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Marie Abanga
Needs perpectives and retrospectives

Why do you do the things you do?

Hello e-world and hope we all start off another week with gusto.

Today, I want to use 3 instances to reflect on why I do somethings I do. I am writing this post because some incidents in life have left me so full of contemplation or reflections on the why I do them in the first place. I am chosing 3 of them I think and hope we can relate with or just get us to think about our own instance.

  1. Cleaning up especially at others homes

I love cleaning up. You can read this post I wrote about that. When I visit someone, if I feel comfortable being there, I’ll very often end up in the kitchen offering to help. My task of choice is doing the dishes. And no not staking in a dishwasher which I near got so offended having to use in Belgium, I mean using my hands and dipping stuffs in water and greasing them clean. My next offer, is cleaning bathrooms. One weekend, I was at a friend’s and I felt the urge to clean the bathroom. That’s not my first time doing so, and well maybe sadly, each time I do it not even a thank you is said. That day a ‘selfish’ thought crossed my mind: ‘Why do it when no one cares anyway?’ … But then I calmed myself down, do it for the love of you and for the fact that you’ll be using the bathroom or clean dishes yourself anyway… In my home, there’s an artwork on which it is written: IN OUR HOME CLEANLINESS IS NEXT TO GODLINESS . I am happy living that mantra wherever I feel comfortable, appreciation or not!

        2.  Writing

I love reading and writing, have loved these from childhood. When 4 years ago I realized I could be an Indie Author, I skipped for it. For me, it was all about carrying a passion to another bigger platform. That has brought me so much joy, I keep writing both for publishing, on my blog and in my journals at home. Income for my writings is sincerely not measured by royalties but by the therapeutic wind blowing through my brain as I type. Secondly, when I get any feedback from someone who has been touched in anyway by what I write or have written, I am so fulfilled. I still don’t know how to read or understand wordpress statistics neither am I interested. I don’t compare my blog progress by likes, comments and views or clicks etc – really I’ll be deceiving myself if I wanted to take on monitoring those.  My love of writting even extends to doing book reviews regardless of if I get any on my own books. I mean I wish I could afford to be a professional book reviewer. Of the 25 reviews I have left on the amazon, 17 have been found to be useful. What Grace oh my! The same with reading, I read for the love of me, it’s a mental stimulation technique and ain’t that the best way of knowledge acquisition? That is why I follow so many blogs and read many of them, leaving comments on posts I am moved by. It musn’t and is the least reciprocal but I am ok with that. I don’t think I follow all who follow me anyway !

        3. Being & Stayinh positive

I recall insisting to my mum that all what I’ve been through in life I see as experiences and not hurts, mistakes and … I had quickly come to realize that to keep striving in life, I was better off being positive than not. Gladly, one way I discovered to be and stay positive is to deal with my emotions and process whatever I have been through sooner than later. I do those by writing and reading most especially. There are sure some situations which will take much longer to deal with and process, but the secret I have discovered is staying positive that that too shall come to pass. Being positive for me also means reaching out as soon as I can. I follow my instinct and reach out – more times than not, the support has been trememendous. A few weeks ago, I reached out by email to 5 or so blogging friends and they were each in their own capacity so supportive. Being positive for me is abovr all a guarantee of mental and emotional wellbeing. Even my physical wellbeing is assured if I know I am trying my best and some days workout and watching what I eat,  may be not as good as others. I have never measured the raison d’etre of my optimism by ‘material achievements’ or whatever is considered as ‘success’. I decided in January to keep a Gratitude Journal and each evening I write down at least 5 things am grateful for. That way, I lay me down to sleep with positive thoughts and actually keep track during the day only of such incidents. This morning for example, not panicking when I thought I was late fills me with gratitude and am positive I can thrive in that domain too.

And these dear e-world are some special instance which help me to realize the big WHY I do the things I do. I think getting to that point is a good thing and so maybe my post will help some of you start your own reflections too; or well just know you ain’t alone in your struggles to understanding why???

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How I became a professional Cleaner

Wow, what a title as in what really are you, right? 


In my tale and profile and all, I describe myself as a dynamic woman. I have several passions which I guess were nurtured as I grew up free spirited and met and still do meet all sorts of people from all walks of life, countries, religions and all.

Cleaning just like cooking should be a given for every African woman, right?

At least I didn’t have a hard time learning how to clean up my mess after I played behind our house cooking with sand, hahaha.

I didn’t also have a hard time arranging my clothes and stuffs in the room, because when you share a room with your siblings you have to take care of your stuffs or lose them outrightly.

I have thus always loved to clean or tidy up and wash things right from childhood, and I remember my elder sister paying me with any dress of hers I wanted if I washed her basket of laundry and all.

This post is not just about cleaning, but about how I became a professional cleaner.

When I got married, my marriage didn’t start off right – nor end off right huh?

My husband didn’t care about ‘home’ and didn’t like staying ‘home’. I would wonder and ponder until I started neglecting ‘home’ too. l neglected the state of my home to the extent that it was almost comparable to a Chine pawn shop?

Chinese Pawn shop

I jolted back to my senses and thought maybe it was actually the mess at home that kept him away.  I decided to work on our ‘home’.

With regards to cleaning, I regained my passion for washing clothes and doing the dishes and all, and even though we had a maid, I did our laundry myself. I also got a painter to redo the painting and took an online course and then gave away many things and re-decorated our home.

It henceforth looked more of like this
It henceforth looked more of like this

I met a guy who made some cleaning products one of which was very good for tiles shining. A friend of mine gave me an idea to start a cleaning service for homes and that’s how I took off.



I teamed with this guy and giving my social networks, I got quiet some contracts especially for weekends. I even got to employ two guys.


Well, not only did my house makeover not bring or keep my ex-husband home, but my new business venture “Angelu Cleaning Services”, was shut down by myself thanks to his pressure and insinuations.

Ange is my name and Lu for Lumiere was my ex-husband's
Ange is my name and Lu for Lumiere was my ex-husband’s

However, that is not the end of my cleaning services. When I came to Brussels, I realised it was a good thing I knew how to clean as a pro.

I got jobs to clean homes and was paid by the hour. Wow I was excited. I love to see the end result of my work and really don’t  feel I am ‘slaving’ or anything.

Ironing and doing the dishes are my favorite
Ironing and doing the dishes are my favorite

Today, even with a regular job, I still take on cleaning jobs every now and then on the weekends. My salary pays my fee installment and provides some for my boys back home, and so any extra income from my cleaning pays my bills out here.

Dear readers and followers of mine, here is my journey to becoming a professional cleaner and keeping my various passions nurtured. What is your take?