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Meeting June my Jamaican Heroine: series 1

June my summer and heroine
June my summer and heroine

I am so excited because by the time this post goes life, I should have met my dear friend June.

I mean who wouldn’t fall in love with someone with such a name? You can guess right that with her it is summer all year round huh?

And then, you can add much more when you read her motto:

 ‘Winners don’t quit and quitters don’t win.’

I fell in love with Jamaica as a kid when listening to the great Bob’s music and watching how some people still swore by him, wore his memorabilia and talked Babylon all day long.

Bob lives on
Bob lives on

When I got to Belgium last year, Usain Bolt was already making headlines and at least making Jamaica proud so much that when I met the Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller at a conference she told me she was honoured to be PM of his country.

By then, I had discovered the blogging world out of curiosity and because a friend of mine told me I wrote well and should give it a try.

The very next day I put my blog up, I went to visit another blog and fell on June’s comment. I followed the link she provided and got to her blog and there I read this great post on “AM I A BLOGGER OR WHAT”?

I contacted her and she quickly responded giving me such advice that prevented me from drowning in the word press and blogger ocean.

It’s been so much love at first sight huh?

When I visited London in March, I couldn’t get to see June because our schedules where hectic. I wasn’t discouraged for I decided to go back again if only to finally get to meet JUNE!

She wrote the post on a powerful and strong woman which I sort of re-blogged last week, she talks with me every now and then and yes I am blessed to call June my friend, an inspiration and motivation.

I am hoping to try some real Jamaican cuisine at her place because I must admit that I was dubbed at a festival l attended here in Brussels by some hawkers claiming they served Jamaican cuisine. They had some real succulent banners but when we ordered, we got served a pale rice and beans.

Authentic Jamaican Cuisine it says
Authentic Jamaican Cuisine it says

I am also enamored with Jamaican stories and my best Jamaican author so far is J.L. Campbell whose hit Distraction I am currently mirroring myself in and have also shelved Don’t Get Mad Get Even 1+2 as next!

Hmm, let me hold my breathe and we’ll see in my series two how our meeting went – trust I will sleep over at her place after having come this far right?

Dear gentle  readers and followers of mine, you tell me how much closer to Jamaica could look forward to again?