Time for another blogger break to re…

Hello world, I was hoping to put this up last Friday but got funky and carried away.

This year 2018, has been a terrific one so far. So full of grace. Learned and loved so so much. Done so many exciting things ha….girl you deserve a break.

And maybe the best is that I just started another relationship like just last week, and this is someone who had me under his radar for over 8 years? I mean I can’t scare dem away with my shaggy no matter how much I try lol

These cool photos were taken last Thursday at the cementary, ahead of the feast of all souls the next day. I went to help him clean his granny’s tomb. That’s the tradition here, don’t know about out there.

While on break, I of course will be on so many other stuffs, including really trying to get my head and emotions around getting settled into a relationship which may go long term.

Until then, maybe a 10/14 days will do, I wish us all the best. Let me take this blogger break and re…(don’t even know the word to use lol)

A break every now and then is super self care and self love…take it from the psychotherapist herself hahahah

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It’s been slightly over a month I joined the ever growing number of authors at the amazing SIWO, and today I challenged myself to join in the awesome meet and greet. I mean, other than the benefits of increasing the numbers of … you seek; it’s just beautiful to belong to an inspiring community and meet new people+schools of thought etc. So, who here wants to hop over to SIWO and make hay while the sun shines? hahahaha


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