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Thank you Jeff, Yes in 2014 I will aspire to write a page, an amazing page, each day!
Don’t we all think it is worth it?

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My Featured Publication – My Alter Ego!

I am who I am today, but I am the sum total of what I was yesterday.

I am definitely going to be so much more in the future but I have to credit my past in its entirety.

I am therefore publishing my first memoirs and in all honesty, I am proud to be doing so now more than ever – It is my BEST  Theraphy and I hope it helps more than it hurts.

My Mess is henceforth My Message and My Tests My Testimonies.

Stay tuned and Happy New Year to all!

Front cover 13.12.30

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Finish Off Well

This is a just and befitting new year resolution, if we missed finishing 2013 well.
As for me, I thank my Father that although I started off the year in tears, I am happy with the way it is finishing.

Vincent Egoro

As we draw the curtain over 2013,and “press towards the mark” (2014), ponder on these words of wisdom from Balthasar Gracia, and strive to end this year well and alive;

You ought therefore to think of the finish, and attach more importance to a graceful exit than to applause on entrance. ’Tis the common lot of the unlucky to have a very fortunate outset and a very tragic end. The important point is not the vulgar applause on entrance–that comes to nearly all–but the general feeling at exit.

Two things bring life speedily to an end: folly and immorality. Some lose their life because they have not the intelligence to keep it, others because they have not the will. Just as virtue is its own reward, so is vice its own punishment. He who lives a fast life runs through life in a double sense. A virtuous life never dies…

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Mother Teressa my Heroine of the Season and always!

Mother Teresa (1910-1997)  Mother-Teresa-love-starts-from-family


“Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody, I think that is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty than a person who has nothing to eat. We must find each other.”


Mother Teresa was a Catholic Nun from Albania who lived and died in India. She said her calling was to belong to the world. Mother Teresa has influentially changed the world because of her compassion for people.

At the age of twelve, she knew that her true calling was to spread the love of Christ. On May 24, 1931 she took her vow to be a nun. Since then on, her love for people became known in her work.

In 1965, Mother Teresa was given permission to start her own order called, “The Missionaries of Charity.” Its primary function was to care and offer salvation for those who were neglected by society.

The Mission Charity has spread throughout the world where they now embark on relief work such as floods, epidemics and famine. In 1969, the Missionary Charity became an official International Association.

Mother Teresa knew no boundaries because she had gone all possible ways to help those that are in dire need. She is the true definition of love and peace and was recently canonized a Saint following the Catholic Tradition.

Mother received over 15 prices in her lifetime including the renowned Nobel Peace Price.

 Mother Teresa (Revised Edition): An Authorized Biography (Kathryn Spink) For detailed reading!

Mother knew no boundaries based on religion, colour, sex and you name the rest. Mother made many smile and especially in seasons like this, it must have meant a whole lot to a dying person here, an abandoned kid there or just a lonely soul!

That’s why Mother is my Heroine of the season and always

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Weekly choice, by peers

We can each chose how we appreciate this and so I leave it to you!

Yet I wouldn’t be sharing this if I didn’t agree to a very large extend with what My friend Cohen is saying!

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Self-Victimizing Again?

“Whether it is your weight, your emotions, your spouse, your children, your paycheck–if you continually find yourself feeling angry, resentful or upset by the events in your life, reflect on who you blame for life’s ups and downs. (…)How a person internalizes a particular point of view about control speaks volumes about their ability to live with a sense of wellbeing and contentment. If your philosophy about control is outside of your conscious awareness then you are essentially a slave to it, repeating the same negative dynamics again and again, all the while feeling at the mercy of circumstance. Over time, repeatedly reenacting the same problematic patterns of behavior causes a self-fulfilling prophesy to manifest. A person comes to believe that they truly cannot impact their own future; thereby sealing their fate as nothing more than a cog in a wheel that goes nowhere.”



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I go by the 3 D’s of Determination – Discipline – Dedication and I just came across a post which has one word to sum it all and that is Persistence.
I am determined so I persist, I am disciplined and so I persist, I am dedicated meaning I persist, and we could look at it the other way round.
It is for these reasons that I couldn’t but reblog such an inspiring post most timely for the season and for our new year resolution.
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“We are so prepared to surrender, to give up our own power. We have no idea how powerful we are. No sense of it. We’re endowed with an incredible mind, incredible potential, incredible strength, incredible determination. And we’re ready to give it up. There’s no other animal on the face of the earth that seems so willing to give up. Other animals will scuffle until they take care of the barrier or they’re crushed in the attempt.

“It’s that kind of determination that we need to settle the most difficult things we carry around with us. It’s no small thing, the things that we deal with–our demons, our barriers, our hesitancies, our fears, and our anger. Nobody is going to do it for us; nobody is capable of doing it for us. We must, of necessity, accomplish the barriers ourselves. When you really push “I can’t let go” to the…

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Detracting your detractors!

I  got home two days ago from a hard day of school work and other assignments and I had the opportunity to once more detract my detractors and thought to share two tips with you all.

I had read an article about how Madiba charmed his enemies by learning their language and speaking to them in that language.

Madiba magic
Madiba magic (Photo credit: warrenski)

He also admitted to often abstaining from doing just what they expected him to do and which often was that they wanted him to lose his temper so they could have a reason for “thrashing him out”.

Well we all know his story and ‘parcours’ and so I limit myself to mine.

I had this niece who was more trouble than anybody wanted to manage and I decided to take her under my wings, learn her language and speak to her in that language. Today she’s is a completely different person and most often I am quoted as having changed her just like Madiba changed his jailers.

I also have been working from my former post on my paper for school and although I had the express and implied permission of my former boss to come there and work, her team, that ‘team’, wasn’t impressed. So as soon as she left for her vacation today, they changed the password to the network.

Well I first felt like telling them a piece of my mind for they have ‘tried’ me one too many but then I thought that is exactly what they expected so they wouldn’t let me in for the last two days.

Fortunately, yesterday while I could, I have gone unto the network and downloaded all related resources and saved them and had actually planned to as from this afternoon work only with published material.

So they were a day too late and they didn’t deserve a piece of my mind no matter how small.

I instead preferred to detract them too and carry on as if nothing was missing. They simply didn’t have the guts to try another trick.

Does anyone have other ideas on how to deal with your detractors while sending them a message that you aren’t equals?