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It’s a different world…

It's a different world

It’s a different world from where l come from
In this world men open car doors
And women walk the pets
what a different world
From the one l grew up in
We both do the groceries and why not the cooking?
Could a world be this different?
I had only nursed my fantasies
With precious glimpses on the internet
But then fate thrust me in that world
By circumstances far from funny
I sacrificed all I had
to try my luck in this new world
It so happened that l was ready
to overcome my threatening insanity
And do all it takes to adapt to my new world
l am glad to say l must have come a long way
And that this different world is indeed my current world

Gratitude all the way
Gratitude all the way

© Marie Abanga 2014

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The Secret Angel

To my secret angel
To my secret angel

Angels are everywhere

We need look up to find one somewhere

Sometimes we look in vain

Other times we look with pain

And then comes one angel

from a secret angle

He comes with music

So accoustic

it heals

it helps

Yet it is as sacred

’cause he was a secret

One not from above

One from  the alcove

Where least expected

There most received

And so to our secret angels

From those sacred angles

You are most revered

© Marie Abanga 2014