Watch “Did you know God is nothing but Love? 1John 4:16 & John 3:16” on YouTube

Sometimes we might want to come to Jesus and follow Him to the Father, but we are so scared of God’s punishment as emphasized by other preachers. I am not challenging them, but I dare encourage someone to believe that the Bible tells us God is love and loves us so unconditionally to send Jesus our way even while we were still sinners to die for us. What ultimate act and expression of Love we have for assurance and reassurance oooo. Let’s not tarry then in coming tho Jesus with all our worries and cares so that he shows us all that love as he heals us exceedingly and abundantly Amen. Happy mid week; Min MAG

Therapy works; testimonies abound & am simply blessed

#therapistlife #therapyworks #testimony . I am so so grateful for my calling as a therapist and Minister of the Word. Since I started blending the two, it’s been testimony on testimony, and my own fulfillment is more than any hardships doing the work can bring. Last Friday I travelled to Yaounde to work in person with a client who had contacted me a month prior, had a first session and then gave up. They have had a mental health challenge for several years now, and before going I prayed and fasted and spoke with a few people I trust to give me insight, pray for and with me and just hold me space. The testimony from her mother moved me to tears yesterday. If I caught that cold as we exchanged energies at some point, then that was a small price to pay for the recovery journey of such a pretty child of God.  I wish her so much well as we continue our work Amen
I am as always so grateful for all Angels on my path. #dontsufferinsilence #thereishope #thereishelp #dontgiveup #speakout  #gratefulthankfulblessed #letGodandLovelead

Watch “Day 129: My treasures & my heart. Mt 6:29” on YouTube

I love the way God gives me nuggets to muse on daily on this journey am on awwwwww. I look forward to them and even if I wanted to muse on something else, I let it go once I receive God’s nugget in spirit. I treasure our intimacy so much, my heart yearns for God’s voice and direction in my life. My treasures are maybe not visible and quantifiable like in pairs of shoes and bags and houses and so on, but they are so valuable that my heart is troubled when my focus is distracted from them. I don’t know what your treasures are dear you who reads this, but I pray God through His beloved son Christ Jesus help us to be conscious and intentional about what our treasures really are, so that we don’t let our hearts bear wearied by distractions AMEN OOOOOOOO. Have a graceful Friday world, MIN MAG

Watch “Day 122: Do not Judge” on YouTube

On this first day of the 2nd quarter of this awesome year of the Lord, I am honoured to muse on judgment. We are not to Judge so that the same measure isn’t used with us ooooo. We might sometimes hide behind the mask that we are just helping someone get and stay on the right track of life, but if we do so with a condemning attitude, then we are judging. The Bible is clear on this in several passages, Jesus didn’t come to Judge and condemn but to set the captives of all the yokes of the world free. Papa give us the Grace to learn how not to judge others and ourselves too, but to rather forgive and show compassion  Amen. Happy Funky Friday, world; Min MAG

Watch “Day 120: The Joy of the Lord my Strength 💪” on YouTube

Where do you get all that Strength from? Many have asked me. Why are you very often smiling and joyful like that? Well, I have God who is so powerful, so merciful, so wonderful, so amazing He Got my back at all times even when I am in a challenging situation, season or relationship. I love me the Joy of the Lord the source of all my Strength oooooo. Is that your testimony too? If not yet, do not relent to keep seeking God, and through Christ Jesus we have Hope that our prayers and supplication wouldn’t be in vain…Hence I say Rejoice and I do just that each new day, in every moment and situation and relationship  Amen. Happy mid week, Min MAG

Watch “Did you know God can show up in any way? 1 Kings 19:11-13” on YouTube

God is God. God cannot be monopolized and put in a checkbox. God shows up how and when God wants. All God desires from us is a contrite heart ready to walk in Obedience and be silent some to listen to God’s voice which might be in that whisper and not necessarily in all the loud noise and fanfare and thunderstorm preachings is all am saying today. Have a serene Sunday and remember God can meet you right there in your wilderness and aloneness Amen. Min MAG

Watch “Day 114: Consistency” on YouTube

How consistent are you in all areas of your life? I love it that this was my muse for today and how I I found so much reference in the Word of God. It pays to be consistent, and to try our very best to be grateful through it all even if the results might not always be when and how we wanted them to be. I pray for more Grace for myself and others who consistently work on their consistency in all areas of their live Amen. Min MAG

Watch “Day 112: Blessed are the Meek” on YouTube

What comes to mind when we think of the word meek? I have been praying for the Grace to be meek since 2017 and am still praying for this, but am also seeking more knowledge and understanding + wisdom about it this time around. Wisdom to apply what I understand as meek, based on all the knowledge I have so far acquired and the examples I have seen and keep seeing of meek people…not as the world defines or holds, but according to Kingdom precepts. It’s so appealing to me, I want this kind of spiritual success and I know God will keep helping and the Holy Spirit in me will keep taming me – if you see that too, let’s together say Amen oooooo.  Min MAG

Watch “Therapist MAG 049: The struggle is real, I keep it real & so should you” on YouTube

The struggle is real…keeping it real using my weight loss journey…this is the one but last TherapistMAG series and am proud of how far I have coming while keeping it all so real  Are you currently struggling with something and do not know how to proceed and keep it real through it all? I am an email away. Take care of you, your mental health matters oooooo

Watch “Day 104: Gain 4 – BOLDNESS” on YouTube

Boldness, about my Christian Faith, my walk with God, my Abstinence Recommitment journey, ha about it all and some because the Holy Spirit in me isn’t letting me be anything but audacious ooooo. If you are not bold about your convictions and how you go about expressing them and implementing them, then how do you want to create any impact in the world? These are my nuggets of Bold Faith as I march on and thrive some in all this assurance and reassurance from God my Almighty Father, and I share it all boldly to hopefully inspire motivate and encourage others ooooooo Hallelujah. Thank you my Yaya Amen. Min MAG