Watch “Day 118: Not out of fear ooo” on YouTube

Have you ever like myself done something out of fear not love? Out of fear of what people will think, say or do? Or in the reverse have you stopped yourself from doing something you really wanted or needed to do out of that same fear? Fear of people or even your own courage and self worth? Letting self doubt, judgment of the world and fear of what a mere mortal human being can think, say or do about it? God hasn’t given me a spirit of fear and so I refuse and reject any spirit of fear invading me or my children in the mighty name of Jesus Christ AMEN OOOOOOOO. Have a great new week and God bless us all as we forge on our respective journeys not saying or doing things out of fear Hallelujah.

Watch “Day 117: Compassion; especially Self-compassion” on YouTube

I get to muse so lovingly on Compassion, and especially Self-Compassion. I have learned over the years to be compassionate to myself and to others…we are all on this journey called life and none will end it alive. God is very compassionate my Bible tells me, Jesus showed it all through his ministry, why wouldn’t I want that gift too? My prayer is for myself and others especially in any ministry of sorts, to always remember how important compassion and self-compassion is, and pray God for Amazing Grace to guiding our thoughts, words and actions towards self and others Hallelujah. Happy Sunday world, Min MAG

Watch “Day 114: Consistency” on YouTube

How consistent are you in all areas of your life? I love it that this was my muse for today and how I I found so much reference in the Word of God. It pays to be consistent, and to try our very best to be grateful through it all even if the results might not always be when and how we wanted them to be. I pray for more Grace for myself and others who consistently work on their consistency in all areas of their live Amen. Min MAG

Watch “Day 106: Gain 6 – FORGING FAITH” on YouTube

I have not only gained a great surge in my Faith as I keep abstaining from sex and distractions, but I understand that my Faith has to be Forging always like Iron if not it will die. I can’t be an iron which can sharpen another iron without such Forging Faith. Is it easier said than done? Yes I must admit. But, is it possible? Oh for sure by Faith it is very possible and peaceful. Are you working on your Faith and flaming it up the best you can so that your light keeps shinning, your heart keeps beating and your smile keeps stirring so that many may see and believe? Help us all Papa God, thank you so much for this 6th and very very important gain AMEN. Min MAG

Watch “Day 104: Gain 4 – BOLDNESS” on YouTube

Boldness, about my Christian Faith, my walk with God, my Abstinence Recommitment journey, ha about it all and some because the Holy Spirit in me isn’t letting me be anything but audacious ooooo. If you are not bold about your convictions and how you go about expressing them and implementing them, then how do you want to create any impact in the world? These are my nuggets of Bold Faith as I march on and thrive some in all this assurance and reassurance from God my Almighty Father, and I share it all boldly to hopefully inspire motivate and encourage others ooooooo Hallelujah. Thank you my Yaya Amen. Min MAG

Watch “Day 102: Gain 2 – Clarity of Calling” on YouTube

The 2nd big gain of my Awesome Abstinence Recommitment Journey so far is the Clarity of my Calling. I wouldn’t have received this if I was as distracted as I once was. Indeed, the cap on this Clarity was received yesterday as I obeyed and spend all day at home like in my bed for 80% of the time. Are you seeking for Clarity in an area of your life and you are tired of doing all the intellectual, mental, emotional and even physical gymnastics? Maybe you need to just stop, stay in bed, rest, eat, pray, and pay attention to that little voice in you sometimes tuned off by all the distractions in the world ooooooo. Anyways, am so grateful for my journey and really pray it inspires motivates and encourages someone Amen. Min MAG

Help me help my friend Stacy

#helpme One of the reasons I fasted and prayed during the last 7 days was for my friend Stacy. She is sick of body and mind and I only discovered all that when led by the spirit I spent a night on the floor in her modest abode on the 26/27 of February. I was back there from the 3-5March with some provisions from my home, my church community, one of our mothers and a cash donation from another friend of ours. Stacy needs urgent medical attention and her kids need food and a sound mum. God told me to go ahead and ask for help on my social media platforms, and so here I am. No amount is too small. I am so grateful for everything. There is hope, we can’t give up on each other and I know I will get help here. In a week, I intend to visit again for 4 days and by Grace she would go to the hospital for a thorough physical check up while I continue to handle the mental health front. God bless us all. #gratefulthankfulblessed

Watch “Day 88: physical Food to nourish my body and keep it healthy” on YouTube

I finally get to muse about real food for my body’s nourishment lol. Do you ever think about what you eat and why? And even about what you don’t eat and why? How disciplined are you with food no matter how yummy and tempting it may be? The Bible encourages us to be healthy holistically, meaning all food is important (spiritual, emotional and actual or physical) but we can’t just eat anyhow and whatever we want because we could be jeopardizing our holistic health if we do this. May God help us to reflect and if need be review our relationship with FOOD today, and give us the Grace to stay discerning and disciplined AMEN OOOOOOOO