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The Vice President of the Cameroon National Assembly leads strong delegation to landmark summit!

Hon Emilia Lifaka

Barely a month after the Cameroon legislative elections catapulted women as aptly reported by UN Women;  thus more than doubling their representation in the National Assembly, and increasing their numbers from 25 to 56, meaning an unprecedented increase from 13.8% to 31.1%, a strong delegation representing these women will be attending the Landmark Annual Summit of the “Women in Parliaments Global Forum” (WIP).

 The 2013 Annual Summit of the “Women in Parliaments Global Forum” (WIP) read more here:  is taking place from 27 to 29 November 2013 in Brussels, hosted by the European Parliament. The WIP Annual Summit 2013 is the first time ever in history that the worldwide community of female Parliamentarians has been invited to come together to use their collective experience to advance society.

The WIP Annual Summit 2013 also marks the 120th anniversary of the day that Women were granted the right to vote for the first time in the world in New Zealand. To date the WIP Annual Summit 2013 has received registrations from female Parliamentarians representing 100 countries from around the world, more than 400 participants are expected.

  • WIP is organised, in cooperation with the European Parliament, the United Nations Development Fund (UNDP), UN Women, the World Economic Forum (WEF), the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), the World Bank, and many other organisations, which will all be represented at the WIP Annual Summit 2013.
  • It is the only global forum for all female Parliamentarians. WIP endeavours to find ways to address global challenges by using the collective experience of Women in Parliaments across the world.
  • WIP is determined to encourage and educate society to learn more about the untapped potential and talent of women, and would like to see an increased number of women representatives in Parliaments around the glove (today fewer than 20% of Parliamentarians are women).
  • An Advisory Board oversees and provides guidance for the activities of the foundation, consisting of outstanding political and social leaders such as Zainab Bangura, Kathy Calvin, Ertharin Cousin, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, Benita Ferrero-Waldner, Jane Goodall, Mo Ibrahim, Pascal Lamy, Denis Mukwege, Alhaji Muhammad Mumuni, Ana Palacio, Lakshmi Puri, Sheika Haya Rashed Al Khalifa, Viviane Reding, Olli Rehn, Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir, Laura Tyson, Jody Williams, Muhammad Yunus, Saadia Zahidi.


Honourable “Emilia Lifaka became Vice President of the National Assembly in 2009 but has been the Fako West MP for a second consecutive term prior to her brilliant appointment as Vice President of the August Assembly.

Mami Florence Musonge, President of FAWODA Buea East, at a gathering organized by the “MP of Care” as Hon Lifaka is fondly referred to, said the women were more than pleased with Hon.Lifaka’s constant concern for her constituents.

She equally received accolade from Southwest Chiefs for being the first Member of Parliament (MP) to make a donation to Southwest Chiefs’ Conference(SWECC),now headed by Nhon Etuge Pius,with Chief Ayuk John Etchu as its Secretary-General.

At yet another event organized to celebrate her political achievements, she was hailed by the Lord Mayor of Buea Mr Charles Mbella Moki for her transparent and judicial use of her micro-project grants given by the National Assembly, for small development projects.

 As a Cameroonian and current intern with “WIP” I am very excited to welcome our delegation and look forward to their active participation and contribution to the summit. I am very sure that each of the members will have expectations of the summit and will share their evaluation of the said summit with us all come Friday the 29th.

Cameroon could not have been better represented! The distinguished Vice President will be accompanied by Honourable Esther T. Ngalla, Honourable Solange Kwramba and Honourable Josephine Fotso.


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Red Roses For Jackie Kennedy

Red Roses For Jackie Kennedy.

I had the pleasure this morning of discovering a new follower of my modest blog:  RedneckRosarian

I quickly went to their blog for inspiration for a full and hectic week ahead. I got an overdose!

I learnt the why I unconsciously chose Roses for my Garden ” Roses are meant to bring joy. Joy to the giver and to the receiver”. Woah!

