Do you feel good in and about yourself?

Do you feel good in and about you? I am invited to a show tomorrow called the Diary on STV Cameroon on “The realities and challenges of a 21st century Cameroonian woman”, and I have been sitting here in the bus thinking about what I want to share – about me. That’s pretty much what I do when I talk or write, I use my personal experiences, my STORY. I found my purpose in life and I seek to fulfil it each moment in whatever way I can. I want to candidly, authentically and even vulnerably talk about my reality and challenges as a 21st century woman in Cameroon (not too sure if am a ‘typical’ Cameroonian woman). I am therefore excited and a little anxious, but above all am determined to pass a real message…They record at 2 pm Friday and it airs at 3:30 pm on Saturday 7th March. Don’t give up on you, work to feel good in and about you o

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How do you define yourself? Here is my how…



How do you define yourself Marie Abanga asked the journalist? and I said the following as it flowed from my heart: “I am a Person of Passions and a Tale of Talents”. What else would you want to know when someone defines themselves in such clear terms? But the look on the journalist’s face wasn’t seemingly satisfactory even if he didn’t say so. The interview was by TV 5 Africa on epilepsy and mental illness, questioning me in my capacity as the Country Director of the Gbm Foundation.

Their background check had indicated I was a lawyer, a mental health advocate, and  an author. They didn’t get the update that I was equally a CBT Therapist, a clinical psychologist, a motivational speaker and a life coach. When I introduced myself therefore at the beginning, I rolled through all the different stuffs I do and how passionate I am about each one and grateful for the different talents. As an author, I have written over 5 books and several poems, some of which I have turned into songs and look forward to going into a studio to record same. I will just stop at these few passions with their accompanying talents.

Indeed, my career path is in three dimensions although I can see them merging in one big jumble in 5 years. The lawyer will meet the Dr in Psy and the author will also join them and one new big path will emerge for me to keep following wherever they lead in all stubborn but passionate faith.

And so, I forge on with my passions, and the one which captivates and occupies me more recently is psychotherapy. I have a diploma with merits in psychology and a distinctions in CBT Therapy. I want to take an Msc in mental health psychology when schools resume and I also want to have a better understanding of addictions, substance abuse, dis-intoxication and rehabilitation.

Indeed, I was recently so honoured when two bloggers offered to write guest articles on the above. I will be putting them up on Wednesday and Friday, and intend to create a page for addiction and resources and its link to mental health.

Having found my purpose and got a very clear revelation of who I am, getting grounded in how I define myself brings me great joy and fills me with tremendous gratitude to God – my Higher Power for all the inspiration and motivation.

And you gentle readers and followers, how do you define yourself if I may ask?