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A light one from my world: Our new neighbour has a daughter and that’s a boom

kids courting
Ok keep that image in mind as you read lol

Hello world, sunny sunday is here and although I had planned a different post I just thought I’ll blog sort of light today… (Life light if that can be served hahaha) – am tired of morose news…

So breaking news in our apartment building: The new neighbour has a daughter!!!  (And this could maybe catch some president’s eye?)

Now, ours is a three flats building right; and the previous neighbour had 4 boys (the one we met when we moved in), and the one above had no kids. The first two neighbours moved out and two new ones moved in and almost same pattern but: The one above us who replaced the mama of 4 boys, has one pretty daughter!!!

Now, I have 3 boys, and well the 11 and 8 year old are still begining to find girls pretty or attractive? Alain is a big guy and at 14 has his life and stuffs with his age group and fortunately I know pretty much all his friends (both sexes and have always been informed since kindergarden) so he definitely doesn’t care about the neighbour’s girl!!!

She is 8 years and so that should be Gaby right? But, I overheard David and Gaby debate if her age mattered (what?) – like for David maybe?!!!

I have watched Gaby in particular fret around her and gladly zoom in and out on errands for her mom (normal out here in some close knit neighbourhoods where kids are kind of sent by whoever to the store etc). He has already told me he has a crush on her and I was just waiting for an opportunity to meet her and feel for myself you know.

Sunday 15th Ocotber we come in from church and there she is coming downstairs with a big trash bag asking for the direction to the refuse bin (ok you foreign folks, out here we have refuse grounds at the end of the street or somewhere and bins could overflow and the garbage overflows and covers the bin from view altogether lol). Both boys quickly offer to go show her but Gaby the smarter one takes the bag from her hahaha.

Well, I guess they have a good start on their way to and fro so on their return and soon we are done with lunch, he takes permission to go up and play with her. Wow he even gets me to call her mum to ask if he could come up and play with her. I mean with the previous neighbours there wasn’t all this fretting. They clicked the same day and played football right thereafter and still chat via phone now. We moms even got to get along because the boys raced up, down, in and out together alot.

Funny how some of these things play out right? Anyone had any such fun experience?

Have a great weekend everyone


A Searching Soul: Free for Five Days




Hello world, today I want to inform you of my poetry book available in paperback and kindle on the amazon. I wanted to put it for free on kindle but they said the least price the’d accept was 0.99$. I proceeded to do a free book promotion for the kindle to run from the 26th to the 30th of May (five days is the top for free promotion allowed). Get the paperback for souvenir if you want (5$ once more minimum was 4.98$ strange) and I could send an e-autograph you know – So, here below is a foreword from my Dearest Donna:

Sometimes to express inner stirrings, hearts upheavals and clarify experience, words pour themselves through poets. This may sound mystical and magical to anyone who is not an artist. For me, it’s a simple description of what I experience to birth a poem. In the parcel of words that is a Searching Soul, Marie expresses her inner stirrings and heart’s experiences. She may also have experienced words pouring through her. Her lines carry the signature of her mostly contemplative and even sad moods… I asked Marie and hope she also does a collection of poems that shows off the lighter and joyous moments. Life gives us precious gifts through all experiences be they light or heavy. Some of A Searching Soul resonate with me, perhaps because some parts of Marie’s journey reflects mine. Like Marie I have loved, lost and recorded some of my inner and outer journeys… Marie tells me that she finds some poets’ poems soothing and hopes her own can bring solace to other. They would. To wrap up this parcel of words, I happily include lines that jumped out on the first reading of a Searching Soul.

Hearts longings, be fulfilled

Lofty winged wishes be granted

Body hungers be quenched

Those who serve, lead

Those who truly give receive

The mightily scarred transform to gifted healers

With a flutter of heavenly breeze

Are we not all parts of Marie?

Marie is you, is me – an invitation to dive deep, to seek …

A searching soul, you may find

The object of your longing, the door to your dreaming

Dona Forbin,

Poetess & Storyteller


And here is what I wrote the collection is all about:

A searching soul is basically a collection of my poetry which share my soul’s search for enlightenment. Peace I seek, peace I find, Peace I give through my poems; be it in moments of sadness, depression, and anticipation, I have come to realize the inspiration flowing in me to put together these poems ever so often ends on a positive note no matter how faint. I have come across some soul mates in my soul search, and they have generously shared a poem or two of theirs. I write of my Rosy Garden with its thorns, of the Bad Boys in my Life, of my Super Super Hoero and of so much more… I sincerely think I Know where you come from even though Sometimes I just don’t wanna care… Such are contemplations… Such are some of the poems contained in this poetry collection…




No one can take your place oh  mother

If you be mad the child still hopes

Yet you may not be conscious about that and it hurts

Nevertheless we all think of you our mothers

Most of us mothers know what is unconditional love

We felt it right from within the womb

Hence we may find it hard to think the baby ain’t ours forever

The seasons change, the years go by

That baby could become a mother too

If you mother never let her be, never taught her to love yet let go, ain’t that an unhealthy mental cycle in place?

Oh mother, you who so give your all

To love them all or almost

Relationships sometimes so complex

Challenging and yet nurturing

Dread and dare and darling all dished out

Is that how it works for all? Could that be nature’s doing?

I wish there were a mother’s manual but I think flowing from the heart is best… No matter how mixed the signals, mother is all we have, motherhood ain’t never an easy hood


Love your mothers nothing withstanding, it ain’t easy for neither them nor us – above all take care of your mental health – I attend the IMA Gold gathering with my first son and I am super excited he’ll be seeing me on stage for the first time

If & When you hear am dead…

This may be a weird poem, but It is a poem and honestly one of my best – am grateful for the inspiration; I think I’ll make it stick to my front page forever and when I do leave, leave your comments on this post. Death is for real, face it or not, think about it or not, wish it or not, avoid it or not, it’s the passage even for the US President. I wrote a small chapter on my fear of dying in my last memoir, check it out

If & when you hear am dead

Mourn not for me

am gone where I’ve long dreamt of

alas that’s our ride

think about you more than me

If & when you read am dead

smile because I say so

I have tried my best and wrote it all

The good, bad & ugly have I lived

I am grateful for the time I had 

And for all I met

If & when you see am dead

you may as well envious be

I have been envious of them too

all those gone ahead to toil no more

this life takes a toll

sometimes the mind loses it all

If & when you feel am dead

don’t wish I weren’t

some actually die still living

physical death ain’t not the worse

Maybe just maybe life after now is for real

This and other poems are in a poetry book I am finalizing to offer the universe for free by the end of this month. Stay tuned and have a nice weekend people. Take care of your mental wellbeing

Stop Trying …

Stop trying to be what you’re not…

Stop trying to be who you’re not…

Stop trying to be likeable…

Stop trying to be despicable…

Stop trying to be impressive …

Stop trying to throat it down on others…

Stop faking you understand…

Stop making up, be it on your pretty face or otherwise…

Stop trying to be miserable..

Stop thinking the world owes you one…

Stop dreaming you live in Neverland

Stop: And I mean seriously stop trying to be all the above and much more – you best know…

Start trying to BE & regain YOU!!!

What gives you an edge?

For Closure

What gives you an edge?

I mean what gives you that edge?

Do not look at that guy; I mean You

What makes you think you have an edge?

Why feel superior over all the animals?

Is it the extra whiteness or blackness of your skin?

Or the very greener trees and grass in your yard?

Maybe it’s actually the size of your account?

The extra large house, car or coke?

I have seen some with an edge though

Who live as free with their back packs

No care and wear and tear

Except what you may seem to see

And now over to me

Dear lord, I pray any edge to take

Shalom is all I wish

World Mental Health Day 2016: Psychological First Aid

When I dare say I have a fragile mental health, all eyes are on me like yeah right whatever…

Now, this issue of mental health is gaining proportion although sadly seems like it is more accepted you are ‘a cause for concern’ when you are walking haphazardly on the street pulling a trolley or bag of junk’…

And so I find out the WHO theme for this year’s (what? celebration, commomeration,…?) psychological first aid…

This week and maybe even the last, have been sort of roller coaster for me, edging between not having it in me one bit, to not finding enough time to do all I planned…

Without much a do about ‘something’ as important about caring for our brains and minds, I’ll like to invite you all my dear and gentle readers and followers to leave a coment about that theme… I don’t know but I can’t break it down much and hope even inviting us all to brainstorm together is some mental health advocacy you know:

Some leading points are:

  1. What could be put in such a first aid?
  2. Who should be best drilled to administer same and why?
  3. For how long should firstaid be attempted before full aid is sought?
  4. Any other thoughts or matters arising from the 3 above?

Thanks for stopping by …

In Memoriam of all those whose lives were cut short by a mental illness

Ode to all who take their meds…

And sometimes, twice/thrice a day!!!

Dear World, in my last post, I had hoped that the prescribed ‘ just some antibiotics’, were going to take the week old fever and ‘meh’ away. I am not even able now to laugh at my own self. That is how misreably I am faring since the side effects of those meds kicked in Sunday morning. I wasn’t expecting them to be that many and for real  you know, and at some point I thought I was on my way out of life.  I actually wrote a farewell chat to a friend, and called my dear Bea for 40 minutes giving her my last wishes (no will cause nothing really to will out…)

I remember how my brother diagnosed with BD hated taking all those meds. I mean at one point I summed his life to ‘take my meds’, cause that was like about all he ‘looked forward to’. Goodness, I am just waking up from a near 2 hour ‘siest’?  And am only on Clamoxcyl 1g and Ketaflox 400mg. I take the C twice a day, and the K once. I was taking the twin dose in the mornings until yesterday when I ‘wisely’ thought taking them both at bedtime was better? Guess it’s that night dose dishing me all this sleep and agitation…

On Sunday as I was saying, it got so bad that I drove with an eye closed for ‘better vision’. Then I stopped every 10 or so minutes to rest. At some point I called a cousin to pick me up. I was sweating profusely and lost my nerves so shamefully with a dear friend. I don’t want to trouble you with the side effects listed, sometimes if we could read them before buying them maybe we would risk staying with the malady we already have…

And yet we sometimes really can’t take any risk not going on those meds. We want to get well and we trust them these meds to help us out. Maybe the docs who prescribe them could lecture us some on those effects? But will we listen? And then do what as an alternative?

For all these musings, and my personal experiences, and those I witnessed from my brother, I really want to salute all those in the house who take their meds, or even ‘try to take them religiously’. It’s no easy fit, and sometimes it’s truly difficult to function ‘normally’ when taking those meds especially when you got to pop them twice or thrice a day.

To those not on any meds, lucky you, sometimes I am in that category too. But what I strive not to do, is brand those who are almost always or really ever always on meds, as lazy or lousy people. No one will probably opt to pop pills all their lives, but helas some find themselves there now, I really wish these meds did not have such drastic side effects for which other meds with their own side effects were needed … see that cycle and circle?

Anyone out there with different experience with meds?

One Love …

Milk & More Musings from Me…

Almost a whole year before I could smile again  about milk
Almost a whole year before I could smile again about milk

Hello world, this is a saturday impromtu post, but I just felt the need to share some milk and more musings and from Me…

I recall a post on what a mere gallon of milk did to me, that was over two months ago and it was my first visit to this supermarket in the Nederlands. I had felt so bad then that I thought I wouldn’t ever want to go there again. Well, there were some other reasons too you know.

Anyway, this morning I was invited to come along once more. And guess what, I not only did, but I decided to make the most of that trip.

 Enjoying the air and the statutes

I even got to see a vessel from the Maersk Shipping line sail by, and this was oh so nostaligic. I have two dear cousins working with Maersk in Cameroon, I did a field trip on one of the vessels back then for my diploma in Shipping and Logisctics, and em I’ll be relocating home in August and all this are just signs you can say?

Well, look keenly to see the vessel on the sea :)
Well, look keenly to see the vessel on the sea 🙂

I am happy to have braved it, and to have gotten myself a gallon of milk. I have already drank a third of it, hoping it doesn’t add to my belly fat oh!

I hope I can get there by July?
I hope I can get there by July?

I saw these models in a shopping window and will very much wish to be dressed like this in the summer, but hmm, I really hope milk helps me loose the belly flabs left and not do the contrary.

Indeed it sometimes can be this enjoyable
Indeed it sometimes can be this enjoyable

Moods indeed make a difference. The first time I was in this same setting, there were no pictures taken, and instead nervous rides to the other shops and back to Belgium. Today, it was a blisfull though chilly ride.

I am most grateful for my friends especially those I have made out here in Belgium. My time out here draws to a hopeful end, and I am best to fill my mental suitcase with tripple as many appointments for any disappointment I may have had.

Hurray to Me and You? Have you ever had such funny experiences you may want to share in the comments?

P.S: To crown my afternoon of bliss, I went biking into the wild wild west (uh huh am sort of a mini pro now and can even bike with only one hand) and just had so much fun getting lost, crossing the canal, finding my way and getting lost all over again. Here are some sights:

On the ferry crossing to the otherside of...
On the ferry crossing to the otherside of…
I haven't even 3 opportunities of seeing live cukoos like these since coming to Belgium
I haven’t even had 3 opportunities of seeing live cukoos like these since coming to Belgium
No trespoassing, so about turn
No trespoassing, so about turn
Ok somebody's lost now
Ok, somebody’s lost now

Shaggy or what? The Wanderer in Me…


I am just coming in from an errand and it dawned on me to write a post about my propensity to sometime wander around. To refresh on my choice word shaggy, you could read this post.  I recall the chapter in my brother’s memoir which I titled: My Brother the Wanderer!

Today however, I explore those same genes in myself. There is even a chapter in my next memoir titled: Finding the Strength in my Flights into the ‘Wilderness’. The wilderness here referring to both virtual and physical places.

I love bus rides and can sit for hours especially in cozy buses. I also like to discover and rediscover places and don’t mind walking for hours. Saving time is sometimes the least of my concerns when travelling. Indeed I could prefer the bus to the metro, plane or otherwise, if only I could take in the landscape more.  A few friends have outrightly found that ‘curious’. Really, I could be a ‘professional tourist’ if that were some kind of job, or yes why not some ‘guide’?

The issue here I think is that, when someone from indication, appears to be mentally challenged, such a passion may appear or even become grossly exagerated. This is especially true in the mind of the ‘normie’ whose understanding of the other is outrightly ‘limited and biased’.

What therefore is the difference may I wonder here? Is it in the clothes I wear? In the money I can pay for the fare? In the language/conversation I try to, or make during such wanderings?

I proclaim myself a “citizen of both worlds”. I don’t claim to understand either of them to the fullest, but I have first hand experience of trying to navigate and wander in both of them. Even some blogging pals have already qualified me an adventurer and a gammer and I bet you this has just been my entire life. I regret it not, and yet keep wondering enough to want to wander some more.

Dear gentle readers and followers, here is one more mental advocacy post using personal experience. I will keep doing this until I leave this earth. There is still so much stigma and abuse of the ‘mentally challenged’, that I just refuse to keep quiet.

Have a pleasant week you all…