However, in the above post which I humbly re-blog, the Roses given to Jackie Kennedy on that fateful day in Dallas, didn’t bring her joy but did that change them from being roses or does that diminsh our love for roses?

Read on and leave your kind comments and of course share with love and joy…

Motivational Quotes to live your Dreams!

Motivational Quotes to live your Dreams!

When I came across this post on , I could not help but re-blog it here.

I loved the way Jeff brought together all these quotes for us, and the conviction with which he assured that the quotes will “help make every experience empowering and inspiring!” 

I am still reading them over and over and making my mental notes, I invite you all to leave your insightful comments…

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For all Mothers!

Ode to Mama!

When I posted on my mother as being my first and best model, I got such feedback that got me to fish out this poem I wrote close to a decade ago!

You will think after writing this I learnt my lessons and sat still but hell no – I got into more turbulent waters!

Fortunately, mu mother like I bet all others, almost got drowned saving me because she didn’t know how to swim !

Have a good read all you my gentle followers, and celebrate your mothers in whatever way you can because someday either you or her will be gone!

Who dares have a contrary view should speak up now or…


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A Gardener’s Tale

Marie the baby               You-can-complain-because-roses-have-thorns

I was born on a certain Thursday the 18th of January 1979 and I was later told that my father who had been hoping to have a Son this time around (since their first child was a girl), just resolved to treat me like one.

I was the kind you will call a ‘jolly’ kid (full of fun, love and life and sure I am still one), who left home in the mornings only to be brought back in the evenings from a hard day of play in the entire neighbourhood in all kinds of homes.

My alias or nickname “Ayo” is kind of an exclamation like ‘Oh my God’. The Douala people use it in their dialect to dramatize or exclaim and several songs had some Ayo word to my childish annoyance.

I had all sorts of friends then and still do; there were big ones and those my age, from richer homes and from poorer homes, school goers and school dropouts, boys and girls, sure just about every and anybody even a madman.

Back at home, I was everywhere and nowhere. Loved and cherished by my family. I often incurred the wrath of my mother, was always getting into some kind of accident and loved fighting in school mostly to protect my kid brother irrespective of whether he was at fault.

I however came to realize that my parents’ relationship was almost kind of “master-servant” and all at home including my siblings, dreaded my father. Whenever he was coming back home, at the sound of his car, the house was rearranged and everybody went behind the house or into his or her rooms.

I couldn’t share my worries with anybody, neither about this nor about any other issues a teenage girl of my nature could possibly be facing.

I carried my inner struggles and outer smiles and jolliness to secondary and high school and eventually to University.

I started sinking deeply, gradually  living parallel lives; promising myself things were sure going to get better, and that maybe all I needed was my own home.

Disaster, what a wrong decision I made to marry for all the reasons but love. And so I paid the price, made that ultimate sacrifice and packed my belongings. There were however the most precious ones I could not take and those were my children. What a mock, pity and shame!

However, after wandering in the desert – maybe for 40 days too, I returned to my mother – as a prodigal daughter. She gave me the chance to start again and my gardening took me from Tanzania and now Belgium.

I have so far been able to pull a lot of the pieces of my life together but yes how I miss my boys whom I fondly call “mes 3 mousquetaires”. They however are my greatest motivation for starting all over and working harder each day.

I am not ashamed to be learning some basics like using a Google Calendar or Google Drive, eating properly on the dining table or simply operating either a dishwasher or a washing machine.

I have learnt a lot since starting out here, got into social networking and yes am faring, woah I am even getting to virtually meet so many inspiring people.

I just wish some younger girls get some inspiration herein and if this post could save even just one or motivate yet another to start again, or hang on, then I will have accomplished something.

So there you go for this weekend in my Garden, feel free and sure welcome to leave a comment or suggestion as you leave…


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5 Bob Marley Quotes to Live By!

5 Bob Marley Quotes to Live By!.

When I came upon this post on,  I couldn’t help but reblog it.

