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The enlarged medical mission kicks off today: Wish me well

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So DDay for the medical mission is here and we are estimating to help 1000 beneficiaries.

I am hoping to coordinate to the best of ability and delegate as much as possible too. We have 10 volunteers and our Executive Director came in from the US with some medications and volunteers.

Wish me well o, I wouldn’t send juju your way πŸ™‚

traditional dancers

If any of you wants to check out more about my village other than juju stuff, here is a link:

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Gbm-em Banner Flying – last Call b4 DDay…


Oh my, what fulfillment to see this! Happened like in a blitz when I thought all was almost stalled due to Administrative procedures.

There are two of these, both sides printed on, in both official languages of Cameroon. All is almost set and done for the big first of its kind walk on such a taboo condition. And yet, epilepsy is not contagious, it’s not deadly but how many know any of this?

So many people in this my country alone, suffer or know someone who does. I mean we hold the ‘infamous and uncourted world record’. Something definitely needs to be done, someone needs to start a mass awakening, and our Foundation in memory of a dear one who lived, battled and died not only with epilepsy but with mental disorders, is doing just that.

Kudos to us all at the Gbm team (you’ll chuckle at how many we are ). At least, I got 3 awesome donors and several shares on mygofund me maiden initiative: )

Last call therefore before I close this campaign. Will you answer the call if not yet?  πŸ™‚

There is no shame in asking for help right?

Last call to donate for a noble cause and campaigner