Watch “Day 85: Emotional Food for my heart” on YouTube

Emotional Food; what comes to your mind? Am not talking about emotional eating when angry, sad or scared, but about the invisible food we feed on daily so as to relate with our energy in motion (e-motion) so that we feel more of in control of our lives rather than letting life, its shenanigans sojourners control our lives. Emotionnel food is very important for a healthy heart and mind, without which we are of little or no service to ourselves, others and above all God. May God help us like He helped the likes of Elijah, David and even Jesus when they were overwhelmed with their lives and their hearts were heavy with sadness AMEN. Min MAG

Watch “Day 81: A Husband with a Christlikelove for MAG” on YouTube

I love all my muses but today’s is so special because I speak to my future husband if God grants me another chance to have it the Kingdom way this time around. Do you sisters both single or already married ever reflect on that and speak to it with Faith? Husbands have high expectations in the Bible and am not settling with and submitting to any man who doesn’t love me like the Bible prescribes ooo. God helps us all Amen

Wake up the Giant in our kids with STEFFO

Hope for the Abused and Battered is honoured to host the Founder of STEFFO and the brain behind the amazing Academic Reality Show “Wake up the Giant”. Kindly join us over at Hope for the Abused and Battered . With Brains and hearts and zeals full of Faith like that of Dr. Stella Akinmolayan Ebuetse , there is hope for our children and their children Amen

Visit their website at

Watch “Day 79: Sassy Singleness” on YouTube

Today am all about my Sassy Singleness and how satisfied I am in the Lord in this season of my life. Are you single and struggling to enjoy your season? Do you pray for the season to be over quickly and go around looking and praying and receiving various anointing for that miracle spouse? Ha, maybe you need to pause first and look in the mirror and yes in the Bible too. We might not all get married or remarried in this life time ooooo. So in the meantime, why not sassily enjoy your singleness like MAG? GOD help us all singles and searching hahahaha and Amen oooooo

Watch “Day 78: Simplicity” on YouTube

Today in my awesome journey I muse on Simplicity. What does it mean to you? Is it appealing to you? Do you seek to live a simple life for whatever reason? Simplicity has been my way of life since childhood and it helps me today in my special walk with Christ. Seeing simplicity encouraged in the Bible makes it all the more appealing to me. It’s a personal choice to make, but by every account do not be ashamed or afraid to make choice to live a simple life and be detached from the wears and woes over-cargo & complicated lives bring oooooo Amen. Wonderful Wednesday world.

Watch “Day 76: Amazing Grace” on YouTube

Have you ever done a full flashback on your life and wondered what sustained you through the most tough trials, tribulations and temptations? I once again did yesterday in Church, and I wept so bad – so much Amazing Grace – Grace so Amazing I want to strive for sanctification so I stay in this state of Grace I am currently in. Only God can help me and all those who seek it all so diligently AMEN