What kinda energy are you sending out to the world today?

Working out always boosts me up

Muse with MAG: What kind of energy are you sending out in these moments? (13.04.2020)

I know it may be difficult answering this question right away or even taking a moment to reflect on that, but it so important for our mental wellness and those of others. I am a psychotherapist and a mental health user and care giver and I know first hand what the impact of the energy we receive from others and the universe can be. There are basically two categories of energy: The positive and the negative. The positive energy allows us to bloom and become the best version of ourselves, and the negative energy brings and keeps us down. Sometimes we cope with all this negative energy received in a healthy way, but sometimes we just can’t so and resort to unhealthy coping mechanisms like substance use and abuse, shopping, sex you name all those things we can do to ‘protect’ ourselves from getting and staying down. It’s a choice we can make daily and moment by moment you know; when we stop to think a minute before saying or doing something, or before reacting to what somebody says or does. I am earnestly more mindful of this for several months now, and I so love my life as is. I chose to intentionally send out positive energy especially in these challenging moments of the Covid-19 outbreak and confinement. I appreciate all those who are doing this too and who are even going a step further to support many others online or offline in whichever way they can in these present situation. Above all,  I am grateful to be learning and sharing and making all the choices I am intentionally making in my life now and hopefully thereafter o Amen. And you dear reader? Have a great week mindful of all


A funny head wrap to make my day lol

An incredible Spiritual Journey it was…

I am back from an incredible Spiritual Journey started on the 5th of August with my church. I had done a 3days fast on the first three days of the month as I committed to be doing since year start, and was praying for the Grace to do the #5weeks5days fast called too.

I even asked God how I could make the fast personal you know, because the program was for Church growth, and so I decided I would love some spiritual growth too. I got directives from my spirit, and I set out to implement them. One of them was that I avoid social media to the barest minimum, which I find tough to do just like last year when I embarked on a 70 days journey. But, it was worth it.

Hmm, it wasn’t for the faint of heart. We had early morning prayers in church at 6am and in the evening at 6.30 pm. I tried my best, but eventually gave up on the morning prayers.

So, what was this journey all about ? Last year’s was revealed to me to one of ‘enlightenment and purification‘; and this year’s which I got two days ago lol, was one of “Confirmation, Transformation and Preparation“. Uhu that ‘s what it was all about for real. I felt the confirmation I was on the right Spiritual track and I was tapping into the right energy and vibration s – and for that I was so grateful. The

Transformation which I welcomed so gladly, was one of enabling me see the world and all of us as wonderful creations of the universe -God whoever or however anyone calls Him. I felt so free to get this shift formalized sort of, it’s been in my heart for a couple of years now, and I was so happy to see why I really need a 360° transformation of perceptions. I read all sorts of books and listened to audios from different spiritual teachers both gone and still here, oh my so so much transformation.

Preparation is the big one now. Preparing to start a series of symposia in November, then to start designing my project to open a House of Hope and Healing to be founded on Christian precepts but open to everyone of course.

I mean, I don’t joke with my fasts, retreats, Spiritual Journeys – I always get much more than I could ever anticipate. I even reconnected with my best friend in primary school on the eve of the journey, and the soul connection is still so strong.


Be encouraged and strengthened; be inspired and motivated everyone.

P.S. Oh my I did miss blogging and writing more than I even missed food hahahaha. Glad to be back

Christian Motivation ahead of a 40 days blogging break

Hello all,

It’s not like I have been seriously blogging again these days like before, but I have tried not to let a week pass with posting something here.

I started a weekly segment on Facebook Live recently, called Christian Motivation, and today’s is just as interesting hopefully. It’s the last I will share here until my 40days spiritual journey is over. I hope someone watches and takes home something Amen