Face it: Yes you can


There is a time for foolish
There is a time for fun
There is a time for folly
There is a time for failure
There is a time to fold
There is a time to face

A lot depends on you
A lot depends on me
Do we know those times?
Do we know our options?
Do we know our limits?
Do we know our power?

Face it
You can only do what you can
Face it
You are not an alien from Mars
Face it
You are not a perfect super human
Face it
You are just as mere mortal
Face it all and rise like a phoenix

*** With utmost Gratitude

(c) Marie Abanga, April 21/21

How are you using Social Media during this pandemic?

Watch my son Alain Michel inspire us on why or how to use social media for our personal development/growth especially during this pandemic. In times like these with some hopelessness and helplessness around especially in our youths, with all the uncertainty around us, and so much toxic and conflicting or confusing stuffs on social media, being prudent, mindful and conscious of why or how we use social media to begin with is very timely. What better voice than that of a 16 year old inspiration to reflect on that? #thereishope #bethehope

Motivating us all with spot on posters as much as I can

Let’s go forth into a new week with the reminder that happiness is from within and we can choose how to act or react to external stimulus such a pressure from the world or that from within…yes because our #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealthadvocate #breakthestigma #thereishope #bethehope #youarenotalone #mindfulness #beautifulminds #wellness