Watch “Day 157: Actionable Love 1 John 3:18” on YouTube

Don’t tell me you love me, show me you love me. I have passed feelings, actions are what I focus on more. I travelled all night mindful of some rain and co, to come spend a much needed weekend with my dad. We both know it’s all about love in action hurray. God bless all our endeavours to make our love actionable as recommended by 1 John 3:18 Hallelujah. Happy weekend world, Min MAG

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Thinking Into Your Destiny

Thinking Into Your Destiny. We certainly think about our destinies every often rights?

So why do we need to be reminded of the obvious!

I simply think that, because for some, including myself, it is sometimes a slippery endeavour to stick to those thoughts or better still get them into words and from words into habits and then all the way to having a solid charachter, we need to be inspired to keep thinking!

Many of us try very hard and some do make it to a brave and good finish – woah a great finish like that of our Madiba of blessed memory will be the ideal!

Whatever, I think it is worth the thought …