Detracting your detractors!

I  got home two days ago from a hard day of school work and other assignments and I had the opportunity to once more detract my detractors and thought to share two tips with you all.

I had read an article about how Madiba charmed his enemies by learning their language and speaking to them in that language.

Madiba magic
Madiba magic (Photo credit: warrenski)

He also admitted to often abstaining from doing just what they expected him to do and which often was that they wanted him to lose his temper so they could have a reason for “thrashing him out”.

Well we all know his story and ‘parcours’ and so I limit myself to mine.

I had this niece who was more trouble than anybody wanted to manage and I decided to take her under my wings, learn her language and speak to her in that language. Today she’s is a completely different person and most often I am quoted as having changed her just like Madiba changed his jailers.

I also have been working from my former post on my paper for school and although I had the express and implied permission of my former boss to come there and work, her team, that ‘team’, wasn’t impressed. So as soon as she left for her vacation today, they changed the password to the network.

Well I first felt like telling them a piece of my mind for they have ‘tried’ me one too many but then I thought that is exactly what they expected so they wouldn’t let me in for the last two days.

Fortunately, yesterday while I could, I have gone unto the network and downloaded all related resources and saved them and had actually planned to as from this afternoon work only with published material.

So they were a day too late and they didn’t deserve a piece of my mind no matter how small.

I instead preferred to detract them too and carry on as if nothing was missing. They simply didn’t have the guts to try another trick.

Does anyone have other ideas on how to deal with your detractors while sending them a message that you aren’t equals?


Decorating much more than my first Christmas Tree!

It is an excitement for kids right? Surely at my age it shouldn’t be anything to write about.

Well this is the first tree I am decorating and although I wasn’t excited when I started, I decided to be by the time my boyfriend and I finished decorating this!

My 1st Christmas tree

This was really the first time I remember decorating a christmas tree and although we had some christmas trees in our home when I was a kid, my mother or aunties did the decoration.

Moreover, the tree ‘thing’ for some ‘African’ families is not as trendy as it is out here in europe and for mine, it was no exception.

When I was married, and could afford a small tree and some bare decorations, I left the ‘thing’ to my niece and my sons if they wanted to and instead worried more about buying them a ‘christmas dress’ and cooking a ‘christmas meal’.

Now how could I be happy to decorate both an ‘expensive tree’ (I hear it cost 40 euros) with expensive decorations (worth maybe 200 euros) and without either my sons or any kids to celebrate the fun with?

I was therefore not so keen in the exercise at the start. However, seeing my friend’s enthusiasm, his efforts to involve me as much as possible, and above all, realizing that I had achieved so much in just the over 10 months since coming to Brussels, I relaxed and decided to decorate both the tree and my ‘new life’ with joy and love.

Dec 17th 2013 I have even noticed some gifts with my name on it and now I am waiting for the 24th with excitement.

I just learnt once more that we are the ones who decide what to make out of our thoughts, actions and circumstances.

Merry Christmas to you all and kindly like, comment and share if you can…

Female politicians taking over Latin America’s land of machismo!

By Simeon Tegel, GlobalPost contributor

LIMA, Peru — For a region famous for “machismo,” Latin America is about to take an unlikely step: elect a record number of women presidents.

In Chile, moderate socialist former President Michelle Bachelet — whose admirers include Hillary Clinton — is widely expected to crush her conservative opponent, also a woman, in a runoff vote on Dec. 15.

With women leaders already in power in Argentina, Brazil and Costa Rica, that means Latin America will boast four female heads of state for the first time.

The breakthrough comes as women’s issues are going global, from Malala Yousafzai demanding education in Pakistan to a campaign for more female board members in the United States. Many countries are also grappling with how to include more women in politics, while a few still want to exclude them.

And it came to pass I conclude this post, that H.E Michelle Bachelet had an overwhelming victory at the polls this weekend and what a confirmation of Simoen Tegel’s forecast…

Michelle Bachelet
Michelle Bachelet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Simoen rightly wraped her article as follows: The achievement also strengthens democracy, she said, allowing women to buy into a system that has often left women out, or worse.

“When women are elected to high office, they become inspiring role models for others,” Aguirrezabal said in an interview.

“They show that women can be empowered and that allows other women to view themselves not just as vulnerable or victims, but as true citizens.”

Shadowboxing Your Fears and Doubts

It is always good to start of the week with Inspiration and whatever I get from the MyEverydayPower Blog, I share with you all.
I go by the saying that what is good for the geese is sure good for the gander or do you think otherwise …
I never knew the term “Shadowboxing” but now that I have a word to define such actions, I will be more weary and instead go for the real “Boxing Off” of my Fears and Doubts and what of you

Benefits of Fitness Other Than Shaping Your Body

When I read the post on 8 Benefits of Fitness Other Than Shaping Your Body, I knew I had to share my story too and probably motivate someone somewhere who has been hesitating or recently abandoned keeping fit.

