Watch “Day 159: Expressing Feelings: Ephesians 5:15-16” on YouTube

How many of us grew up stuffing our feelings, not understanding them or not knowing how to express them in a way that will help and not hurt? I have almost always been able to feel my feelings, but the processing and expressing of these feelings in a healthy and Godly way was challenging for years. By God’s Amazing Grace I am proud of where I am in my journey today with all this. May my day’s muse inspire motivate and encourage you hallelujah. Have a serene Sunday world, Min MAG

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Watch “Day 158: Expressing Love; 1 Ephs 4:2” on YouTube

Love is really the greatest virtue and yet we sometimes get so stuck and outright frustrated because we don’t seem to get it right. We don’t seem to be expressing love to each other the way the other needs to or is willing to receive that love, and gbaam relationships collapse and more scars needing healing. I muse on this today and have learned so much from my various relationships (all types not only romantic ones lol). I hope my muse inspires motivates and encourages. I am so blessed to be on this journey, I wish everyone so much in their respective journeys of life oooooo Amen. Have a great weekend world, Min MAG

Showing love to a mentally challenged makes my day

#showlovespreadlove The highest highlight of my today is making friends with a person with a mental health condition and sharing my mambo with him. Pete is his name he says. He asked only for puff puff for 100frs cfa and beans for 100frs cfa awwwwww. When my visit was over and I was leaving, he smiled as I waved…what a handsome young man…what could be Pete’s story? Where could his family be?  I am grateful I could connect with Pete and make him smile some with those red eyes which looked sleep deprived for days if not months. Angels above watch over Pete Amen 殺 #mentalhealthsupport #notostigma #loveinaction #loveandhealing

Watch “Day 152/Ls6: Characteristics of a Christlike Love 1 Cor 4-8” on YouTube

A Christlike love is how I wish to live it and experience it  oooo. A Love that is Patient and Kind, a love that is envious nor boastful and so much more as mused on in this vlog of mine today. What we expect to receive is what we should give out too. I know it is not easy, but by conscious and intentional efforts, by Grace and more Grace, it is possible. Thank you Papa God for a new month, may it be a memorable one for me and mine filled with so much Christlike Love Amen. Happy new month and happy Sunday world, Min MAG

Watch “Day 151/Ls5: Philia Love Proverbs 18:24” on YouTube

Have you finished navigating the tricky terrain of friendships in your life? Hmmmmm that is one terrain we can’t and shouldn’t avoid because we are social beings and not islands, but we need a lot of grace and discernment to navigate this terrain while being very grateful for the reliable friends we have. of course, we also need to keep working on ourselves to be such a friend too. I muse on such love today and thank Jesus for being such a friend to me, and for helping me be such a friend to mine too, inspite of my shortcomings Amen. May God help us all as we meditate some more on our interactions in this tricky terrain of friendships Hallelujah. Min MAG

Watch “Day 150/Ls4: Storge Love Romans 12:9-10” on YouTube

Today I muse on Storge Love, all about family. Our families may be nuclear or extended, but we have to try our best to love according to Romans 12:9-10. It’s not always been easy for me, but it’s always been possible. Today, I know because God got my back and there’s so much assurance in His Word, it will always be possible for me to love my family in all sincerity, honesty and honour Amen. I pray for Grace for myself and all others who look up to you Papa because sometimes it’s simply so tough when all the love we have for our family is not mutual and we feel attacked, spited and stabbed in the back. All to you Lord Amen. Have a funky Friday my virtual family. Min MAG

Watch “Did you know God is nothing but Love? 1John 4:16 & John 3:16” on YouTube

Sometimes we might want to come to Jesus and follow Him to the Father, but we are so scared of God’s punishment as emphasized by other preachers. I am not challenging them, but I dare encourage someone to believe that the Bible tells us God is love and loves us so unconditionally to send Jesus our way even while we were still sinners to die for us. What ultimate act and expression of Love we have for assurance and reassurance oooo. Let’s not tarry then in coming tho Jesus with all our worries and cares so that he shows us all that love as he heals us exceedingly and abundantly Amen. Happy mid week; Min MAG

Watch “Day 148/Ls2: Because God is Love 1Jn 4:16 & Jn 3:16” on YouTube

Day 2 of my love series musing reminds us of both who God is, and why we have to love God with all our all as I mused on Yesterday. God is love and not hate. Anything not out of love cannot be in God’s name oooooo. God loves me and you and us all who believe in Him so unconditionally that John 3:16 is our to go verse on love & sacrifice. So brethen, if God is love and loves us that pure way while living in us, how can we not be instruments of love too? How can we not love ourselves too? Ah God help me ooooo. Help us all Papa Amen. Have a wonderful Wednesday world; Min MAG