Early birds it’s ok to be US; weirdos it’s ok to be US

#neurodiveegent #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealthadvocate #mentalhealthawareness Any advantages and disadvantages of getting up at a ‘witching hour’? Hahahahahaha Ask me more
I remember the poem I wrote entitled it’s ok. it’s ok to be different. It’s ok to be an introvert, it’s ok to be an extrovert I mean Ambivert and etc etc it’s ok. It’s ok to be YOU…Binary, non binary, straight, gay, queer, intersex etc etc…what are we doing with all the ‘Otherings’ and judgments and trying to force people to conform? I have embraced my bubbly 易 which hardly knows weekends are for sleep ins or late night movies and co. I can be a slug date for a 9 pm movie…I struggled in Brussels and slept a lot of the times in the movie hall hahahahaha. Maybe at the theatre the laughter would keep me awake but as soon as we got into the car or tram, I passed out….yes because this brain that I got has it’s own 易 and it’s own central ⏰ and am not going to fight it ooooooo
#selfawareness #selfloveisthebestlove #selfcare #selfadvocacy #gratefulthankfulblessed

Do your children know your story?

#readingisfundamental #personaldevelopment #children My son is already on my third book wow. He started the first one on his birthday 08.10.21, he had told me he planned to start reading all of them when he turns 18. Same thing with his journal from me. He is studying the sciences at school but has as diverse an interest in life like myself hahahahaha I am simply so blessed to see my first son have such #determination , #discipline  and #dedication  at this age. Nurture them young and watch them bloom their best ooooo. Let them know your story, your struggles, your strengths, your challenges, your celebrations. I am actually wrapping up my 8th book dedicated to him, because he is the biggest inspiration behind that project.

Motherhood unscripted; my first project

#motherhoodjourney An 18 year project. Tomorrow I officially hand it over to my first child and wish him all the best into adulthood. When I started this journal 18 years ago, I didn’t know I will get to this day, but I just wanted that he gets something from me where I recorded monthly and as often as I could, my unfiltered thoughts about what was going on in my/his/our lives at the time. This journey has been so therapeutic for me and I know he has appreciated my efforts because he’s told me so time and again. I share to inspire motivate and encourage. God has been so good, I am simply

Brainy Brain of mine: my original alarm

Do you have an original alarm like myself? I mean an automatic one you don’t set manually and can’t stop same way either? My brain has a brain of it’s own is all I can say. I RESPECT that organ of mine – go pass as we slang in pidgin. All I need do is make a schedule and that brain picks it up. I planned to go away some for the weekend this morning, and although there is no pressure to leave asap I wake up, I had dared sleep without packing my bag…ha I have come a long long way, from packing a week or more before to sleeping without packing my bag oooooo. So boisterous brain banged me up at 2AM…YES 2 AM. Fortunately I still do lights out 9 pm so I have had 5 hours of sleep (meh but grateful). On ordinary days brainy brain bangs me off between 3-4 am (with 4 am being the gracious hour hahahaha). I have come to accept this privilege of having an original alarm and don’t try to use any other alarm again less brainy brain gets irritated and bangs me up or going an hour earlier hahahaha.
Do you dear reader have any such experiences?