for two with Spanish champagne, and thereafter showed me some round town.

What a welcome Treat!
What a welcome Treat!

The next day, I was pretty much on my own, I visited this village centre and took all the time to reflect on my life and this unwanted guest inside my mind. I even felt good enough to venture out into Girona by night! A first night date in months!

Hop on the tour wagon I did!
Hop on the tour wagon I did!
Girona by night
Girona by night

And the decision was made

Receiving the scroll right there in Girona!
Receiving the scroll right there in Girona!

Goodbyes are always the hardest to say. I was sad to leave Barça, and even more sad for what laid ahead. The decision was made to turn a great chapter of my life. One that had been brief but beautiful. Yet it had been painful and sometimes un-navigable. I made the decision to quit and to face it in all maturity. It took and still takes a lot of stamina. I barely have energy for other issues. I actually run away from any I think may add to my stress.

I’ll always be grateful

My siblings joke that I surely know someone in most countries of the world. Yeah I have this network flair. I love human relations and my instincts hardly play tricks on me when it comes to ‘people’. I have met several people in life, from all kinds of walks of life. You name them; these hands of mine have greeted the likes on Ellen Johnson and some prisoners, junkies and ‘shaggy’ people too. For Monica and all my other friends therefore, I’ll always be grateful.

Gratitude all the way
Gratitude all the way

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I Quit

I thought l’d at last found a harbour
But no I have to quit
It’s nobody’s fault but mine
And so l quit
I’d tried so much to charm
Yet it hurts and so I quit
It’s never an easy thing to do
But hmm l just have to quit
Didn’t know I had so much to face
I need to first of all quit
It’s best fair to both of us
And so I quit
I take away so much
And will sure miss much
Yet am glad for what l leave
I really need a grasp on me
And hence I quit
I just know I have to face me
And the path is via the quit
Am scared but not marred
I’ll face it and sure make it
In life you can’t have it all
Someday even life will quit you
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Choice and emotion: a short essay with some musing

Choice and emotion: a short essay with some musing.

With the above post from one of my favorite blogs beyondmeds, I re-launch my presence into the blogosphere.

Yes, I took a shortmedium break. I had and still have some issues both ‘upstairs’ and ‘outstairs’ to resolve.  I am ready!!!

I am glad to have so many to learn from and to share with. I am glad that I can live with my emotions however they come without resorting to meds to help me. I wish several other could or are actually doing so. Its a wonderful experience to get past the melancholia in real and then to look back. It’s like giving birth without an inducement or better still undergoing an operation without anesthesia? Hmm this last one is almost impossible right?

And so dear gentle readers and followers, lets look forward to what I have scheduled for this week. Yeah I made the choice – to keep up just being me.

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Twin Launch in Cameroon of My Brother’s Journey and his Foundation!

Gbm logo

My darling's journey
My darling’s journey

You are invited to launch the Gabriel Bebonbechem Center for Epilepsy & Mental Well-being, AZI, and his memoir titled “My brother’s journey from Genius to Simpleton” by Marie Angele ABANGA. The center and the Book that will celebrate and immortalize Gabriel will be launched by the Regional delegate for Social Affairs for the SW Region, HRM Fon FOREKE ASONGTIA II, under the patronage of His Excellency, the Governor of the SW Region on the 3rd of December 2014 as part of the events marking the celebration of the International Day of Persons with disabilities.

You are all invited
You are all invited

Venue:  Council Hall Buea South West Province

Time: 1 pm

For further information, email:

P.S: Come and meet my mother, share with her and exchange ideas. Lets break the silence, the pain, the shame, the stigma, the rejection.

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Short Break update: grumpily going into week two!!!

Dear gentle readers and followers,

I promised an update last week when I first took this short – heading towards medium break. I was smiling Hurray then but now I am grumpy. Grumpy not because I so hate breaks, but because I hate breaks I can’t really relax about because I am sort of nervous.

1) I have created a website and thought to transfer my blog’s DNS to the same registrar as the website. Oh I who knows so nothing about this ‘server magic’, thought it was gonna take a couple of days only. Heck, the first part just got through only this very minute and so I am waiting for… See my nervousness? Who sent me?

2) I have a lot coming up before the month runs out and I hate not being able to clear my head of all such distractions from DNS. Serves me hot coffee – I should have known better huh!

3) I already miss blogging. I have posts scheduled for next week and so this DNS saga better gets sorted out before Saturday. In the meantime, I wait and try to enjoy this second part of the break right?

Hope you all are cool in your corners and that my archives still bring some readers my way. I am equally enjoying reading and commenting on other blogs. Till then,

I miss you all…