Watch “Day 160: Grateful Heart Psalm 9:1” on YouTube

The Grace of a Grateful Heart. This is what I have, this is what I encourage we have, this is what I pray for daily. Our journeys here below can be much more fulfilling if we let our hearts seek and feel and speak forth more of the gratefulness for all the wonders of Daddy God in our lives, than of the shenanigans and distractions of the devil and his agents/enemies of progress hovering around oooooo Hallelujah. Have a wonderful new week, Min MAG

Watch “Day 157: Actionable Love 1 John 3:18” on YouTube

Don’t tell me you love me, show me you love me. I have passed feelings, actions are what I focus on more. I travelled all night mindful of some rain and co, to come spend a much needed weekend with my dad. We both know it’s all about love in action hurray. God bless all our endeavours to make our love actionable as recommended by 1 John 3:18 Hallelujah. Happy weekend world, Min MAG

Watch “Are you mindful about these Characteristics of Love? 1 Cor 13: 4-8” on YouTube

love is patient and kind…Love is so much more but definitely not abusive ooooooo. God help us all. Kindly subscribe to my YouTube channel if you love my video if you love my content because I will be away for 30 days in June and not share anymore ooo Amen. Loads of Christlike love, Min MAG

Watch “Day 133: l must let my light shine before men…Mt 5:16” on YouTube

Are you aware of the light in you? If yes do you let it shine? If not yet, do you know God our creator encourages us in Mt 5:16 to do just that? Of what benefit to yourself, the world and above all God’s Glory is it if you stay there in some bleak corner of your life because you are afraid of what people will think, say or do? I don’t know about you but am letting my light shine ooooooo. It will shine so bright before all men at all times in my life be in when am struggling mentally or top top top mentally and busy about. Finally, I refuse and reject that situation and relationship which may want to dim my light Amen oooooooo. God help us all, Min MAG

Watch “Day 102: Gain 2 – Clarity of Calling” on YouTube

The 2nd big gain of my Awesome Abstinence Recommitment Journey so far is the Clarity of my Calling. I wouldn’t have received this if I was as distracted as I once was. Indeed, the cap on this Clarity was received yesterday as I obeyed and spend all day at home like in my bed for 80% of the time. Are you seeking for Clarity in an area of your life and you are tired of doing all the intellectual, mental, emotional and even physical gymnastics? Maybe you need to just stop, stay in bed, rest, eat, pray, and pay attention to that little voice in you sometimes tuned off by all the distractions in the world ooooooo. Anyways, am so grateful for my journey and really pray it inspires motivates and encourages someone Amen. Min MAG

Watch “Day 101: Gain 1 – Purity” on YouTube

I am spending a few days of this journey looking at the gains so far 1 by 1. It’s important to this whichever journey you are on, so that you really and freely decide whether it’s worth marching on with boldness and courage even when it might seem not many understand or cheer you on lol. Purity at 43? U-hu it is possible…your age and your past don’t matter to God…if He’s doing this for me, He can do that for you if you ask and surrender to his will in Jesus’Mighty Name…Thank you Papa for everything Amen. Min MAG