Watch “Day 159: Expressing Feelings: Ephesians 5:15-16” on YouTube

How many of us grew up stuffing our feelings, not understanding them or not knowing how to express them in a way that will help and not hurt? I have almost always been able to feel my feelings, but the processing and expressing of these feelings in a healthy and Godly way was challenging for years. By God’s Amazing Grace I am proud of where I am in my journey today with all this. May my day’s muse inspire motivate and encourage you hallelujah. Have a serene Sunday world, Min MAG

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Watch “Day 107: Gain 7 – WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE & UNDERSTANDING” on YouTube

The WISDOM to UNDERSTAND Papa God’s precepts over my life as I continue to gain KNOWLEDGE of His word and of this world Amen. What a crown 7th gain it is for me ooooooo. Embarking on a spiritual journey always bears so much fruit if you set out with a thirst for the things of God as you invite the Holy Spirit daily and study the word, trying your best to learn from Jesus Christ himself oooooo. Anyways, this works for me, leaves me so fulfilled and keeps filling me with all the Wisdom and Understanding I need to forge on Amen. Help us all your Children Heavenly Father Hallelujah. Min MAG

Watch “How menopause affects the brain | Lisa Mosconi” on YouTube

We don’t seem to want to normalize conversations about women’s health raging from menstruation to menopause. I have chosen to not belong to that old school. I am doing my own research and sharing all I learn. Thus, being 42 and watching such videos about menopause and midlife crisis goes a long way. I hope it helps another woman out there. #thereishope #dontsufferinsilence #yourhealthmatters

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What do you know about wooden shoes and etc?

wooden 1

Happy weekend people, although I use the illustration of wooden shoes as personally experienced by myself, this is no fun post…

So what did I really know about wooden shoes?

Before I tried them on, I can’t say I knew much about them. Indeed I knew they were also called clogs, and that you could find them typically in the Netherlands. I also saw several pictures of them on google images, and they were in different shapes, sizes and decorations.wooden-shoes-red-windmill

I had thus always looked forward to finding out more about them. Great was my pleasure when I met and became friends with a dear Dutch man, and aha right there in his yard were a pair of wooden shoes. I didn’t start off our friendship by asking to try out the wooden shoes, no I wanted to first understand the history behind wooden shoes. It took a while, and then yesterday I blurted out the question.

Brief History and Feel of wooden shoes

Proud to have tried on wooden shoes at last
Proud to have tried on wooden shoes at last

I got to learn that historically, wooden shoes were made by the Dutch Farmers during the winter months. They had more time away from their farms, they loved the warmth of those shoes, they were economical to make, and even if a cow stepped on your feet, only the shoes risked being ruined and not your feet. I needed to feel them. And so I was welcomed to do so. That was when I discovered for myself that they weren’t so comfortable as I thought. My friend admitted that indeed they weren’t. My demeanor changed for the next pose:

And I concluded they weren't cool at all
And I concluded they weren’t cool at all

The Real lesson for me

We are sometimes quick to think we know a lot or something about somebody’s situation, condition, illness, you name it. Taking my reasoning to mental health, I have come to realize how much the stigma is fueled by those who have never even “‘ worn the wooden shoes of mental challenges” for once. I also didn’t know anything although I joked at the ‘shaggys’ as a kid. It was when my brother whom I knew very well, suddenly got mentally ill, and I also gradually started going through my own series of mental challenges, that I realized there was no fun in laughing at a mentally ill.

And yet…  

Some people in the Netherlands still love their wooden shoes. They don’t just own them out of nostalgia like my friend, but they believe it is even therapeutic to the feet and fuss. You can’t force these people to stop wearing their wooden shoes, you can only enlighten them about the other numerous disadvantages and discomfort of those shoes. In a similar vein, and to a very large extent, you can’t force someone going through ‘mental challenges’ to get help. They have to seek for it before it becomes meaningful and sustainable.

Once we realize that it is better to first know what we are talking about, then we can speak with much more conviction. Please, keep learning about different subjects before you think you know it all. Also keep trying out different options to find out what works best for you. I have tried the wooden shoes at last, but I wouldn’t try them again unless at gun point…