How I Zen in to stay grounded; and you?

#grounding how do you do that each day ? Life comes at us in all shades and sounds and it’s very important for me to stay grounded, Zen in and watch my aura. There is a lot on YouTube to choose from, and add to prayers and all… whatever works for you oooooo. I spent almost three hours with these this morning and I feel so relaxed…

Menstruation matters, I will keep talking about it ooo

#menstruationmatters #mymentalhealthmatters #womensrightsarehumanrights I read a comment from a male on Facebook that menstruation was contaminated blood ..I realized he didn’t know better, and that the way the subject of something as pure and life indicative as menstruation has been treated must have aided his ‘boisterous ignorance’ in this area. We have to speak up about what happens to our bodies and brains as women each month when we menstraute. I know it’s my human rights to advocate for total respect of my humanity on all fronts, and especially when I more vulnerable due to physical and or mental health. Today, my menses started while I was working out (I had felt it coming yesterday and was just praying it doesn’t come with some dreaded cramps) , and then my whole mood changed. I had to drag myself out of my house today, but once in the office, I couldn’t sit up or do anything other than read a book. I have thus spent 6 hours on the sofa in the office reading and dosing off. Now, imagine I was working in a company and couldn’t take such a decision or even stay at home if it got to that? Imagine some young girls who miss school during such periods because they can’t afford sanitary products? Imagine the stigma and stares if ha sun forbid you had a blood stain on your dress or uniform when it started and you didn’t know or it overflows like mine still sometimes done? And yet of dear males, if your mothers and wives or female partners never had their menses, I dunno if you would have been conceived in the first place…we need more awareness and sensitization about menstruation, and I use my own personal experiences to do just this
P.S: I hope there is still no taboo sending our sons to go buy our sanitary products oooooo

Do your children know your story?

#readingisfundamental #personaldevelopment #children My son is already on my third book wow. He started the first one on his birthday 08.10.21, he had told me he planned to start reading all of them when he turns 18. Same thing with his journal from me. He is studying the sciences at school but has as diverse an interest in life like myself hahahahaha I am simply so blessed to see my first son have such #determination , #discipline  and #dedication  at this age. Nurture them young and watch them bloom their best ooooo. Let them know your story, your struggles, your strengths, your challenges, your celebrations. I am actually wrapping up my 8th book dedicated to him, because he is the biggest inspiration behind that project.

Meeting Aminata: A tale of resilience and success

#downmemorylane #gritandgrace #resilience #migrantlife #studentlife #foreigners #sisterhood

I met Aminata Ba in January 2015 when I moved into a students’ flat in Brussels shared by 3 of us. I can’t say exactly the mental space I was in, but I was back to taking antidepressants. when I even look at my Google photos, there is only one clear photo from January 2015 which is of me in school looking irritated someone took it to begin with. Ami and I took no picture together in the 4 months we lived together, life then was all about trying to stay alive and hustle to pay bills and eat even if once a day (I could care less tbt). Six years later, we meet, can sit down for hours over breakfast and update each other on our milestones after a walk  in the hood, and I returned home 4 hour later so happy for all. I listened to Ami with rapt attention, I could feel the joy in her too. I share this to inspire, motivate and encourage.

#dontgiveup #thereishope