Loving and nurturing Children to healing

#loveandhealing #helpingothers #children I love childcare, like since baby I just loved babies. So, when I have children with me especially those who have been through stuffs we wouldn’t even wish on our enemies, I do my best to stuff them up with the best love I can. They will always remember how the felt by you, and that’s also what Love & Healing Ministries Int is all about. God is love and if God lives in us, we can only but love especially love his little ones. I took Stacy’s kids’ to the nearby amusement park yesterday and their glee melted my heart. 2.5hours of play and laughter awwwww. Then cupcakes and ice cream and juice etc, their mum is jealous hahahaha. She can come next time lol. I am grateful for all Angels on my path. I received a whooping 20k for this outing and so today we go out with the big guys for part 2 Hallelujah. #LetGodandLoveLead #gratefulthankfulblessed

Watch “Regardless of your past, would you let Jesus heal you? P2 John 4 v 10-26” on YouTube

Would you let Jesus heal you? What’s that past and pain and plan for vengeance etc you don’t want to lay before the cross? May God give us the Grace we need to lay it all down and receive our healing with so much love through Jesus Christ himself Amen https://youtu.be/krwrpPHm5mQ