4th annual World Reach Out Together Day 2020…

The 4th annual World Reach Out Together Day 2020, Hope Forabusedbattered is on board for as much as possible today. It’s a 1 pm to 1 am CMR online summit and it’s going on region by region. Africa goes on at 7 pm. It was on invitation and tickets attendance. We are grateful to be in the Global Mental Health Peer Network Team #mentalhealthmatters #BeTheHope

Mom guilt anyone? How ya dealing & coping?

Mum guilt and Sunday guilt…I have come a long way with these and am just sharing to inspire+motivate+encourage. I was once a transcontinental mother and spent 4 gruelling years away from my kids…this time around I spend lots of Sundays away from them for school and hustle reasons. I have accepted the sacrifices imperative in achieving my goals, and yet sometimes like this morning I can’t help a thought about it all. I just dress up, make up some for added glow (sometimes that outward glow boosts up the inner one too) and them March on. We hold hands and pray before I leave like this morning, and other times we sit on the table and have a kinda service lol. In all, I give thanks because I firmly believe all things work out for the good of God’s own who let God lead…Have a serene Sunday everyone #IamMAG #MAGinspires #MAGmotivates #MAGencourages #livelovelaughlearn #attitudeofgratitude #Godgotmyback #jusrfollowurspirit https://www.instagram.com/p/CCiLP2wAW0h/?igshid=szakoal7nd1y

A poster capturing the enormity of mental health awareness needs in Africa

#mentalhealthawareness so beautifully captured in this poster by my friend and Global Mental Health Peer Network executive from Zimbabwe Angelica Mkorongo.
Are we really doing enough? Are we even talking enough? Are we even listening enough? #mentalhealthmatters let’s keep talking and sculpting and painting and singing and dancing and shouting and marching …about it. #thereishope #bethehope.

A Mental illness is no death sentence ooooo

#mentalillness is no death sentence. I am a person with a lived experience and speaking up, seeking for help and belonging to peer support systems and networks like the Global Mental Health Peer Network has amplified my advocacy and resilience through it all. Do you want to join us?

P,S to join the network you can email us at hope@hope4abusedbattered.com and we can help connect you to your regional rep

#thereishope #thereishelp #therapyisgreat #GMHPN #PeerSupport #COVIDSupport

Men are beginning to join the conversation on domestic violence in my community

It’s a big step in the right direction already when men sit on the same panel with women and speak up or out.

When men join the conversation this earnestly, we can only be full of Hope that one day both genders will stop ‘fighting’, get their knees off each other’s neck, and live in harmony especially in their intimate relationships. There will as a result be no more domestic violence, abuse, gender bases violence and children suffering from adverse childhood experiences