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America’s Angels and other musings related to mental health…

Hi World,

I don’t know how to qualify my moods today. All is not so good and am near pissed. Why should what happens in America or wherever shake me so? I mean I had a nightmare last night (hardly recall any precedence zut). The KKK were torching 3 homes to be precise – I woke up ant it was 1.28 am I have a clock that reflects on my ceiling. I just have to type all this out and hopefully calm down enough to continue my day which is equally so taxing already with a phone crash last night.

So, yesterday I wrote of America’s ghostsAmerica’s ghosts – I had been planning before the terrible incident of yesterday to blog about America’s Ghosts and America’s Angels after reading the wonderful book by Steve Fugate titled Love Life Walk.

The ghosts of Jim Crow, of the Civil War or the Appropriation, Misapporiations and reservations, the treatment of natives and immigrants (who aren’t fortunate to belong to certain families descendants of immigrants themselves) oh my gosh gosh gosh – I really need to stop reading so vast and caring so much. I now can understand why events likle the collapse of the Berlin Wall or the murder of JFK and etc could drive some off the edge to maniaville completely.

But no I wouldn’t go off any cliff because I am tougher. I will brave this but I now know I should mind more of my business than what the media trusts my way. I will chose what I click period. Las Vegas shooting touched me  and I reached out to mine – but maybe this time because it was in a church and the victim toll – oh my …

And yet America has so many angels. I visited 5 different states in 2015 and took all means of transportation I could just to be in the move – name it I took it maybe except private jet (which I wasn’t even hoping to). I walked of course, took the bus (both in the city and cross city – two different companies even), train, cesna, plane, even hitched a ride in Vermont after visiting my Precious Pammy at the hospital and it was getting dark etc and I have no recollection of being treated shabily. I mean I remember Richie who played some instrument (ah yes the Clarinet) and bout me a soda and told stories all the way, I remember oh this lady who bought me food in the train from VT to DC, I remember Sherry who invited me to spend the night over at Virginia, I mean Pammy whom I had never met who invited me to the US in the first place and contributed towards my air ticket, made up such a nice room for me even though hers was in such a mess, so so many good memories I can’t even remember again. I thought it was because I was a foreigner (don’t ask me if I carried a sign), but when I read Steve Fugate’s book I knew there were Angels indeed in America.

Sadly now, When such a terrible thing occurs, a culprit is to be found asap. Mental health is a suspect par excellence and it’s even cool if records can prove that asap so the case can be closed. But I have known quiet a two hands full in America who live with various mental health challenges, illnesses and etc and they are oh so nice or simply keep to themselves.

Seriously, I am shaken and taking some big measures. No twitter for a while and hardly any facebook. Even if the fire is burning on Mount Cameroon heading towards Douala IDC!!! I am reviewing my interet list on G+ and of course I wouldn’t click any sensational headline again – serves me right.

I know a lot of killings and crap and hatred and hurt out there, but for a human being to calmly take a gun in a church or wherever and gun down others – then something is really wrong somewhere.

I pray for myself and the angels in America to not let the ghosts and nightmare of that country close in on us and mess up further our fragile mental healths.

God Bless America indeed: I feel better having ranted this out here



America’s Ghosts seem to be closing in on the living…

I am just reading about the shootings in the Texas Church on my way to work, and I just want to write this brief post.

  1. I know as in past cases that this incident will be viewed by many differently and am no different;
  2. My views don’t matter but am truly sorry and sadened by the amount of hate and hurt out there;
  3. America like every other country has its ghosts…maybe it is time to acknowledge their helplessness and do some mass healing?
  4. Thinking of America now is scary, even it my country ain’t on the list of forbidden countries, am not going anywhere near that country again. I pray sincerely for all I know and love out there.

Who is who in America?

who is who in America?
who is who in America?

I have been in America for roughly 6 days now, and although that may not be considerable enough time to observe much and beef up such a post, I still think I have noticed something.

There is this quote I came across in a book am reading called “Blue Code”, written by an ex psyc unit nurse. He says: ” Unfortunately the ‘sane’ adult world has no tolerance for such blatant honesty…”. I have found this to be for real especially out here, as I crisscross visiting the ‘high and the lowly’, coming across some ‘good, bad and ugly’.

So who is who in America?

