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Reinventing myself and other updates from my Garden


Hello world,

I had decided not to blog this week or at least today, but well here I am doing just that. Blogging which I started three years ago out of a ‘deep soulful need’ without a clue what it was all about, or the world I was getting into, has today become a part of me. It is a source of pleasure, therapy, solidarity, sorrow and on and on… But, it keeps me grounded somehow and I have discovered such an awesome e-family I would have missed out on regretfully had I not embarked on this journey.

I have been working hard since morning and don’t have it in me to link posts and go into details; but I want to share with you dear world that I am reinventing myself because I am discovering that I have so many gifts in myself – it will just be so wrong, so ungrateful and so stingy not to put those talents to use.

1) I am writing a script for a movie on Stigma – precisely revolving around persons living with epilepsy in a village and yes well bringing out the work of my brother’s foundation my target was 90 pages of a good story and I am at 77 pages of what I can be seriously proud of. I have never written a movie script before but thanks to you tube, I have learnt so much along the line and was so happy to see that even before I got to you tube I was so much on track;

2) Fully convinced my gift is writing, I am already sketching another book, this time not a memoir perse but one I know is highly needed in our society especially by me… I will be writing from a woman’s perpective of course and I want to try to scratch this conventional mountain of society which puts so much burden on women to be good wives and house keepers… The topic will be sort of a question: “Are you Husband Material?” – I have sure been reading lots of books a usual and just finished some of Steve Harvey’s no chasers and etc;

3) I saw my long goal vision again today, to be a powerful motivational speaker and a life coach. I know my society and know the impact I will make. I am waiting for God’s time and in the meantime I keep developing myself, learning so much from wherever, and doing what ever it is I am currently doing to the best of my ability.

As TD Jakes advices: Enjoy your Journey… I am doing just that and really pray I have no distractions because all I aim to do is for the Glory of God and for a meaningful contribution to mankind… it’s never really been about the money for me but I knnow his Grace and Providence will always follow me all the days of y life…

Wishing us all the best