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Remarkable Rachi my bosom friend and heroine

Remarkable Raving Rachi all the way, and all the time

Ain’t she remarkable just by her smile and posture?

It is the practice here that during third term holidays (summer holidays for you bushfallers/those who live abroad), ‘children who didn’t do well in school, or the naughty ones like myself, were sent or punished to attend holiday classes for at least one month.

We lived on another side of town, while the holiday classes mum chose was in my former primary school premises on the other side of town. I was the only one sent aka ‘punished’ but I looked so forward to that.

Prima, it was a school which held such sweet souvenirs of among others, bathing each day under the tap, fighting, and losing my school bag sometimes. I mean lots of fun and tears all mixed from that era – the first school I attended, close to 6 good formative years. Secundo, being alone meant No Supervision! You got that? I could leave home, get there, do whatever, and then go back home. I was 14 years old, just the right age too.

Soon after starting, a new student came to our class, and she was so soft and a little shy. I walked up to her at break time on her very first day, and after introducing myself, told her I found her remarkable. She already wore glasses even back then and I remember how she looked at me and then blushed oh my.

Remarkable Rachi and I have been friends since then, a friendship which is second to none other from my teenagehood. Life has happened to both of us, but we have been here and there for each other. Better friends today than ever. Rachi (now a bushfaller since university oh) sent me a remarkable coat I call my ‘pinky plush’. It’s so warm, like she knew what I needed and loved.

My pinky plush all the way even with a big sore eye lol hahaha  – photo taken 22.03.18

Maybe I will return to wearing some ‘Whoopi Goldberg’ sort of googles, or one like Rachi’s? or maybe have a pirate’s eye hahaha – anyway back to remarkable Rachi indeed.

And so, recently I asked my remarkable Rachi if I could blog about her, below is an excerpt of our chat which I got permission to share – kinda of a transcript right?

[16/03 09:21] Marie Abanga: Rachi oh, you know I get a segment for my blog called my heroines. You mind I blog about you? If yes then no problem, if no, then any preferred picture I can use?
[16/03 09:21] Marie Abanga: If no picture allowed I still understand and am grateful
[16/03 09:22] Rachi: 😂😂😂 Ayo Ayo (my nickname which has stuck – it means joy in one Nigerian dialect and so I love it)
[16/03 09:24] Rachi: Wetti I don do for ‘ve (she wonders what makes her deserve being my heroine lol) considered heroine? 😂😂. Na ma big forhead weh small sense dey inside?
[16/03 09:24] Marie Abanga: You’ve been here and here with and for me in the most simple ways
[16/03 09:25] Marie Abanga: You’ve let me into your amazing family and into your room and kitchen
[16/03 09:25] Marie Abanga: You’ve sent me my lovely coat of pinky plush
[16/03 09:26] Marie Abanga: And for the boys too, Alain yi own na near relic
[16/03 09:26] Marie Abanga: My heroines are my everyday champions
[16/03 09:26] Rachi: Oh my sweet Ayo, I am blushing (did I say she loves blushing?).
[16/03 09:27] Marie Abanga: Those few who witnessed my craze and read and heard and still loved me so
[16/03 09:27] Rachi: Ayo, what about the toilet and the bathtub? 😂😂😂
[16/03 09:27] Marie Abanga: Rachi, I tell people while they live and say it on my blog and not in church lol
[16/03 09:28] Marie Abanga: That na the most special (I mean the toilet and bathtub, 1st time I ever entered into one was at Rach’s) , you no mind I add that one? Who was already blushing now?
[16/03 09:28] Rachi: You really know. That’s why you are who you are to us too. 💋💋
[16/03 09:29] Rachi: This is what I call the little things in life go a long way.
[16/03 09:30] Marie Abanga: Rachi, I get a special relationship with toilets (remember the post the loo our love?)
[16/03 09:30] Rachi: Tell me
[16/03 09:31] Marie Abanga: Yes they do and I decide this year to always try to wear a smile for all and sundry cause you never know who will see only that one for the day, or whose life will be bettered because of that
[16/03 09:33] Marie Abanga: Growing up a ‘naughty’ child, the toilet was a hiding place from my mum’s spanking. Later oh with my step mum who forbade my brother and I from leaving our room, going to the toilet was the only logical excuse for leaving that room
[16/03 09:34] Rachi: I can imagine Ayo
[16/03 09:34] Marie Abanga: The toilet became our respite and we could go alone or together and just sit in there for even up to 20/30mins until someone knocked lol
[16/03 09:35] Rachi: Weh my dear.
[16/03 09:35] Marie Abanga: Up to today, my toilet in particular is my sanctuary more than my room
[16/03 09:35] Marie Abanga: The safest place in my home and even where I get some incredible inspiration
[16/03 09:36] Marie Abanga: I meditate more often in there, I have even fallen asleep sitting there a few times lol
[16/03 09:40] Marie Abanga: Now the best for this morning is that last week, I got the title and all 12 chapters of my 2019 book right in there, I also finally got my purpose dictated to me in Gold in there. I had my journal with me and I wrote that down and then cried before being grateful. I got the confirmation I had to go back to school and study psychology to cape the therapy achievement, and I just got an internship at Laquentinie hospital to start in April at the psychiatric ward for two months. I wore my pinky plush jacket for the interview thank you darling
[16/03 09:46] Rachi: Wow. All of this is awesome. We really get to catch up. I go try call you this weekend.