I first looked up our legend on google and got to his site. The recap of the great Bob on his site is so illustrative of his influence and greatness that I merely quote from it:

“The Bob Marley biography provides testament to the unparalleled influence of his artistry upon global culture. Since his passing on May 11, 1981, Bob Marley’s legend looms larger than ever, as evidenced by an ever-lengthening list of accomplishments attributable to his music, which identified oppressors and agitated for social change while simultaneously allowing listeners to forget their troubles and dance…”

Even in my Country Cameroon, his anniversaries are always celebrated by many and his legacy indeed lives on…

Sometimes I wonder if he wasn’t even a disguised ‘prophet’ what do you think?

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My First and Best Heroine!

My First heroine is surely my best of all times. To find out more, we will have to read to the end. She will most probably be the only woman in these series of mine, to have a a twin picture  profile  which depict her flow both in the office and at home.  Read on, be inspired and leave a comment …

“When you fall, seek from within yourself how you could have prevented it. You will find a clue on how next to jump higher without falling” Bibiana MBUH TAKU


My Mother My Model                        Mum and brother                                     


Mrs. Mbuh Taku is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Diversity Management & Consulting ltd which provides business advisory services to Businesses, the public sector and NGOs. She champions the causes of women, especially “grass root women” in the fight against poverty, encourages the insertion of young people into business especially entrepreneurship and is a convinced supporter of networking. She has a passion for women’s capacity building, young people and civil society organizations and is currently one of IFC’s Business Edge certified trainers and Master trainer.

She has worked extensively in the Republic of Cameroon: in the Civil Service as Treasury accountant having served in various positions of responsibility, over 16 years of service in the Crude Oil Exploration and Production in PECTEN CAMEROON company finance department with strong inter- faces with the technical departments, Plan International as Operations Support Manager and Assistant Underwriter for American Life Insurance Cameroon respectively.

Like her mother who was a community leader, Bibiana is a development crusader and is one of the founding members and the National Coordinator of Helen Atabong Asaba’s Foundation that has carried out several development activities including the fight against HIV/AIDS in Lebialem, studies on “Bondage of women” in Wabane Sub-Division, and several other studies and works in Taxation, Law and the Environment. She has attended and facilitated at several training workshops and events and has travelled extensively in Africa, Europe and the U.S.A.

Bibiana is a member of several networks including the; Groupement de Femmes d’Affaires du Cameroon (GFAC).

She holds several university certificates including Diplome d’Ecole Superieure de Commerce (DESC) with a major in Management, Finance and Accountancy, Master in Public Administration with a major in Treasury Management, CIMA’s bachelor in Business Accounting, UNITAR’s certificate in effective public debt management. She is perfectly bilingual in French and English. She loves advocacy, counselling, reading, gardening and travelling. Born in Lebialem Division, Republic of Cameroon, on 19th December 1959, she is the mother of 4 biological children and the natural mother to many children.

Now all the above said, this dynamic and graceful woman happens by Divine Grace to be My Mother – My First Model. I am the second of her children and our love affair is 34 solid years old. It will surely be the subject of several other posts but suffice it to state here that such a woman is an inspiration to many and definitely a role model!

I learnt the meaning of unconditional love from her and same with the meaning of sacrifice. I learnt to be a strong and dynamic woman and above all, I learnt that accomplishment was intrinsically linked to how many others you inspired or helped along the journey…




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“Equality in the boardroom – Introducing quotas for women in the workplace”

I often wonder how equal women and men would ever become? Maybe this equality depends of the angle from which we approach a given subject?

Today I share with you this update by the European Parliament with regards to achieving equality in the boardroom although it may (jokingly) take a long long time for this to be achieved or implemented. This is however to me a good step in the right direction!

Read on and leave a comment…

Equality in the Boardroom

In an ideal world gender equality in business would be a given, but in reality corporate boards are still dominated by men. To ensure more equal access to the top of the corporate ladder, the European Parliament voted for binding rules requiring that at least 40% of non-executive boards members at EU-listed companies are women. (Read more: Giving women equal opportunities in the business world )