Face it: Yes you can


There is a time for foolish
There is a time for fun
There is a time for folly
There is a time for failure
There is a time to fold
There is a time to face

A lot depends on you
A lot depends on me
Do we know those times?
Do we know our options?
Do we know our limits?
Do we know our power?

Face it
You can only do what you can
Face it
You are not an alien from Mars
Face it
You are not a perfect super human
Face it
You are just as mere mortal
Face it all and rise like a phoenix

*** With utmost Gratitude

(c) Marie Abanga, April 21/21

Think through your thoughts, feel the feelings and express those emotions

A reason people get stuck and stay stuck in the pain and trauma is because they don’t think through their thoughts, do not want to feel or face those unpleasant feelings, not to talk of express those emotions. I want to encourage you today to start or stay on such a journey to love and healing.

My spiritual journey is so soul…are you joining me?

Do you believe in periodic spiritual retreats as your spirit leads you? Do themes come to you for such? I do and several times I have gotten themes or mantras or directions on how to go about these spiritual exercises. The most profound was a 70days one I did in 2018…wow that was a once in life time opportunity. I am starting a 7 days intense one tomorrow and the theme was revealed to me this morning. I am equally directly to share just so my social media family who care understand why I will be silent during the 1st week of September. #MAGinspires #MAGmotivates #MAGencourages #MAGtakesthelead #MAGisintentional #letGodnloelead #attitudeofgratitude #itsaboutlovenhealing #doitallwithlove #livelovelaughlearn

#5yearson: “I love Thee Belgium but I love My Boys, My Mother and My Motherland Most”


And here am I today five years on…wow wow wow.

I made a big and bold decision, I had no clear plan going back, but I had a big vision.

I am proud of my journey and of all I learned, loved and shared.

I started blogging in Belgium, and it’s definitely come to stay even when I took breaks thinking those will be forever hahahahaha

Mom guilt anyone? How ya dealing & coping?

Mum guilt and Sunday guilt…I have come a long way with these and am just sharing to inspire+motivate+encourage. I was once a transcontinental mother and spent 4 gruelling years away from my kids…this time around I spend lots of Sundays away from them for school and hustle reasons. I have accepted the sacrifices imperative in achieving my goals, and yet sometimes like this morning I can’t help a thought about it all. I just dress up, make up some for added glow (sometimes that outward glow boosts up the inner one too) and them March on. We hold hands and pray before I leave like this morning, and other times we sit on the table and have a kinda service lol. In all, I give thanks because I firmly believe all things work out for the good of God’s own who let God lead…Have a serene Sunday everyone #IamMAG #MAGinspires #MAGmotivates #MAGencourages #livelovelaughlearn #attitudeofgratitude #Godgotmyback #jusrfollowurspirit https://www.instagram.com/p/CCiLP2wAW0h/?igshid=szakoal7nd1y