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Let the countdown begin: Happy New Year in advanve from our Crew

To each their swag lol
Last crew photo for 2017

And after mass where we celebrated the feast of thw holy family, we had lunch and off they went to my cousin’s yuppie… Am Home alone for real… Let the countdown really begin…


Excited to announce countdown deals for my book!

From my heart, through my pen, to these pages
From my heart, through my pen, to these pages

Dear all, by Friday, you will know why l am excited not only to announce countdown deals for my book, but what lies planned for my vacation.

The deals are first of all two fold and each will run for a week. They are only for the kindle version although in due time, l will do another giveaway on goodreads for the paperback.

The first is on Amazon.com and it will run from June 25th to July 1st. The price will start of at 1.99$ for 48 hours, then it will rise to 2.99$ for the next 48 hours before running at 3.99$ until the deal ends.

On Amazon.co.uk, the countdown deal starts on June 27th to end on July 3rd. The race cheers up at 0.99£, then speeds up after 48 hours to 1.99£ for 2 more days, and then cools down back to 3.57£.

What truly is in that book?

You will be excited to find out!
You will be excited to find out!

The reviews say a lot although due to the nature of my story and my ‘genes’ maybe, several people who have read it are ‘scared’ of leaving a review on the amazon. l got two other reviews on goodreads but a few said some ‘nasty’ like l still have to ‘surrender to my saviour and it must be sort of generational curse blaabla’.

Well, that’s life and l know l was ‘shameless’ in writing all that thrilling stuff without being scared of “what people would say”? Does it really matter anyway? Who really cares? How do l know? So life goes on!

In the mean time, lets see how it goes, this week may hopefully be my last week of faithful blogging up till August – stay tuned to find out why come Friday. Happy reading!

It is gratitude in another form, go get inspired and motivated, cause l don’t think l can ever say thank you enough.

Thank you very much
Thank you very much

Hurry then dear gentle readers and followers of mine and visit those online stores on the dates mentioned above. If you will rather have a signed and mailed paperback, l have henceforth added a contact page in my categories, leave a note and we will proceed from there.