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Talking about kids+talents: May I introduce OTANG The Rap Princess from Cameroon

With the above clip, and in light of this week’s theme on my blog about children and their amazing talents, I wish to introduce OTANG The Rap Princess from Cameroon Africa.

Its been just 3 months since I discovered this free style of hers on Facebook…and you can tell I was mesmerized to the point of contacting her manager to offer pro bono legal services for when the big deals start coming lol – and bet ya they are here already. Miss OTANG DA GAME CHANGER is already the “Brand Ambassador of the Voice of Hope International Foundation”.

Recently on promotion in Yaounde the capital city – invited to some prominent shows and all such great platforms, she took time out to reach out to the less privileged kids on the streets.


And so, her EP was recently released in grand style, and is currently making waves in Cameroon.

OTANG is a brand and voice to be watched and I hope some big labels sign her on early before the deal skyrockets…read more about this Game Changer on the awesome 237Showbiz site right here.


OTANG is my heroine no joke, I can’t wait to meet her in person and get my own selfie while the celebrity train is still within my reach o

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I Sing it’s Okay for your listening and why not dancing please…

My dearest Dyane encourage me with her suggestion when I shared the poem, and I got inspired sooner than later. My 3 muskets were my excited audience. Ella had gone out. The Microphone was a ruined shower head lol.

Here is the Youtube clip for the office mode activated playback:

Happy weekend all, I go to spend a few hours by the sea in Limbe to renergize me some yuppie.

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My Turning Point: And This is my Testimony

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It was on the 10th of October
A day commemorated as World Mental Health Day
The theme was psychological first aid;
First aids are what are within the patient’s or a care givers reach,
to administer before all breaks loose;
I had been seeing some patterns; unhealthy ones to say the least; and my mind, heart and soul were taking tolls;
And I prayed and I meditated and I cried;
I damned my ego, and then I spoke with and to some;
And I listened objectively to others;
I knew I had to get away to think it better;
Gladly there was a week’s opportunity in a distant land;
I returned with a resolve, surely there was a way out;
The truth was bitter but it had to be spoken, faced and dealt with;
On the 10th of October 2016, there came My Turning Point;
I courageously embraced same, and though sad to see some things go, I have faith in all the marvels that lie ahead;
I think my psychological first aid which has stuffed up along my life’s journey, did serve me tremendous;
I am so full of gratitude, I have in my life time met so wonderful people;
have unconditional love from my family;
I know on whose shoulders I stand, I know my Solid Rock; all other ground is sinking sand;
His Banner Over Me is Love, has simply ever been, My Heavenly Father will always see me through, has always done;
Peace be still I say to myself this morning, be glad to have reached your Turning Point:
And this is my Testimony – To God Be The Glory
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Magic Mino’s Music

Magic Mino Music
Magic Mino Music

Two posts in one day, means am high. There is magic in the air and some music just added to my thrill. I can’t help but share same with you. The title at the end is : “Touch My Soul”

I am hardly without my headset
I am hardly without my headset

Here is some background info:

  1. A guy started liking my posts on this blog a while ago. Hs name sounds indian to me and I have some dear indian friends too. I quickly went to check him out. He plays wonderful music as I just discovered. He is called
Mihran Kalaydjian Piano Melodies CHECK HIM OR HIS MUSIC OUT Touch My Soul 

Here is his self protrait I suppose
Here is his self protrait I suppose

I love music, in several genres. Several posts attest to that. I listen to music when I work, play, pray (when I used to), cook or what have you?

To crown my thrill this weekend, I received an email from my fondest icon, Danielle Steel.  Gosh, what is going to happen to me this weekend? Gladly, I have music to steady me thru.

I believe so
I believe so

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One of my great Anxiety triggers

It's so important for me
It’s so important for me

Hey pals, I want to share with you one of my great anxiety triggers and how l have dealt with it most of the time. It’s sort of an odd one maybe but it can get me go ‘shaggy’ pretty well. That is, being late!

It’s funny that it is only until recently that l came to realize that l was obsessed with punctuality as a ‘fighting mechanism’ against anxiety. l mean real freaking anxiety.

l am doing the 33 day journey to discover my soul signature as created by somebody l discovered online, his name is Panache Desai and you could check that out for yourselves right here.

How it all started

I don’t recall bothering much about punctuality until l was maybe 14 and ‘in charge’ after my parents’ divorce. One day, I had to meet our mum in a neighbouring home to collect provisions she often brought for us given that back at our dad’s we were often starving.

When I wanted to leave, l realized to my horror that my dad had padlocked the gate on his way to work or maybe it was our ‘step mum’ following his instructions? He said he didn’t want nobody entering or leaving his house without his permission.

I was so freaking angry but I had to think quick because the time my mum and l had agreed on was already a few seconds away. If only I had tried to leave much earlier, l would have seen that gate locked and thought of a good plan right? Or so I thought.

If only l had watched as he left for work, l would have had a first hand account of what actually happened or outrightly challenged whoever was locking that gate right?

That day, in order not to miss my appointment with our dear mother, I skipped our tall fence which had broken bottles on top. I don’t know where the energy came from and how l was wounded that day or all the other many times l did that.  l however decided since then, to try and be as early as possible than late even by a second.

Being late for sports today

And so, l have always tried to be ready well ahead of time and hate this notion of Black Man Time. Heck, I did a post on that during a recent Blog Challenge and was surprised at how many people commented and all.

getting ready to leave
getting ready to leave

You can imagine how freaked l was to get up late this morning for sports. I mean 30 good minutes late? What were you dreaming of? Sure l slept late because l hosted my colleagues for dinner, sort of a farewell, and they had ruined my plans by coming a good hour late and leaving an hour later. But still then, l should have put the damn alarm right? Those voices ranted on and on, l was so pissed but l was equally determined to go if only to calm down and teach myself a lesson.

The sports dealt with me
The sports dealt with me

You see, l don’t like going for sports at 6 am but 5.30. l prefer when am almost the only one out there with mother nature and all. Men, l was even called a witch back home because l went out at 3.30 /4 am.

Managing that anger of being late

I try not to be in the first place. I rather be 30 minutes earlier like when l had to visit my dear June in London. I prepare for a trip 3 weeks ahead, l go to work 30 minutes ahead, l got to my own wedding 15 minutes early and left their decorated car behind because it was still at some florist.

Yet, there are situations l can’t help but only deal with right? lt sure takes a lot of my 3 Ds, but l often manage to pull through.

This morning, l went for the sports to calm down and l worked almost twice as much. l even met another jogger and we smiled at each other. Hmm, that was cool. I heard more birds sing and saw businesses open up and cars go by. Not bad indeed. I talked to myself and my music helped. l am grateful for all these tactics and opportunities.

Ama was proud of herself afterall
Ama was proud of herself afterall

And when it is people who are late for our appointments, l have learnt not to freak but to read or listen to music while waiting. To close people, l can be nasty for even a 5 minutes delay or mere suspicion of one. But that’s that. I somehow have to release my frustration and keep any depressive flags at bay right?

Dear gentle readers and followers of mine, how do you recognize and deal with any triggers you may face in life?