And so dear gentle readers and followers, ain’t having such a bossom friend truly remarkable? I mean she is relaxing, reassuring, remarkable, reliable, responsible, resourceful, respectable, restful, regardful, religious, resounding, resplendent and I stop at these lol…

Let me therefore wish us all be inspired and motivated. If you have one as remarkable as Rachi in your life, treasure them, and if you are one as remarkable as Rachi to another, know you are so appreciated…

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Sahadat my PA, all in one at the office and my Heroine

When you pray for something, you get it. That works for me – and I mean all the time – it may just not be on our time, or the way we want it, but it definitely shows up.

That is how Sahadat showed up nearly 2 years after I started praying for an all in one at the office. Sahadat or my miss as I fondly call her, is the type we call in french “la force tranquile” (the calm force). I don’t know how else to put it, nor show the universe how grateful I am to have Sahadat in my life.

I first met my miss ( She was a Miss for real at the University a few years back oh), when I lectured/facilitated a masters course called The Law of Enterprises in Difficulties. She caught my attention because she wasn’t the smiling type and hardly looked my way when she entered the class. She however never missed a class and answered any questions I asked her. Long story short, I got through her and she became a group leader of an all male team. On the day of their presentation, they all agreed she was a ‘no nonsense leader”. Their group was among the best needless to say.

Here is a line of what she wrote to me at the end of our course: “Thanks for all the beautiful remarks, you are the best female teacher ive ever had…”(unedited)

We kept in touch and one day I mentioned to my miss I was looking for an intern. She started out as one and had gradually morphed into my all in one at the office and my heroine.

The line is definitely blurred between us as in she is my staff, sister, baby miss, PA, and a generous aunty to the boys. Two days ago she was sick, I made her a hefty and healthy breakfast since we were to work from home, made her some ginger/turmeric tea and bullied her to eat. Later I saw she really needed more rest, and so I sent her back home. I asked her if she could have done same for me if I were sick (since she was first refusing my offer to nurse her some), she agreed, and so I asked her why I couldn’t do same for her without having to bully her. She told me in camouflaged words like my son Israel did, that my type of love ‘can suffocate’. We laughed over it, she ate her food and drank the warm healing tea, and then she was good to go back home.

Sahadat has some of my passwords, manages my calendar, is a quick learner and doer and much more.

Working with me from home, my miss is all focused while I fidgit around lol

I am sincerely so grateful for Sahadat. I am no longer the only female in my team at the office lol.

Did I add how humble and grateful too she was? I wish all entrepreneurs a dynamic colleague like Sahadat and I hope we stay on for a while before a bigger and better offer comes her way lol

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Amy Banda: My Cameroonian Oprah and Heroine

Amy and I
Amy and I

Woah, I have met several people in my life, from several nationalities and I once again met a dynamic woman in my own country Cameroon. She is none other than Amy Banda and I can’t introduce her enough other than copying pasting what she writes about herself on her own blogs.

This is on blogger:

“I have a strong will, desire, urge, free spirit and burning zeal to change vices into virtues. I am blessed with an impeccable oral expression skill, which has been tested and proven so far through News Anchoring, Prime Time Show hosting, and Headlight public events like organized talks, discussions, forums, Conferences and Marriages. I have an easy going aptitude, a high sense of adaptability and a natural emotion of linking people from different horizons with one goal to achieve.

I am always on the move for new ideas, new discoveries, actions and innovative strides that aim to transform behavioral patterns in the society and community. I also have an excellent networking ability of bringing people together to rob minds on pertinent issues that will not only develop self confidence in citizens, but as well build up entrepreneurship activities. Talking about entrepreneurship, I have successfully transmitted positive rays to many in my country, who call me true icon. As if where ever I pass by, I leave a golden foot print that inspires from creation to conception, to belief, to engagement and to achievement. Call me the Voice, Amy BANDA, I will tell you how pushful a go getter I am, who refuses to take failure for an answer”;

And on her WordPress site:

I am an open-minded person who enjoys going on adventure and exchanging New and Brilliant Ideas for growth. I work in a private media organ Stv 2 as a journalist wherein I run 2 main flagship programs; ‘the Voice of the Voiceless’ and ‘the Good Morning Cameroon’ Shows. I Love making new friends and I enjoy informing in tit bits.

Amy Banda

And so, it came to happen that l was on one of her phenomenal shows as a guest: No actually on both although she wasn’t hosting the Good morning Cameroon show on that morning.
On the STV Voice of the Voiceless show
On the STV Voice of the Voiceless show

Amy is doing great with her show VoV and I wish for her to become our own Oprah. Indeed, I had thought I could get Oprah’s notice by sending her a copy of my book, but heck no, l was a ‘nobody’.

