Brainy Brain of mine: my original alarm

Do you have an original alarm like myself? I mean an automatic one you don’t set manually and can’t stop same way either? My brain has a brain of it’s own is all I can say. I RESPECT that organ of mine – go pass as we slang in pidgin. All I need do is make a schedule and that brain picks it up. I planned to go away some for the weekend this morning, and although there is no pressure to leave asap I wake up, I had dared sleep without packing my bag…ha I have come a long long way, from packing a week or more before to sleeping without packing my bag oooooo. So boisterous brain banged me up at 2AM…YES 2 AM. Fortunately I still do lights out 9 pm so I have had 5 hours of sleep (meh but grateful). On ordinary days brainy brain bangs me off between 3-4 am (with 4 am being the gracious hour hahahaha). I have come to accept this privilege of having an original alarm and don’t try to use any other alarm again less brainy brain gets irritated and bangs me up or going an hour earlier hahahaha.
Do you dear reader have any such experiences?

I love me to KISS

I love to KISS life
Keep it straight & Simple
Ain’t fazed by windy
ways which lead to yonder
wonder & ponder
whereas a KISS spares

I  really want that KISS
my life makes more
when I seek to KISS
than wind & whine
looking for escape
faking it all the way

Gosh I need a KISS
someone who knows
how to KISS
& not bore me to hell
with perfection pancakes
tasting like stale ale

And so am going to KISS
for all my years left
cause I spent many
trying to fit in
fake, fold but face
KISS is all I  love

(c) Marie Abanga March, 12 2021

How are you living your life in these moments?

Diary entry of a trooper mum

Dear diary, today is the 28th of February and were it not a leap year, this would have been the last day of the shortest month of the year, but one which sucked up more energy from me than January the longest did lol.

And today is no different, maybe the way it is starting off is a clear indication of how it is going to be all day. As in wow, I was up at 4 am for my serene hour in my serene space with my spirit and my God, and then at 5 am I started chasing Gaby my 3rd son to the bathroom. Uhu, at 10 I still need to chase him around some especially when the evening before he tried to negotiate not going to school today. Ha, that guy is in class 6 or would it be standard or grade 6 in some other country? He is supposed to be writing the common entrance into secondary school this summer but hahahaha that’s not such a big deal to him I guess.

Well, the chasing paid off because we did leave home at 7am. I wanted to hear from their headmaster or class teacher myself. And sure we got there and there was school and he was smiling like … Some kids do have us right???

That guy is 13 and plays basketball o

And then I trooped to David’s school nearby too as promised. He had gotten his report card with marks entered wrongly in 3 different subjects. I mean if a child works hard and gets them marks, put that right in his score card.

Our hood market

And then I trooped home before remembering I had to stop by the market. Luckily it was 300 or so miles away and I could troop right back.

Back to my hood after 1.5hrs of trooping hurray

And at last I got back to our hood and am sorta grateful I don’t have a car (yet) because one of the trucks who ply the hood way to go collect sand from the river, just broke down hahahaha.

All in all it was an interesting morning and am looking forward to a great day. First things first, a bath again, troop to the office nearby for a 10am counseling session, a hospital visit at noon, lunch and then off to an exciting event where trooper mum is a keynote speaker HURRAY.

An exceptional week in Accra Ghana does so much to me

Hello world,

Wow wow wow. I am currently on my way back to my country Cameroon after spending a week (5 full days lol) in Accra Ghana. Accra is a big hustle and bubble commercial city in Ghana, and seriously could be a mini version of Baltimore MD hahahaha.

So, I was there officially for a 3 day orientation into the university of Lancaster as a Commonwealth Scholar, doing an MSc in something lol

Well, y’all should know by now am an #areagirl and when I globe trotte, I make the most of my trotting hahahaha.

I tried my best in Accra, indeed the same minute I landed I followed my host straight from the airport to town for some errands they had. We looked up my stuffs in the booth as I had insisted – why be dropped off at any home?

I generally don’t love living in ‘high rise’ areas like where my school was, nor in homes which feel more like prisons hahahahaha. I am freedom and love, and wish to go wherever and whenever – well I kept remembering what I was officially here for too o.

Another highlight of my trip was FOOD. I was advised to make my trip an ‘operation eat all you can’ because I had lot so much weight, and my cousin hosting me said she was putting me on a ‘1day/1kg’ diet. Both at home and school, AWWWWWWW Food Food Folly lol

I did make a lot of new friends, classmates and some blogger sister from World Pulse. We were so happy.

And yes, I had so much fun gallivanting an regaining my groove to be made up, swavy, sexy and good to go feeling funky hahahaha

You know, as in YOLO – You Only Live Once, I am doing the 4 Ls wherever I am. I live, I love, I laugh and I learn.

I am so grateful for this opportunity, and for all the Angels on my path during the trip. I return home filled from all angles you name them, and yes I was a good student after all hahahahaha

Life Jacket Vs Diving in to save: Which would you prefer?

Hello world, I am on some reflections trajectory in my life recently and this month as I put on my bathrobe, the above question came to my mind.

I am sharing the post I wrote on Facebook with you all, who knows who has a thought on that or some reflection to share too right?

Do have a great day, here is the link: