Hmm seems Facebook Juju got my moral values & co too right lol

My Moral Codes

Now, for those who don’t about Facebook ‘Juju’, it is those links which you see every now and then asking you to take a ‘face reading’ sort of, by their ‘mediums’ lol. I mean what can I tell you other than that yours truly has been taking some of those ‘face readings’ and the results are quite impressive?

Last Wednesday I shared some, when announcing a ‘huge social project’ in the pipeline. It’s all about keeping the Hope alive in myself and humanity.

So ‘Facebook Juju’ not only got the moral values right, but also something about what people notice the first time they meet me, and em also that am someone special lol

Now, I wish I had those links saved so I could share for someone to maybe go try their luck? Would that be wrong to do? I don’t really know o. I am however happy with my results – and o that were free face readings hahaha. Sometimes your mental wellbeing gets some boost from where least expected. These make me really feel like a princess.

Have a great weekend everyone

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So what did the teacher say today?

Happy midweek world, while I still sort visa application stuffs ahead of the vip World’s 1st Global Ministerial Mental Health Summit due for next 8-9 in London, and for which I made a mini fundraiser right here on my blog (grateful to have already raised 120 out of 200 usd target), let me share something which made laugh real hard last Monday. Some of my greatest joy as a single parent is the us moments I have with my three sons either individually or jointly lol.

The first two aged 15 (almost lol – remember how bad we wanted to grow old at that age lo) and 12, don’t even want to be seen walking ahead/behind or worse still by me to their school. I have only my Gaby 9 and still in primary 5 to walk with you know hahaha. He sometimes even begs I do it more than the twice/weekly lol. You can imagine how excited he was to see me step out of the cab when I saw him walking back home. I was equally headed home and figured why not step down, walk some with him, and find out how the day went right? Walking to/from school with Gaby is equally revelation/bonding time and he didn’t let me down this time around. He looked really happy and I wasn’t concerned he could be feeling afraid like in my Monday post.

He actually got me laughing real hard and it was so therapeutic given my day at the office. He has this line since nursery school where all he can recall from the teacher is: ” Take your bags and go home”. Here was I thinking Grade 5 will bring a different and more concise answer to a probe about what the teacher said – but nope.

So parents, here you go if you ask them funny questions, as he later explained to me. He said he found that question so funny and for ‘small children’. He advised me to ask more precise questions about the lessons he learned and what the teacher taught the best etc

Now, you have a great midweek and see you on Friday as I get into alternative treatments using a recent experience…

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Sometimes, sparing your sanity as a parent involves this..

Hello world and happy midweek lol.

On Monday I shared about how as parents we could sometimes just let them fume off so as to spare our ‘sanity’ lol. I mean the children or musketeers in my case can drive you nutty if you don’t flex a strategy to ‘manage them’ right?

Today, I want to share how on two separate occasions, the best I could do to spare my ‘sanity’ further density was to join in the ‘fun’.

One day, while I was preparing to go out to the farm in another city, I thought they were out there doing their laundry as we had agreed, only for me to get out and find the one and only Gaby with a car made out of a sardine tin. He looked so innocent and offered me to try it out. I held the rope and flashbacked to myself at that age or younger – making cars like that or with sticks and wheels was really trendy then. I enjoyed that brief moment and just shrugged at the fate of the laundry hahaha…

Two weeks later, I stepped out of the kitchen to find out same Gaby had abandoned his laundry to go play outside.

The washerwoman in me lol

I love doing laundry myself and I just decided to call him and do it with him – sparing my nerves some lol… He came with two buddies, and before I knew it, his friends were even more into the laundry foam than ourselves hahaha.

Anyways, in both scenario, breathing, joining in and letting the moment be, did really keep my ‘sanity intact’, and I didn’t ruin my voice shouting hahaha.

I therefore wish to inspire and motivate all parents and guardians in here, to sometimes realize that their ‘sanity’ is primordial, and that whatever is going on shall come to pass. If a choice can be made, choose the option that spares you your sanity hahaha. I am indeed ever grateful for all.

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A non bipolar related recommendation for Birth of a New Brain by Dyane Leshin-Harwood

the one and only Lucy
The one and only Miss Lucy

Hello world, take it from Lucy and I

I want to without much ado, give you at least 7 reasons why you should pre order or look out for the release of Darling Dyane’s epic memoir. That is, other than the fact that it made me have a wonderful day out, eat some ice cream with the boys at our dear icecream grandma’s, and laugh oh so much:

Dyane Harwood’s memoir Birth of a New Brain – Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder with a foreword by Dr. Carol Henshaw (co-author of The Modern Management of Perinatal Psychiatry) will be published by Post Hill Press on October 10th.

Birth of a New Brain is available for paperback pre-sales on Amazon at this link – Kindle pre-sales coming this summer!

Ok: Let’s get going:

  1. If you want to know how to act well enough to be selected for a role as kid: get the memoir;
  2. If you want to know how many times you should enter for a contest to win a sports car before giving up: get the memoir;
  3. If you never knew a dog could get a c-section and suffer a stroke and still be a ring bearer at a wedding: get the memoir;
  4. If you want to know how to avoid your broken heart from being quickly mended: get the memoir;
  5. If you want to know how to import a boyfriend and soon regret it enough to cameloen the colours of envy for months: get the memoir;
  6. If you want to know the best way to bribe a potential landlord (not with sex I emphasize); get the memoir;
  7. If you want to know how to prepare for and pass your massage therapist exams (not what you are thinking): get the memoir

And the biggest bonus

  • If you want to know how you can ‘flimpsily’ say  ‘it’s not my type” and to have to treasure that for life : get the memoir
  • and oh another medium bonus: I used to call my vip buddies my ‘PP’ meaning ‘Personal Person’ – but if you want to know what it truly stands for: get the memoir

I hope I haven’t given any spoilers away – men I laughed more than I should have when reading that memoir. Dyane was generous in making a large chunk of it about life and all before getting serious about the not funny subject matter of Postpartum Bipolar Disorder…

About Dyane Leshin-Harwood 

lady D

Dyane Harwood is the author of the memoir “Birth of a New Brain – Healing
from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder” (Post Hill Press, October 10, 2017) with
a foreword by Dr. Carol Henshaw. She holds a B.A. in English and American
Literature from the University of California at Santa Cruz. A freelance
writer for over two decades, she has interviewed bestselling authors
including Dr. Kay Redfield Jamison, Anthony Bourdain, and SARK.

Dyane lives in Ben Lomond, California with her husband Craig, their
daughters Avonlea and Marilla and their collie Lucy who serves as a
writing muse and sits on Dyane foot when she writes.

Dyane’s website:
She blogs every Friday at Birth of a New Brain: 
Birth of a New Brain Facebook page:

You can find Dyane tweeting away on Twitter: @DyaneHarwood

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How easily they make friends: Am yet to exchange any real greetings with their folks

Dear World, just a brief one. Life is so plain and simple at that age. We are three families in our building, and although I have said hi to the other two mothers before, I barely got a nod…, especially given am a single woman…

My boys already know their kids name and the ball I got two days ago is already put to good use as you can see…

Nostalgia huh…

Nice weekend to us all…

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Forget Google maps if you are planning on visiting me: Here’s my new address


OK well the picture should be rotated, but bear with me I don’t know how to do that from this smart ass of a phone. Talking about phone, hmm I screwed up somehow and emm this me am a case…

So, phone added to my wahalas and I almost buried my head under my sheets today. Luckily I live by a river and lots of fresh air blows my way.

I managed to kick myself out at 7 am to go for a long walk discovering my neighborhood, and O got some energy to pack out or in whichever… I just wished I could write a better post… Anyway glad I can even write this one… My articulations on feet and hands plus even back hurt lots today …

So to visit me, forget Google maps period… From the airport or seaport whichever u take or can stand, hire a cab ( you wouldn’t bear to take our regular cabs which can pack 6 people going all sorts of destinations etc)…

Now read carefully, tell cab oga to take you to Terminus Bonamousadi… Say you are going by the river of… (Fill in the blanks with what you see on the picture). When you get to the roundabout at T, ask the okada guys for the Church of Later day saints… Before you get to that church, look closely on your right after the first entrance on your left, and you’ll see a large palm tree. There is a street lamp there, and a Mami who fries puff puff has her shade just next to that tree…

Ok enough for now, just call me when you are there. No whatsapp please there may just be no network… And oh at least no power cuts here nor burst pipes… Anyway am by a river and we can go fetch all the water we want on head, hand or even foot…

Please don’t be scared by my new address, I know in Brussels it was much easy but guys am back to Douala, Camer, Africa. Am also a good cook 🙂

So see you: thanks for reading, am glad managed to write something in moments like these…

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Germany: Flowing where it Blows


Hello world, my friend blapolar diaries called me Global Woman yesterday and this got me thinking. Am getting there, especially as I strive to flow as my spirit blows 🙂

Remember this Christian song “Spirit of God in the clear running water, blowing to greatness the trees on the hills…” and its refrain ” blow blow blow till I be…” That’s what my best friend and I are loving and living presently 🙂

When I received an invitation to attend a convention of my village’s diaspora in Europe 3 weeks ago, and when further asked bu the CEO to do a presentation, I meditated over it and discussed with my no 1 team mate (mum of course) 🙂

That’s how I found myself in Germany for 5 days, which will see me experiencing car share rides for a first time. It was fun, and I also enjoyed the very long bus rides which stopped in several cities like Koln, Moshlen etc, thus giving me a very affordable sightseeing option 🙂

I went in through Dusseldorf, a city Gaby had been fond off. I also wanted to go via there to Kassel to visit family. Although going to Kassel through Frankfurt would have been a cheaper option, feeling the Dusseldorf soil was of primo consideration 🙂

Wow, Kassel was a sight and I just couldn’t have enough. I tried though, moderated by my steel budget 🙂


After no more than a day and a night, I was on another car share to Stuttgart for the convention. It was wonderful to say the least. My presentation was so applauded, that I blushed all the way through.

And then, I met 3 of Gaby’s former classmates from the Secondary School we both attended, and they took turns treating me like some ‘princess’ 🙂

With my brother's classmates, making me smile all the way :)
With my brother’s classmates, making me smile all the way 🙂

Very early on Sunday, I had to catch a Meinfernbus at 7.30 am. One of those Knights took me from the gala hall, to the station at 6 am, and thus started a 14 hour bus trip via Dusselforf once more. I slept in shifts, but was glad to have some great views too. And then I found a cozy restaurant in Dusseldorf to eat and rest while waiting for the 6.30 pm departure for Brussels. Yes I was so tired by then even my eyes couldn’t stay open for a picture. Did I forget to mention that I met a man from Afghanistan for my first time? A handsome guy he was, the waiter upstairs in this restaurant. Sure we chatted a while, I was also the first Cameroonian he was meeting in his life time:)

There was also this Turkish guy I met at a metro stop in Kassel, who said I was cute and deserved a box of chocolates which I yummily accepted:

I have ere forgotten his name, but not the taste of those chocolates, nor the pleasant conversation we had :)
I have ere forgotten his name, but not the taste of those chocolates, nor the pleasant conversation we had 🙂

And the warm reception at this ‘Pension'(what a cozy name for an inn) I checked into at Stuttgart, where I was given a bottle of sparkling water, and one of orange juice – saying it was included in the price? Wow, not to forget the wonderful contacts I made for some projects back home especially for my brother’s Foundation which I’ll be directing with all Passionate Faith.

never expected to get these as included in the price of that modest but cozy Pension :)
never expected to get these as included in the price of that modest but cozy Pension 🙂

Dear Gentle Readers and Followers, it is now D Day – 2 and am all set. Even stopped by the airport yesterday ( gladly just 15 mins from home),  to see if I could pre-check in and to confirm extra luggage fee :). In the meantime, my best friend and I are slowly but surely climbing our own chinese wall to Life 🙂 We are actually going to visit the Belgian City of Namur today 🙂

Wishing us all the best, get your kindles ready for a free triple download very soon……..

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Druming 101 for adventurers like myself …


Now world, if you ever wondered how great world drummers like Steve Gadd started, watch my short drumming 101 video below:

Before the above, you may have to travel very far, far to Uncle Sam’s Vineyard. Once/ or if there, chart your way to Brattleboro VT, and hope to be invited to Pammy’s place. If you are lucky to meet her kind but shy neighbour, who fortunately lets you know loud and clear when he’s home, you may win him over enough to get a yes to your pleas for a drumming 101 crash course…

Mr M as I call him, means biz with his drumming – he is at them 4 good hours each day save for Wednesdays, and was at Steve Gadd’s show in New York on Friday. The wonderful Mr M welcomed Pammy a few months ago as a neighbour, and I already heard a lot about he and his drums. Pammy even already did a great potrait of that magic duo, to tell you how fascinated she herself was…

The Mottster, a portrait by Pam herself
The Mottster, a portrait by Pam herself

Great was my pleasure when he contacted me via my blog to give me info on Pammy when I almost thought I had lost track of her. Greater was my pleasure when Mr M accepted to come and pick me up from the ‘intrepid’ municipal airport in Lebanon New Hampshire.

And oh my, Mr J even agreed to take me out to check the country pub on my last night in Bratt;

Bratt by Night
Bratt by Night, some deli cider

before adding that I sure could come the next morning (the day of my departure itself) for the highly solicited druming 101 crash course…

My excitement and stupor was more than visible, it was feelable (if such word exists)

I am so grateful to Mr M, he even told me I didn’t do badly for a first timer…

Dear gentle readers and followers, what do you think after watching that ‘me fiddle’?