Now, I have access to our own Oprah and I wish Amy to be true to herself and her vision. Not forgetting her mission. I know that the sky is not her limit but that her limit is beyond the sky. So dear Amy, if you read this, know this is my token of appreciation and support for your work. I think all your guests are always so happy to be invited to your Show.

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PR Goretti my heroine shooting for the moon

PR Goretti shoots for the moon
PR Goretti shoots for the moon

She admits like Les Brown motivates, that if we miss then we’ll sure land among the stars.

She tells me this was the philosophy behind the short film: WOMAN!

woman who is to blame?
woman who is to blame?

 This is where you can read more on this sensational short movie by this modestly famous script writer. She ponders on the issue of infidelity in a couple, wondering who is to blame?

I was working on my book just around that time, and you could imagine my interest in her movie, my comments and all. Sure I wrote a blurb for the movie and some more. I think I could play a role if she decides on doing the full movie right?

If anyone is into Nigerian Movies, then you can watch one of her earlier works as a script writer:

Goretti my modest heroine, is a dynamic woman I must admit. She works hard to juggle it all and she recently shared this on her facebook page: “Mastered the art of carrying a screaming 6-weeks old baby while feeding a ravenous 2-year old. So proud! #motherhood #multitasking#itaintforthefainthearted” and yes she didn’t mention the 7 year old. Let me also add that she sleeps last and gets up whenever any of her ‘bosses – haha’ demand and she works hard.

I remember with appreciation, her waiting up for me when I last arrived London and due to failed computers, I had a 5 hour wait at the airport. I got home by midnight, after getting lost and having to take a cab and all. She split the fare with me as if waiting up wasn’t enough.

Now, Goretti contributes so much to the maiden Cameroon film and entertainment Industry, having started out bravely and daringly in the already renowned but tight Nigerian Nollywood. I had the oppotunity to visit her in Lagos back then and was full of awe of her work and plans.

Once interviewed, she admitted it wasn’t easy but her passion kept her aiming. A strong quote of hers: “See the vision, Feel the vision, Be the vision.” Anu 

Here is an excerpt of that interview which you can read here:

Q: What part can a script writer like yourself play in making the relatively small Cameroonian film industry an international brand as is the case with Nollywood in Nigeria?

A: I can certainly not take the Cameroonian film industry to the international stage by myself. I’m a team player and believe in team effort to achieve success. So far, the relatively young Cameroonian film industry has done some fantastic collaborations with Nollywood and the Ghanaian film industry in a bid to expose our talents. With others like myself making films in the diaspora, we will hopefully continue to fly the Cameroonian flag with great content, cinematography and strategic marketing.

And I leave my heroine here for now but soon I will be back to tell you about her newest production.

Dear gentle readers and followers of mine, am l not truly blessed and lucky and to know these many and diverse people in my life? What you say matters!


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PR Goretti: My Modest Heroine

Heroines in all categories
Heroines in all categories

I love writing about my heroines because then, I express my gratitude to the world. I share something usually personal about these women with the world and l know even one person would learn something new too.

My blogging life started precisely on the 17th of November 2013 with my posting an entire journal. l called it Chronicles of my empowerment by a rally. It would sure make a good read because l started off that rally not knowing ‘shit’, but l ended up a month later among the ‘best’.

Now to my heroine of the day, month and year. She got me to start blogging. I had approached her because she is one of those blogging barons from my country, whose blogs l read even without knowing what a blog was (think 2009). I asked her to share my chronicles on her blog because someone may be inspired. She published them in chunks and after the third chunk, she encouraged me to start a blog.

We fast forward six months, and we have all this. I mean if just for that she isn’t my heroine, then hear some more.

I have know PR since childhood. We lived in the same city and our fathers were friends. She is a jolly girl like myself and you could imagine the instant bond. Then, we landed in the same secondary school and although I am some couple months her senior, that has never made me feel the list ‘stuffy’ with her and all my other ‘junior’ ones.

When we left that school, we lost touched but fate jolted us to the same university. We joined our alma matter association and decided to perform a duo together for our cultural night. Because I couldn’t get hold of that famous picture in time for this post (getting something from Cameroon either by email or post is a headache), I will share the you tube of that clip:

We sang it from our hearts, we went down on our knees, we cried as we sang and yes we got an ovation too.

It’s been that solid of a friendship ever since. It may sometimes be sparse but it is strong.  When I am in London, I enjoy sleeping at Goretti’s and am so glad she let me sleep on the top of her boy’s bunk bed. It was over 20 years ago that I slept on such a bed and how peaceful that was.

A beautiful night on a bunk bed
A beautiful night on a bunk bed

She and I do get to talk away on the phone every now and then, we are both passionate and dynamic women and sure want the best for our kids.

Yes, I love talking with Goretti
Yes, I love talking with Goretti

In the next article on this Heroine of mine, I will talk to you about her work, her modest but important contribution to the Cameroon Film Industry. For now, here is a nice picture she authorized my sharing on this post:

PR Goretti My Sister and Heroine
Green for hope huh? PR Goretti My Sister and Heroine

Dear gentle readers and followers of mine, sharing is caring and commenting is encouraging just like your likes…