The Time to Tell

The Time to Tell

The lives we lead
The lies we live
The pain we pile up
The shame we stack up
The hurts we hide up
The sorrows we stifle
The Stories we shy from
The Love we long for
The hope we have
The help we hold up
The hugs we get
The hugs we give
The healing is sure
(c) Marie Abanga
Kumba, Cameroon 20/02/21

A big win in my fight against rape in my country

A rapist given a life sentence; an advocate and barrister planning to keep fighting. This is the best judgment of my 12 years of legal practice. It’s a big win and the best Christmas gift I could ask for this year of all.

#thereishope #breakthestigma #bethehope #youarenotalone  #donotsufferinsilence #notorape #notochildsexualabuse

What do you do with fear and failure? I muse on what I do

On the eve of the second anniversary of my Organization Hope for the Abused and Battered, it is but very apt that I muse on what we do with fear and failure. I of course use my personal experiences, many of them laid down in my 4th memoir ‘What’s the Worst Case Scenario: Fighting the fears within mindful of my mental challenges’. What do you dear reader do with fear and failure? 

The dreaded Fear & Failure cycle

Are you afraid of FEAR? Afraid
to FAIL? What do these two words mean to and for you? In this first part looking the vicious cycle of Fear and Failure, I explore some of such questions and encourage you to look at them squarely in the face too. Above all, do not suffer in silence for help is always available. Happy new month. #youarenotalone #mentalhealthmatters #thereishope #bethehope #selfcare