The Increase in Child Rape: Cases in our Society (What do we do?)

Yesterday 25.04.19, I was a guest on a power program on HiTv called Girls’ Talk, hosted by the talented Wilson Blessing in the city of Buea, Cameroon.

We were looking at the Increase in Child Rape in our society and we had other expert resource persons like Prof Teke of the University of Buea and Dr Forbellah a partner with Doctors without borders. I was brought in in different capacities, and discussed different aspects of rape which could be leading to its increase in our society regardless of all we cry against.

Interesting pannelAs a lawyer, I looked at the shortcomings of the provisions in the penal code and how undettering they were to perpetrators. As a Psychotherapist, I looked at the life time trauma of victims/survivors. As a parent, I looked at our plight, role and responsibilities.

All about HopeAs the founder of the Association Hope for the Abused and Battered, I used some specific cases we have addressed so far to drive home my points that there is a lot needed to be done by our collective Synergies. You mustn’t wait until your child or family member is raped before you speak up. It was a thrilling day. Visit our website at, email us at

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MAG gets into Lay Ministry

The Spirit of the Lord leads me into lay ministry and my hands are already on the plough. The covenant was to go live on Youtube this 10th of April 2019, and I did just that.
I have been so busy these last weeks with various issues especially with some children victims of rape and sexual abuse. This is one of the focus areas of my Association Hope for the Abused and Battered, and although I love to #bethehope for as many as possible, such cases can drain the hope out of you. My strength comes from the Lord, and it brings me so much joy to step up this way.
Kindly watch my first video then and why not comment and subscribe right? Sharing too is caring, I really appreciate everything Amen

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Healing is not an illusion but a possibility: My brother lives in me


Four years on, day for day since I got the call which shook me like no news had shaken me before.

My brother…whose brother? like I would say before starting a fight in your defense whether you were wrong or right.

I am so grateful for where I am in my healing journey and I know you are smiling at your ‘mama Ayo’ from deep within the clouds of our lives.

I can never say thank you enough Lord for letting me have my brother for 33 years, to love and learn from, and to share with in all ways I could. He is forever in my spirit anyway, so the death of the flesh could only hurt me this much now I conclude.

Healing is not an illusion dear all, it is a possibility if you get to looking beyond what you see; if you get to feeling beyond what you touch; if you get to listening beyond what you hear.

p.s: I will forever miss you Gaby, but I will forever feel you as you live on in my spirit – and in our hearts


Be inspired and motivated dear gentle readers and followers


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Play therapy with Mati my mini me and Heroine

Hello world, another Sunday (scheduled for Sunday lol but guess I got it wrong along the line) is here and I have a soulful yummy post to share. It’s all about playing with my mini me and heroine Mati.

Mati is 7 and we met when I went to work with another client. It was love at first sight and indeed she had to be called away so we could work this client and I. Before I met the client I came for, Mati had hugged me, asked after the things I had on my ears, and kinds of questions you can imagine of my mini me. She then realized she hadn’t introduced herself and so talked about herself, her school and sure her hobbies.

It’s been two months now and though original client is no longer on, Mati who had pressed for a game has stayed on. We meet twice a week for max 1hr lol, and we play whichever game she wants and she directs the conversation.

I remember being as alive as Mati at 7. I could talk and ask questions oh boy. I loved playing too and warmed up easily to most people unless something about you smelled not so good. I hear Mati is rather selective with people but hurray, the stars were with me lol

Mati is a last child and almost alone in her generation in her home. She sadly lost her mom couple years back. She is however a cherry chap and introduced me to her puppy Ange last Thursday. Now, Ange is my middle name, how glee should I be?

Seriously, my sessions with Mati could as well be for myself. She has taught me so much and reminds me of so much. They are the highlight of my day and I look so forward to our next sessions. It’s like healing and nurturing my inner child plus Mati all in one. It is of course undivided attention to us for the entire session and even the phones and all are kept far away in the bag and on vibration/silent if possible. Any mountain on fire at that time could perharps just burn down?

The game pictured above, which seems to be her favourite, is called Personages. The other party describes their personage and you give the right name. You can guess who loses big time. Mati even gave me a consolation point last game lol. She also beats me hands down at connect which is a game to line up 4 of your seeds in a same direction in some cage.

She is the teacher and I can only learn. I am just so happy for the honour to play with my mini me and heroine Mati. She wanted our next session to be this Saturday, but I was at friend’s brother burial. We thus have a rendezvous for Tuesday, and only the way Mati says rendezvous will melt you heart.

Indeed, being as little children is one surest way to inner peace and bliss: and for reminding me this; Mati will always be my heroine!!!