Aminata my friend from my Brussels days

#studentreunion #downmemorylane my friend Aminata Ba I am so excited to be seeing you this morning after 6 years. I flashback to Brussels and the flat we shared with this boo from India awwwww. I remember a few evening where our dinner was milk and gists until yawning, when our last euros were gone and we didn’t know for sure when/where we’ll find more. I remember you teaching me how to write a project report due to your experience from the organization where you held your previous positions, I remember the grit you had to only forge ahead, even looking for opportunities out of Belgium while completing your school programs. Oh Ami, you warmed me so up when on hearing my voice you asked me ‘Marie sa va, sa va bien’? Yes you saw the depression rear its ugly head and maybe you didn’t know the term or just wanted to leave me alone in my room? I can’t wait for this day to break oooooo.  I have so many thank yous to say to you, and we sure do have lots of stories to share with each other.
#angels #kindnessmatters #youneverknow #gratefulthankfulblessed

Motherhood unscripted; my first project

#motherhoodjourney An 18 year project. Tomorrow I officially hand it over to my first child and wish him all the best into adulthood. When I started this journal 18 years ago, I didn’t know I will get to this day, but I just wanted that he gets something from me where I recorded monthly and as often as I could, my unfiltered thoughts about what was going on in my/his/our lives at the time. This journey has been so therapeutic for me and I know he has appreciated my efforts because he’s told me so time and again. I share to inspire motivate and encourage. God has been so good, I am simply