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Am invited to talk on Single motherhood by Amy Banda on her IMA get togethers

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Hello World, the first time I was invited on the IMA Series (Inspiring moments with Amy), I didn’t feel as excited as I do now. Actually, a few days ago (May 8th) while still in Dakar which I so dared, I received the following from Amy:

” Dear Marie,

I trust this mail reaches you in good health.

How have you been? I trust GOD all is well.

I am inviting you to be a panelist on the IMA GOLD monthly’s second panel this May 19, 2017on ‘Choosing Single Motherhood: The Thinking Mother’s Guide’ which seeks to illustrate reasons why single motherhood is prevalent at such times, deliberate on strategies of single mothers’ success to bring up the children in an upright manner and  pinpoint the challenges single mothers face daily to raise their kids. Knowing you are an all round contributor to peace, human rights and coaching’

This topic seeks to illustrate the worth of the mother at home, and her multi tasking abilities to do a lot at a blow. It will be great having you share your enriching experience to help single mothers benefit from your testimonies.The ‘Making Mothers Matter’ enriching encounter will address single mother hood issues, the 21st century mother and the ever evolving technological trends which keep her away from her motherly duties. Why recognize a mother talks with principal aim to enrich the relationship between parents and their children. “

Why the excitement?

  1. Why – simply because I am a very proud single mother period!!! I am aware of the challenges, I have faced quiet many but I wouldn’t rush this stage of my life nor wish it to pass any fast. I am making the best lemonade I can and already reaping profits from this business – the joys are oh so joyful;
  2. I will inspire many I know who are still so overwhelmed and even ashamed of their situation in life… even those who ‘choose’ single motherhood deliberately, still deal with some melancholy and all which in my opinion isn’t healthy to one’s mental health at all – like many other things we do in life, if we don’t have it figured out or on check in our minds, the output can be shaggy or even lead to an outright meltdown;
  3. I love coaching on an audience scale instead of doing one on one. When I do the one on one, I get carried away too much into my client’s story, and well I spend more time with just one person instead of talking to many for the same time and then answering questions from the audience;
  4. To top it up, am very excited at seeing my dear Amy’s projects flourish. She is so talented and has so many ideas and projects. It is my honour to help in whatever way I can and she rightly considers me one of her big fans. I have been known to motivate her even on her sick bed;

What is there to be proud about single motherhood?

  1. Single mother is a mother like every other mother, but a mother who does it singlehandedly. Some single mums have their families to help them like Obama’s mother had, while others don’t. Doing such a job for me deserves pride and not prejudice;
  2. The fact that inspite of all the odds, you get to deal with the shame, guilt, pity, loneliness, and many more challenges to be this single mother each new day for as long as it lasts, is a feat to be proud of;
  3. By agreeing to go on that platform, I want to help the single mothers present and those watching from their homes to heal & deal:deal & heal

I will sure keep us all posted how this goes, it’ll sure be a boost to my mental health and my coaching journey.

Here is a picture film of the Pink edition in March on Female Entrepreneurship

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSX6RNoP6Eg&t=327s (My face is at 6.40-6.42) lol

Have a nice week us all and happy mid month



I was with Amy Banda last Sunday when she shared her campaign with me. I had been invited to a meeting for Cameroonian Anglophone Speaking Journalist Douala chapter of which she is Vice President. Now, Amy is one dynamic journalist and host of such wonderful shows like, Voice of the Voiceless; Views, Voices and Visions and many more. They are all concepts and creations of hers. I have been humbled and honoured to know her.

In a post I did on her after our very first encounter, I saw in me a Cameroonian Oprah, and I still say she is one of my heroines. Sometimes words fail you, let me just share with you some lines retained from my boss yesterday:

Finding Someone who understands your dream is wonderful;

Finding Someone who buys into your dream is awesome;

Finding Someone who understands, buys, and is ready and willing to walk some miles on the road to making your dream come true, is a true and big blessing.

This is how I feel the more I get to know Amy. And Lord knows I want for it to be reciprocal. I am willing and ready to walk all the miles possible with Amy once she reveals her own dream to me. Above all, she is such a Woman of Faith.

Dear world, in a subsequent post, I will share with you how I feel the best thing my last boss did for me in Brussels was not to give me a raise but a sack letter. This has been on my mind for months now and I don’t need to make millions before sharing my testimony. Today, I just want to share my sister from a different womb’s campaign. Please join me in liking her dynamism and sharing this campaign.

Gratitude all the way
Gratitude all the way

Amy Banda: My Cameroonian Oprah and Heroine

Amy and I
Amy and I

Woah, I have met several people in my life, from several nationalities and I once again met a dynamic woman in my own country Cameroon. She is none other than Amy Banda and I can’t introduce her enough other than copying pasting what she writes about herself on her own blogs.

This is on blogger:

“I have a strong will, desire, urge, free spirit and burning zeal to change vices into virtues. I am blessed with an impeccable oral expression skill, which has been tested and proven so far through News Anchoring, Prime Time Show hosting, and Headlight public events like organized talks, discussions, forums, Conferences and Marriages. I have an easy going aptitude, a high sense of adaptability and a natural emotion of linking people from different horizons with one goal to achieve.

I am always on the move for new ideas, new discoveries, actions and innovative strides that aim to transform behavioral patterns in the society and community. I also have an excellent networking ability of bringing people together to rob minds on pertinent issues that will not only develop self confidence in citizens, but as well build up entrepreneurship activities. Talking about entrepreneurship, I have successfully transmitted positive rays to many in my country, who call me true icon. As if where ever I pass by, I leave a golden foot print that inspires from creation to conception, to belief, to engagement and to achievement. Call me the Voice, Amy BANDA, I will tell you how pushful a go getter I am, who refuses to take failure for an answer”;

And on her WordPress site:

I am an open-minded person who enjoys going on adventure and exchanging New and Brilliant Ideas for growth. I work in a private media organ Stv 2 as a journalist wherein I run 2 main flagship programs; ‘the Voice of the Voiceless’ and ‘the Good Morning Cameroon’ Shows. I Love making new friends and I enjoy informing in tit bits.

Amy Banda

And so, it came to happen that l was on one of her phenomenal shows as a guest: No actually on both although she wasn’t hosting the Good morning Cameroon show on that morning.
On the STV Voice of the Voiceless show
On the STV Voice of the Voiceless show

Amy is doing great with her show VoV and I wish for her to become our own Oprah. Indeed, I had thought I could get Oprah’s notice by sending her a copy of my book, but heck no, l was a ‘nobody’.

Now, I have access to our own Oprah and I wish Amy to be true to herself and her vision. Not forgetting her mission. I know that the sky is not her limit but that her limit is beyond the sky. So dear Amy, if you read this, know this is my token of appreciation and support for your work. I think all your guests are always so happy to be invited to your Show.