I used to weigh as full as 115kg I used to be this fat April 2010and also sucked deep within in spite of all the outer smiles. I made up my mind and with the help of a dear friend, to create time for  workouts.

It was very though, I had to leave my home at 4am each day, go out too on sunday at noon under the scorching sun for I learnt the heat helped melt down the fat faster. I also had to overcome challenges in my home and community but I leaned in. Later I could afford going to the gym and that also helped with my muscles:At the gym Arusha 2012

Today I weigh between 70 and 72 kgs and it is an ongoing struggle to stay fit but it is worth it. I not only lost all those Kgs but I gained a lot of “Food for my soul”

To all those out there who may be thinking of starting out a work out or just going on, it mustn’t only be at a gym and it sure will take time – my fitness journey started in 2010 but you have to be strong and hang in there… or do you have other views?

Cheers Before Yoga lesson

Beatrice Achaleke, My Heroine and Boss for ever!

Beatrice AchalekeBeatrice Achaleke is WDLS strategic partner for Europe. Beatrice is also the Founding Executive Director of AFRA – International Center for Black Women’s Perspectives (, Initiator of the 1st Black European Women’s Congress, Vienna 2007 and current president of the Black European Women’s Council (

In 2008 Beatrice was the first Black Woman to stand for parliamentary elections in Austria. Recently the Award winning Blog “Black Women in Europe™: Power List 2010” featured Beatrice Achaleke as 3rd most powerful and influential black woman in Europe.

Ms. Achaleke has many years of training experience in the fields of: diversity management, intercultural communication, lobbying and networking, mentorship programms, anti-racism, migration and integration, minorities and community empowerment as well as development policies. Beatrice Achaleke studied Sociology at the University of Vienna and Law at the university of Yaoundé Cameroon.

Beatrice is a multiple award winner whose recent awards include the World Diversity Innovation Award from the World Diversity Leadership Council in Washington in September 2009, the “Make a Difference Award, from Brainworks in July 2010, the Miriam Makeba African Diva Award for her engagement in the Empowerment of Black Women in Europe in March 2009, the MIA Award 2008 for her humanitarian and social engagement in March 2008. Beatrice received the Official and Honorary Decoration of the Federal Republic of Austria for her commitment to Intercultural Dialog in September 2008.

Beatrice is initiator of several award-winning projects in Austria. She is author of several articles on the above-mentioned topics. Beatrice appears frequently on different programs of the Austrian broadcasting companies including radio and TV. Beatrice is a highly booked speaker both at national und international levels. Beatrice’s recent speaking engagements include European Commission and EU Parliament conferences, the UN Minority Forum, and at many Austrian based organisations and institutions.

She is the publisher of the book “Voices of Black European Women 1, challenges, reflections and strategies from the Vienna Congress”, Vienna 2009 and the Lagebericht Schwarzen Menschen in Österreich, Vienna July 2010 and several others. Beatrice is equally the initiator and conference manager of the World Diversity Leadership Summit Europe,

Beatrice is today the proud mother of two children.

All the above said and done, Beatrice and I were raised up by my Mother and we surely inherited the same ‘genes’. She inspires and motivates me over and over and teaches me by all means possible what it takes to be a Strong and Powerful Woman especially one of Colour!

Thinking Into Your Destiny

Thinking Into Your Destiny. We certainly think about our destinies every often rights?

So why do we need to be reminded of the obvious!

I simply think that, because for some, including myself, it is sometimes a slippery endeavour to stick to those thoughts or better still get them into words and from words into habits and then all the way to having a solid charachter, we need to be inspired to keep thinking!

Many of us try very hard and some do make it to a brave and good finish – woah a great finish like that of our Madiba of blessed memory will be the ideal!

Whatever, I think it is worth the thought …


I have toyed with the idea of starting a page on my blog captioned “Men’s Corner’ and I guess I either do so before the year runs out or I am fake.
When I came across this article, I knew that it is high time I help in my own modest way to give credit to the ‘good guys’. We call them ‘A Woman’s Man’ and this has a very broad explanation and understanding.
The bottom line to me and speaking from experience, is that not all men do not want empowered or strong women, not all men are unfaithful or mean.
I will be developing on these later but for now, lets read this post and share our views…

Girls' Globe

My name is Yemurai Nyoni and I’m a young man aged 23 from Zimbabwe. At many points in my brief history as an activist for women and girls health I have been asked one question, “Why do you care?” My family, friends and colleagues have asked me to explain why I’m so passionate about changing the development status of women and girls, particularly as a young African man. To be honest in my society it’s unusual for a young man to look out for the interests of women, it’s simply unmanly and seen as a sign of weakness. I don’t really know how I landed in this space but I’m very confident of the reasons why I decided to stay.


In the words of Her Excellency Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, the Chairperson of the African Union Commission

Women form half of the world population and give birth to the other half.

Development is…

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