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Let the countdown begin: Happy New Year in advanve from our Crew

To each their swag lol
Last crew photo for 2017

And after mass where we celebrated the feast of thw holy family, we had lunch and off they went to my cousin’s yuppie… Am Home alone for real… Let the countdown really begin…


Tell: How was your kick off?

That was 45 mins into the early am of Jan 01, 2017
That was 45 mins into the early am of Jan 01, 2017

Hello world: So, so far how far as we say in my country? Another new year has upped and met us, and sure we kicked it off differently. So, while I ask and even beg of you who hop by to tell us in the comments how you kicked it off this new year, let me share my own story and the why behind that tough kick 🙂

Robin Sharma’s Predictions

Truth be told, I love reading and listening to all these motivational and transformational Gurus (yes the likes of Les Brown, via Lisa Nichols to Ekhart Tolle); and I take their predictions for mini gospel.

I got an email with Robin Sharma’s predictions for 2017 and this is a summary:

“It’s vastly important that you start the next 30 days with deep focus, high passion and great game.

The way you begin 2017 will set up how brilliantly you live it.

So definitely make a few new decisions and steps to get the new results and dreams you want to experience over the next 12 months.

Nothing happens until you move Marie”. 

Although I had made up my mind the day before to work out on the 1st of January especially as I was going to do that on my mum’s indoor bike, I had already on waking up started to find excuses not to. I told myself I had done another 45 minutes just on the day before and my muscles ached, that the midnight fireworks had disrupted my sleep and my brain needed more rest… But then, I read his email and I got up, dressed up and sat on that bike – which as many will agree is not the best of work out friendly apparatus around 🙂

Anyway, glad I pesevered cause 45 minutes later I could smile and even be happy with myself. That was my impressive kick – off…

Are kick offs that important?

I am no football fan but I know about the kick off ritual. I just don’t know for sure the exact pscycho-logic behind kick offs. But, as we are having them and loving them, it probably means they are a good thing. Maybe the way the kick off sets the tempo impacts the game? Anyway, I am looking forward to a great year and am gonna strive to stick to some wise predictions like Robin Sharma’s above…

And now over to you my gentle readers and followers? How did you kick off this new year and why? Thanks for sharing

My Legacy: Happy New Year to All


Hello World, I scheduled this post for the first day of the new year – here’s to hoping am still around. If I comment on any of your comments, then I sure still is around Amen…

I started writing this sometimes in October 2016, but for some reason I didn’t post it then… I’ll want for it to be live on my blog… to just be here for all to see… each passing day, each passing moment, brings me closer to the inevitability of my life’s closure… something I had even wanted to usher in myself over 7 years ago… it’s been a long trip since then and am still around… more glad than not to be here…say I love to live…

In my last memoir titled What’s the Worst Case Scenario: Fighting my fears within mindful of my mental challenges ; the last and shortest chapter (a single page), was ‘The fear of Dying’. I had to face that fear because it had already dealt so much with me and that fear greatly impacted my living to the fullest. Paradoxically to put it simply: The more I feared to die – the more I feared to live! Whatever show I put up, was very often just that, a show! Hurray am past that now… I not only faced that fear, I think about that past and I chuckle… I don’t look forward to dying any time soon, but who does? And yet it’s so inevitable that we’ll all walk or drift or etc. through that door of no return… and I just thought about my legacy especially on this day, what will I like to be remembered for? This is it:

I lived & loved: I loved &Lived

Truth equally be told, if in the in between of living and loving: loving and living; I was an inspiration to some and hopefully motivated even just one; then that’s a big bonus to my legacy: This is what I sincerely wish to leave behind for my sons and posterity; and be remembered for – and for all the gratitude I have always had in me for all who crossed my path in whatever way, even the hurtful way…

Without much ado now, we can’t afford to become sad on the first day of a new year: Happy New Year & Best Wishes – Thank You to all my gentle readers, followers and soul family…This year I make no resolutions other than to continue striving to thrive in every circumstance in total faith… So over to you;


Talk of resolutions for the New Year?

As blank as my buddy on that subject!!!
As blank as my buddy on that subject!!!

For once I don’t have any and don’t want to waste my time on that. Thirty five good years and counting and I just come to realize how we get carried away by ‘festivities saga’ and are quick to make resolutions we aren’t even sure of remembering by March.

Furthermore, ain’t life so unpredictable? And so heck no, this year, and wait even as early as last December, I have decided I’ll go the ‘unconventional route’.

Last December, while several probably got into the ‘Christmas season’ and celebrated with santa, family and loved ones, I decided to ‘stay home alone’. I felt I needed that me time for several of the year’s events had been too harsh on me and my sanity had been greatly jeopardized.

It was the same for the New Year’s eve and all – I traveled, to another cousin of mine with whom I shared aspirations for some seclusion. It mustn’t always be the way ‘society’ dictates huh? The family bonding, sharing, loving and even giving spirit should be the same all year round right? Why wait for any season in particular worst of all after a good whole year?

And so my resolutions for this 2015 are simply to go with my inner radar. Try my best and feel the warmth of happiness first and foremost in my veins.

Would this be called selfishness, I don’t mind. Should it even be identified as laziness, that’s not for me to worry about. To each his life, I’ll just live mine as best as I can. Not even this blog will get me to do a post when I don’t feel like, all in the name of routine. I’ll sure challenge myself sometimes, when I feel it worthy. But, only as far as I don’t feel that internal conflict when you are doing and going against your own guts. In the end pals, live and let life take care of the rest – it’ll never tell you its own resolutions for you anyway – and so I have only this one:

I can possibly commit to this I think!!!
I can possibly commit to this I think!!!