Love therapy in the midst of it all

Love therapy is the best I found to work with the rape victims who come to my centre. My center is called Home of Hope & Healing, run by the association Hope for the Abused and Battered. This therapy works hundred times more than sympathy or empathy therapy, or any other therapies I learnt in school. I ask very few of any questions, I just love and tap into my spirit’s bidding. How else do you reach out to a freightened 9 years old who was sexually abused and raped when she was 8? And what of the 23 years old who was sexually abused from the age of 8-11 and raped from the age of 11-18? Worst of all both atrocities by relatives who had ‘ward’ over them? I am so grateful for the way the Lord is using me to #makeitmatter and #MakeitMemorable for these girls. #itispossible someone, #letGodandLovelead #letitflow #youdeservehappiness so always cherish an #attitudeofgratitude Georgi and Courage make me so proud of the goodness of the Lord in my life Amen

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Sometimes in the mist of it…

Sometimes in the mist of it

A soul may be searching

But not know how to seek

Sometimes in the mist of it

A heart may be hurting

But not know how to heal

Sometimes in the mist of it

A hug may be needed

But none knows how to ask/give

Sometimes in the mist of it

Empathy may be needed

Even if not fully appreciated

Sometimes in the mist of it

We want out of that mist

We need help

We want to scream

But the voice is stuck

The stare and tears

The silence and ramblings

The actions and reactions

Oh sometimes in the mist of it

Lots of patience, love and empathy

Can actually clear the mist

(c) Marie Abanga

WMHD_bannerP.S: Ahead of World Mental Health Day Tomorrow under the theme: Mental Health at the workplace.

Near 9 years later, I finally get the honour and grand style opportunity to show my supervisor at that time how much I appreciate her empathy when I lost my daughter the day after she was born. She was the only person I can remember from my office who called, visited and followed up how best she could in the aftermath. (2 others came along with her on that visit but that was that – I don’t hold it against anybody anyway) She understood when I’ll call the office so in tears not able to come to work. She once chastised me when I visited her and looked like whatever, to go upstairs and sleep (I must have slept 5 hours that day at her home). I can never forget. So if you ever read this, know that the whole world now knows how much I appreciate.