My Christmas/season’s message to us all

I know not all of us are are in the merry making mood, that not all of us want to celebrate the way tradition demands and pop culture prescribes…I know this because I am one of such people…and that it’s ok to spend the day and season your own best way…to be ‘different’…to focus on being merry inside and not outside

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Achieving my body goals and some

This morning after a 40 minutes home workout, it dawned on me to be so proud of my work and the resulting body goals ticked with a plus (Will work on that next year lol). I am comfortable in my skin both in private and public, and I flaunt it all I want because by Grace I could do it. Fast walking with weights even just for 30 minutes does a lot. Then lifting my small 10kgs for 10 minutes is also a hurray. Small cool down aerobics and am good to go for a wonderful Wednesday.
I know where I coming from both physically and mentally, and am just so so grateful for such growth and self love and self esteem










My muse about Sleep and Us

Sleep and the mind… sometimes the tug of war is so irritating & frustrating…but you have to push for that sleep so you don’t mess up your mind further. Actually, when you sleep, your brain has it’s own ‘ME TIME’ to work on all what went on during the day, and probably start sorting out the plans you made for the next day. Your brain is like the computer or smart gadget you so rely on. The mind is reliant on the brain and vice versa. An unquiet mind is a bad signal for the brain. It can’t rest (which it also does while you sleep and it works in calm lol); and a beehive brain sends a poor signal to the mind, saying ‘so much mess around’, I can’t sort anything out. The mind muggles some more and a nervous breakdown starts to become inevitable. Now, generally human beings love action…more of like doing and not being if you ask me. We could even take substances to stay awake, or go out and party the poor brain up after a full day of hustles. When a traumatic experience occurs, bingo the mind is scarred of what next, the brain is busted by such somatic response, the body which has kept the score for so long, all start shutting down in some way. An unquiet mind leads to a restless body and an even bothered brain. I hope I make some sense here using such simple analogies. Sleep is very important 4/5/6 hours a night is better than nothing. If you need professional help with your sleep hygiene, do not hesitate to seek one. I don’t take this lightly myself at all #mentalhealthmatters

Support our Anti-Rape Campaign ‘It Starts from ME’

It starts from Me Ending Sexual Violence/Rape Campaign

Each month, hundreds of cases of rape and sexual assaults are being talked about and we know these appalling crimes of sexual violence/rape is being committed against our sisters/brothers, daughters/sons and babies. These heinous acts have caused some fatalities as young as 3 months old and three quarters of survivors of this distressing involvement are under the age of 15.

Despite the trauma involved many cases of rape and sexual violence still go unreported as families and communities practice a culture of silence or indifference about sexual violence/rape leaving victims devastated.

In Cameroon there are no safe homes/shelters for victims/survivors and medical treatment is unaffordable to many of them.

The N4SHE found that institutional practices and traditions can lead to a highly unsafe environment rarely challenged by our society. The society has miserably failed to educate and evolve to always pass the blame on the victims thereby communicating to victims that violence is a ‘normal’ feature of life. Schools, therefore, can be breeding grounds for potentially damaging rape culture which remain with pupils into adult life. Yet, with appropriate intervention, schools can provide an enabling environment for the prevention of sexual violence/rape.

The main objective of this campaign is to raise awareness and sensitize parents, teachers and communities at large to make use of the three Rs “RECOGNISE, RESPOND, REPORT” in children who are victims of sexual violence.

The target population is parents/teachers & community stakeholders across the nation.

So, do you want to join the campaign raise awareness, sensitize and normalize the conversation around rape? We are just a WhatsApp away

Join the Campaign train @ +237652956343

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Be the Change you want for your community as “It starts from Me”

Let me encourage you with my bounce back story

August 27, 2019

Hello all, can I encourage us all with a story post of mine? If yes just copy n click on the link below and read. The pictures of myself sat it more: August 27, 2019; January 02, 2020; September 23, 2020. #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealthadvocate #mentalhealthrecovery #recoveryispossible #thereishope #bethehope #selfcare #stopthestigma