I remember as a kid, admiring some sort of award an uncle of mine had received during his studies in America. He received that in the year of my birth – 1979, and it was from his university where he had been the top top student that year. But today, I dare to ponder if  such an award doesn’t exist invisibly for those who own the most… (Fill in the blanks).

Who is who wherever?

Is it the man/woman with that big heart like my friend Richie, or the one with that big car? Is it the fanciest dressed or the jolly radiating person? The one living in the mega super equiped condo or vila, or the small warm and love filled studio? The diner who eats the super jumbo deli and shops like a hop? I came across this quotation from Michelle Obama and it’s funny am right here on her soil and seeing some of such things for myself. I remember the movie The Pursuit of Happiness by Will Smith and I go; men am on that Uncle Sam’s vineyard now.

Does she say this because she already has the money anyway?
Does she say this because she already has the money anyway?

I hear it’s all in the culture

I was mentioning this to a dear friend, when I was told it was all in the culture. Maybe more in a culture where a who is who back then, was determined by how many slaves you owned? By how many wives, children, cattle and whatever you owned?

Dear readers and followers, I never gave capitalism so much thought until I came to America last week. I am yet to see much, but I have seen some, even firsthand. I smile when I receive a gift, but my donor and I know I’ll be giving same over to the very next person I pick out who needs same. I sure don’t want to be a who is who in this life, if such a person is defined material possessions. Material, intellectual and otherwise possessions may be necessary (especially to make a bigger difference in the lives of others) and even good (for wellbeing), but they don’t sure equate to Happiness.

Jetlagged: The sequel – I am ready for you Uncle Sam…

I am now ready for a mini US tour
I am now ready for a mini US tour

The Sequel

I very much enjoyed the flight to the US, well as far as the food and movies went. But, I had heard of jetlag and this east-west travel stuff, without thinking for real, that it could mess around with me. My brain almost got ambushed and nobody had warned me it could be some serious issue. Well, I survived and followed some good advice from my Ss Hero to sleep late last night, having made sure I fight off any urge to have a nap in the afternoon. Hmm I did just that, and that advice coupled with the 1.5 glass of wine I had at some dinner, made this sequel spongy 🙂

I am ready for you Uncle Sammy

This morning (06/07), I got up feeling real rested. I mean good sleep from 10 pm – 5.30 am. What more to ask for than get on the elyptical found in my wonderful host’s living room.

A pleasant thing to find at a host's
A pleasant thing to find at a host’s

Oh how I thought fondly of my blogger friend Lady Dyanne, who is such a star that even her grandmother taught a congressman and was recently pubicly aknowledged by the latter. In short, I am so excited to finally hear lady’s voice tonight on phone. So, following her advice which she sumarised from her crush on Doctor Als… (will confirm this later), I did 30 intensive minutes on that great stuff. Next, I went out for an hour’s walk to check this neighbourhood out. It’s mainly spanish/latino, and some “over concerned” people had indirectly sparked my area girl curiousity by mumbling that the neighbourhood was a ‘drug/gang cum crap infested one’. I know I wouldn’t come across much during the day, but I would feel the tempo especially in the wee hours of the morning. I went, walked around, met a junkie or two, said hola here and there, and found my way back home. And yet, it wasn’t in this ‘infamous’ neighbourhood that I found this at the door:

Never could I think I'll find a snake in America, nor in this particular neighbourhood bluffed so much to me...
Never could I think I’ll find a snake in America, nor in this particular neighbourhood bluffed so much to me…

Tentative Roadmap

I plan to leave for Virginia this afternoon, check some spots in the DC centre, go to NC eventually, come back this way en route to Boston, check out New Hampshire and VT, and then find my way back here and out. Much of these trips will be done ny road with a lone flight and train rides. It’s a once in a life time opportunity and I don’t know for sure if I’ll even do all planned. I however know I am ready. I am ready to see the ‘meticulous America, and the wild wild west of some of its areas’. One documentary I watched on the flight was about The Wild & Wonderful Whites of West Virginia, and so I know that Uncle Sammy has all kinds of offsprings living all over his estate.

Dear gentle readers and followers, I am not letting the fear of Death, instill in me the fear of living each moment I am lucky to have before me. I wish us all the best… as for me:

Uncle Sam I am ready :)
Uncle Sam I am ready 🙂